80 Tired Quotes


We cannot avoid getting tired. Even the Beatles wrote a song about it. Being tired is a part of being human, and we all must empathize with each other.
Here are some unique tired quotes that can help you relate, inspire, and cheer up someone in your life who you know is tired.


The body may have a lot of energy, but even the strongest man shuts down when the mind is tired.


There is nothing wrong with being tired. If you are not tired, then you have not done enough to exhaust your body.


Being tired is often an effect of hard work. It is in itself an accomplishment.


We go home tired after the end of a long day, put our feet up, and then enjoy a well-deserved rest.

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They say there is no rest for the wicked, and here I am tired as hell.


I’m so tired of people and promises. It’s human nature to break them and the nature of promises to be broken.


We are all tired but on different levels.


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I haven’t slept a single second, but my body is not tired. My brain, however, is useless.


We call it the tiredness that leaves you broken exhaustion.


Tired is what happens when you go after what you really want. Determination is getting it despite being tired.


Some people tire of life, for they are dealt with a bad hand.


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Sometimes you get so tired of life that you just start laughing at everything.


When I’m really tired, I can’t be bothered to care about anything.


A good night’s sleep can cure being tired.


I tire of superficiality. It takes so much effort to keep up with being fake.


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You better watch out for those who have perpetual smiles on their faces. These people are so tired that they just stick a permanent expression on and just pretend they are okay.



I found the best cure for tiredness is to move to a new city.


I was so tired of being sad, so I stopped. I’m now just tired.


The youth is tired of not being heard by adults who forget what it was like to be ignored.


I’m tired of waiting for my Prince Charming, so I’m just going on my own adventure with or without one.


Baby, that’s just I love you so much.


The Earth is tired of our destruction and is retaliating in spades.


Do not tire out your welcome, for you will never be invited back.


I’m tired of trying to explain myself to people so I won’t, and I’ll do me.


Disappointment is a tiring thing. There is nothing you can do after you experience this blow but to rest.


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To give up is to accept that you are tired. But to rest and try again is a sign of determination.


We feel more tired as we age because even if the mind is young, we have to accept that the body is not ultimately.


When you tire of life, all you need is a nice view and a new perspective.

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You don’t see the signs of being tired on someone’s face. Sometimes you have to look at their eyes.


I’m tired of running the rat race all day, every day. So I’m just going to stop and vacation.


The only cure for mental tiredness is a perspective vacation.

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Tired quotes are here to give us a hint why we drink coffee by the gallon and energy drinks line the walls of our supermarkets, but it happens, and when it does, there is nothing else you can do but feel it. Sometimes we just feel tired of trying, but we still carry on, which is the beauty of being human.


We build such an image of ourselves that we get tired of holding up the mask at one point.


I am so tired of being tired. I need a vacation from myself.


I would cry, but I’m just so tired of being sad. I’m just going to ignore it and party.


I am not unhappy. I’m just tired.


I tried my best, and it took a lot out of me. Who knew giving your all could be so tiring?


There are just those times that you’re so tired that you get a second wind that blazes you through the night and knocks you out cold the next day.


I tire of giving my heart to people who keep dropping it.


There are some mornings when I’m so tired of life that I stay in bed and wish I’d never wake up again.


I’m tired of trying to keep someone who doesn’t want to be with me. Letting you go, giving my heart a vacation.


Being tired just means you’re almost at the top.


Even the gods get tired of humans.


I’m tired of fighting for love. Just for once, I want to be fought for.


I’m not too fond of the rain. It makes me feel tired, and often, it makes me also want to cry.


I never stop, even when I am tired. I keep going until I’m finished, and only then will I find my rest.


You always feel the most used up at the end, but this feeling of being tired is an illusion. Just keep going until you get to the finish line, and you will realize you still have more energy.


I am tired of being threatened with change. I get it. I will take it but do not force something on me that I cannot be ready for.


Depression usually manifests in being tired. And that’s okay as long as someone will be there to take care of you while you rest your weary soul for a bit.


Rest your tired feet up on the grass. Let nature pull the blankets over you for a restful sleep.


I am tired of falling in love, but I cannot tire of love.


There are times you want to give up because you are so tired. Just take a break, and you will see that you can still go on.


Suddenly I felt tired, and I stopped to rest only to find that I could not wake again.


We spend all our time running, never stopping, moving from one thing to another only to realize that we are tired. Take some time, smell the flowers, for what is life if you cannot enjoy it.


I get tired of cleaning up, so I don’t. My house may be a mess, but I sure am happy!


We never notice how tired we are until fatigue sets in, and then it’s too late for rest.


I’ll never tire of you, though you may tire of me. I will carry your image in my heart forever tirelessly.


In my head, I know I am tired, but I cannot stop dancing.

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I am tired of the disappointment that comes with loving someone. I will focus on loving myself, and then I know I’ll always be happy.


Being strong doesn’t mean you never get tired. It just means you have the strength to get back up after you rest.


It’s frustrating to feel tired when you still want to do so much!


Tired is a feeling all adults share, and this is why the travel industry makes so much money.


Being tired is a legitimate excuse. Even robots need to recharge.


Managements sometimes forget that employees are humans, and they get tired. It’s slave labor not to allow sufficient time to rest.


I’m tired of this rollercoaster called life. Get me out of this thing!


I’m tired of trying to get attention from people who don’t bother.


I am so tired of this life that eternal sleep sounds like a great vacation.


I am tired of this casual hookup culture in the Digital Age. What happened to romance?


There has to be an invention to get waiters to notice you. I’m tired of waving my arm like I’m putting my hands in the air like I just don’t care!


I’m tired of lying about how I’m okay when in fact, I’m bruised and broken all over.


Keeping up a lie has got to be the most exhausting exercise I’ve ever tried.


Dating is so tiring. Dressing up, Dinner, then Dressing down. A ritual is so overdone that you can repeat it forever with no fruitful results.


Always listen to people who say they are tired because it is a sign of depression.


I am tired of listening to the promises of tomorrow, for nobody knows what tomorrow brings, not even tomorrow itself.


We can all pretend everything is fine, but when we all get tired of it, the truth will hurt us all.


I’m tired of crying for all the wrong reasons.

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When life becomes really hard, I feel tired, but I quickly get back on my feet.


It is easy to be tired of life, but hey, life is not perfect. That is what we need to know.


Surviving in this cutthroat world is a tiring business, but plenty of rewards at the end of the battle.


There are just some people you get tired of. You know them well. They take the energy in life out of you and force you to carry their existence. Remove them from your life, and you will see a surge of hidden strength.


It’s tiring to be with someone who complains a lot. Like nothing is in their life is ever good enough for them.


Real tiredness is nodding off the moment your butt touches a soft cushion.


There are times I lay in bed all tired, but my mind is just soaring.


I’m tired of hoping for the future, so I’ll just make the best of what I can today.


I guess my Knight in Shining armor got tired of looking for me. I think I have to go out and get him myself.


I’m tired, but I shall reserve the last of my strength to achieve my goals.


I am tired. No, not the word, but I have become the word itself. I am Tired.


I’m tired of feeling suspicion from people in the social scene where people will stab you in the back when you’re not looking.


I’m tired of waiting for the apple to fall from the tree. I’m going to learn how to climb it.


I carry the weight of the world upon my shoulders, and I am tired. Sometimes, even the Titan Atlas needs a reprieve from Hercules.


I’m tired of trying to be the glue that holds people together.


There is a point in exhaustion where you are just so tired that you can do nothing else but cry.


I’m tired of denying myself a good time. I’m going to put on my dancing shoes, and tonight I am going to have a lot of fun.

I hope you have enjoyed and relaxed reading the Tired Quotes that we have made just for you. We wish that so tired quotes have helped find peace at the end of the long day, week, or even a year.