You are my Sunshine Quotes

There’s a certain someone in our life that makes our days brighter and better.
When you’re having a bad day, that person helps you see the good in those days.
That person is your sunshine, and they give meaning to your day every day.
So here are heartwarming quotes for you and your sunshine in case you want to let your sunshine know what they are to you.

You are not just a good friend of mine. You are my sunshine. I think of you and all the memories we have had all this time, and I wish this relationship continues as long as I breathe. Have a wonderful day.

You brighten up my day in my darkest time, sunshine.


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I smile more often than I used to since you’ve been around.

You are my very own sunshine that lights up my whole world

Now you are here, shining like the sun, the light in my dark even with all the stars in the universe can’t outshine my one and only sunshine.

You are my sunshine on a stormy day.

You are my sunshine, sweet and lovely, drop of joy and the light of my life. I wouldn’t have been able to do things without you in my life.

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You make my wrong right like the sunshine makes my dark bright you up to my downside in so many ways. You bring me hope. You make my life roll.

You make me happy in a way only the sun can do.


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Friends are the only sunshine in my life.

I love you all the time because when I close my eyes, I still see your smile as bright as the sun, bright enough to light up my day.

You mean the world to me quotes

The day will always be dim with the sun, like how my world will be dark without you.

Your sunny attitude brings out everyone’s smile when they meet you.

The sun’s sunshine makes the day beautiful and bright, like how your existence makes my world seem beautiful.

I can’t live without you; it’s like how dead the Earth would be without the sun.

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All life in me will die when someone takes my sunshine away.

Whenever I see you walking in the rain, I see a bright ray of the sun giving everyone a reason to smile.

My past lover made me feel like I’ve witnessed the worst storm in my life. But as the storm passed, the sun came out. I saw you, my sun, and I found hope.

Your words, smile, and charm warm everyone’s hearts like the sun warms the Earth.

You’re like the sun. You are beautiful even from afar, bright and marvelous. I know you’re out of my reach, but I will still continue to appreciate your beauty from a distance.

You were once like the sun to me, a star so bright, beautiful, and provides life to me. But ever since you betrayed me, you are nothing but a dead star.

There’s only one sun in the solar system, and that’s none other me. The brightest and only sunshine you’ll ever see.

The only reason why I’m living is that you’re the sunshine that gives me life.

You are the sunshine who says the most heartwarming things.

You are my one and only sunshine, and no one can ever replace you.

The sunshine reminds me of you and how you once made my days warm and bright. Now that you’re gone, I’d never want it to rain again, or else I’ll lose my only reminder of you.

The planet Earth will lose all living things when it loses the sun, just like how dead I will be if I lose you.

The cold night never bothers me as long as I have my sunshine beside me. I love you, my sunshine.

Distancing myself from you is no different from committing suicide because of the Earth went far from the sun, it’d become a cold, lifeless planet.

It’s beautiful how one person can brighten up my day.

I’ve had enough of rainy days. All I want are bright sunny days to make me feel like a bad day isn’t so bad after all.

Even when you’re having a bad day, a little sunshine will always make it go away.

The sun may be beautiful, but it is like a time bomb. One day it’ll explode and destroy everything close to it. You might deny it, but you are like the sun. You are beautiful, and everyone loves you, but I know you have problems you can’t handle. One day you might explode, die and make the people around you miserable.

I need my sunshine every day. That’s why my world never stops to revolve around you, my suns, and my sunshine.

I’ll be sad when cloudy days take over. So please don’t ever leave my side, my sunshine.

In darkest days, you’re my brightest light. You are my sunshine throughout every rainy day and every storm.

You are full of talents, so always shine bright like the sun.

Just like a flower cannot bloom without the shine of the sun. I, as well, cannot live without you and your tender care. I love you beyond words.

The sun brings a lot of brightness, but it can never be as bright as your glowing smile. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.

Sunshine is one of the primary needs necessary to sustain life in this world. Just like you, I need you to live and survive. I adore you a lot.

Whenever I’m going through a bad time during the day, all I need to do is look up beyond the clouds and enjoy because you’re my sunshine, and you give me the energy I need to get through the day.

I used to think life was never worth living until I had you, my sunshine.

The sunshine you shine on me is a very important thing to me as it helps me go through my hard and long day.

I am like a plant; I need water, good soil, and you, my sunshine.

My heart used to be so dim and void, then you came and shone a light of hope for me.

I bloom with the fullest and most beautiful form, and I thank your ray of hope and encouragement for that. Thank you, my sunshine.

Ever since my sunshine left me, nights and days have never been this cold.

You’re like a burst of sunshine on the first day of spring. Everyone looks forward to blooming because of you.

My lover, my family, and my friends are the best sunshine I could ever have.

Everyone has a ray of inner sunshine. It shines the brightest when you start to believe in yourself.

A warm hug on a cold rainy day makes me feel like it’s a sunny day.

I will always depend on the warm rays of your sunshine, for it brings me love and warmth to grow and be better.

That wonderful feeling you have when you see your sunshine smile and all the worries you have suddenly disappear.

Every day is a new beginning, and I’m happy my sunshine is always there every morning to help me start the day.

You’ll never know how much your sunshine means to you until a storm takes over and ruins everything, so never take your sunshine for granted.

The cold winter is my worst and stressful day, you are the warm sunlight in the area, and I am the flower that miraculously bloomed in winter because of you.

Life will always have ups and downs; I’m just glad I have my sunshine to help me out when I’m down.

My heart was frozen, and I was so cold and grumpy and just miserable. Then you came, thawed my heart, and made me see how beautiful life is with a ray of sunshine.

The nights can be long and cold, but I’ll know waking up to my warm sunshine will always make my mornings the best part of the day.

I will always revolve around you, for you are my star, my sun, my love.

As I sat alone in the dark space of an empty room, I saw a beautiful ray of sunlight the moment you walked in. You really are amazing, my sunshine.

I have always loved the rain and the cold it brings. But I never knew that the sunshine you bring was a lot better than I’ve ever experienced.

If your love was like the sun, it’d be the brightest and warmest I’ve ever seen.

I am a reflection of you, my sunshine. The more you shine brighter, you also motivate me to be the best I can be.

Just when everything seemed so down and hopeless, you came into my life and shone so much hope for me, my sunshine.

Love will always find a way, like how your shine lights my way to you.

I have grown tall, healthy, and fruitful, all because of you, my sunshine.

I will never get enough of your tender, love, and care. It’s like how a plant is without the sun.

Sunshine is one of the primary needs necessary to sustain life in this world. Just like you, I need you to live and survive. I adore you a lot.

I don’t care if the day is stormy, cloudy, rainy as long as both of us are together, my dear, it’s definitely going to be a perfect sunny day. I love you, darling.

Whenever I’m going through a bad time during the day, all I need to do is look up beyond the clouds and enjoy because you’re my sunshine, and you give me the energy I need to get through the day.

It’s difficult not to think about your glowing face when I look up at the sun shining. I cherish you, my love.

As always, you brighten up my way with your ever-glowing grace and illuminate my heart and soul with your smile that is as bright as the sun as you turned out to be my light. I love you beyond infinity.

From the first time I have been with you and later fell in love, you’ve made my daily life worth living for. My love, my sunshine.

Like the sunshine, your love gives me the energy to carry on and live my life. Your smile burns in my heart as a warming hug. My love couldn’t be measured by anything.

There’s nothing that I cannot do for you, like how nothing can stop the sun from shining on a sunny day. I love you with all my heart.

My love would cross a thousand seas just to see your shining smile and hug you tightly. I love you as deep as the ocean.

Wherever you go, no matter what you do, always bring your light your sunshine. my eternal love.

Keep facing the sunshine, and you cannot see a shadow.

If you spend your whole life waiting for a storm, you will never enjoy the sunshine.

As I walk with my eyes closed, you guided me with your light that shines through my path.

Your sunshine helps me through my darkest time.

Money can’t buy my happiness, for all I need to be happy is the shine in your smile.

With all these stars around me, you’re the brightest, for you are my sun.

Darkness is the infection. Your sunshine is my cure.

My heart burns for you but not as warm as your eyes when you look at me. My only sunshine

Every step I take moves me closer to you, for your light guides me through my journey. You will always be my love.

Whenever I say your name, my body feels your warmth like the sun hugging every inch of my body. I love you with all my heart.

Your words will always guide me with my journey, for you shine on my path. All my life is for you.

I don’t mind feeling alone as long as I have your love where ever I go. You will always give warmth to my heart.

Things I didn’t know I needed include you for every inch of my life. Shout your name.

I will be lying if I say I don’t need you in my life, for you give me hope.

Life would be a dream with you as my sunshine in my life.

All the things I learned in school were nothing compared to me learning to love you.

Just like growing flowers, I need your sunshine to bloom. My love will always be with you.

With all the treasure that shines is nothing compared to the shine of you, my sunshine.

My life was dark and cold until you came as a ray of sunshine, and I’m thankful for you coming into my life. My love, my savior.

You saved me in my darkest day by just being by my side.

Good Morning Sunshine Quotes

Some people like me have sunshine every morning whom I wake up to, and the feeling is just great, making me feel like every day is going to be a good day. So here are some good morning sunshine quotes for you:

Some people wake up to the sunshine, but I wake up looking at you because you are my sunshine.

You have my thanks for always being on my side. You indeed are my sunshine, darling.

Your smile shines like the sun. And every day, I still fall for you.

I love the sunshine, and I love you. Therefore you are my sunshine.

It is a beautiful morning to see you beside me when I wake up, my little sunshine.

I am excited to sleep next to you at night, so I can see your bright sunny smile when I wake up. I love you, my sunshine.

I don’t care if the day is stormy, cloudy, rainy as long as both of us are together, my dear. It’s going to be a perfect sunny day. I love you, darling.

My morning will never be complete without embracing you as I wake up, my sunshine.

My dear, my love, my sunshine. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

My morning will never be complete without my sunshine by my side.

My days have never been brighter ever since you came.

Funny Sunshine Quotes

Not all sunshine quotes are heartwarming and cheesy. Here are some funny ones you might like too:

The sun can destroy anything that goes near it. Yeah, you’re like the sun, alright. I wouldn’t want to go near you.

It’s ironic how something like the sun can be so beautiful but can also be so deadly. That’s why I have trust issues with beautiful-looking people.

You sure are like the sun; people get burnt when they get too near and comfortable with you.

I don’t particularly appreciate waking up to the morning’s sun, like how I don’t like seeing you when I wake up.

Sunshine can make a gloomy day go away, but too much of it makes everything too hot.

Kids are little rays of sunshine who wake you up in the morning to ask for breakfast even when you still don’t want to get up.

I am the kind of person who likes the dark, and the people I don’t like are like sunshine. They’re too bright, persistent, and annoying.