The 30 You Stole my Heart Quotes

It is hard to deal with the matters of the heart and so on but having someone steal your heart, you are definitely annoyed and bewitched at the same time.
Someone has captured what it is that you have guarded for so long and you cannot do anything about it.
There is just something about that person that has caught you completely off guard.
You have fallen for someone without even knowing it.
When this time comes, let that person know, here are some quotes that can help you with just that, use them wisely and to your advantage as well.

You stole my heart right from the very first moment we met by the look in your calm eyes.

I think what has captivated me the most about you is the way you smile at me every single day.

There is something about the way your eyes look at me, as if you see right through my soul.


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I would not mind you trying to take my heart away from me if you promise to take care of it.

Let me know if you want to take it further than this, if somehow you’d like to be lovers, dear.

When you said the words to me, you stole my heart and never have you let it go since then.

Dare to steal what is mine and I swear I would still part of what is yours, your last name then.

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I know just how much pain love can bring to a person but if it is with you, I do not mind at all.

I am letting you know that you are my source of happiness right now, so take care of yourself.

You are at the center of my world, darling so do not ever try to leave me broken in pieces.

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Darling, you stole my heart and all but ripped it into tiny little pieces without a care for it.

I am telling you that I love you not because it is a habit but because I truly mean what I say.

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Paradise does not mean anything to me if it means that I would not be able to stand with you.

I have found you in ways that still makes me wonder until now but I am glad that I did, really.

You are the one who is at fault here, having to steal this heart of mine but I love you for that.

How is it that you stole my heart, crushed it under your feet and still I feel love for you, dear?

Everywhere is where you are, I see your face wherever I look around and I feel happy for it.

You have shown me what love is and have taken my heart in the process, you are a darling.

There is not a single moment in a day that I have not thought of you, it proves I am in love.

Whenever I look in those deep blue eyes of yours I know that you have totally taken my heart.

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You stole my heart, made me forget about brand new starts and just left me off to fend for me.

All I want is to be with you until the last time I take a breath in and until my very last moment.

I want to thank you for showing me that I can also love someone just as much as they do me.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that you stayed for me all this time just because you trust me so.

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I did not know it then but I know it now, you stole my heart and left me a trail of its pieces.

You are important to me, now and for the rest of my life, so I am glad that you feel the same.

Every step you take closer to me makes me as happy as I can be, so let me thank you for them.

I have the best feeling in the world as you come closer to me and make me feel important.


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The fact that you stole my heart makes me want to rip you into shreds so you’d know how it is.

When I see you look at me, I know that I am lucky to have such a beautiful person love me.

You love me even through all my mistakes, all my flaws, and so I am honored to have you.

If you think that there is something wrong with me I will tell you about it: you stole my heart.

I know you, not just by my heart but with my soul as well so I know that we will last forever.

Our hearts are beating to the same tune all because I have found who I am when I’m with you.

I may be indecisive but you are the first and only choice I am sure I will never ever regret.

The smile on your lips tells me that I have done something right for once in this life of mine.

You stole my heart and never even gave me the chance to at least do something about it at all.

I have been in doubt a lot of times but with you, I am always sure, I have no trouble with you.

The thing that I love the most is how I still fall for you every single day of this life that I have.

I think you are a thief and that is because you stole my heart right from under my nose, love.

You are beautiful, that is true and I feel the same because of the things that you do for me.

I want to thank you for always making me feel like I am special, thank you for everything, love.

You picked me up, got my heart and ran away with it and offered yours in return, thank you.

Sure you took my heart away but you also trusted me with yours and that is enough for me.

The moment that you stole my heart, I then decided that I would die trying to steal yours too.

You are an angel to my eyes and you always will be because you are my savior, my darling.

It is you I think that I will keep falling in love with for you have taken my heart with you.

You never need to change for me because being yourself is truly the best that you can be.

All I can think of at this time is you and how you stole my heart only to have it broken apart.

I woke up today feeling all giddy and happy because you totally took this heart of mine, love.

I am grateful just to be able to hold on tight to you when I feel the weakest, thank you, so.

This journey of mine for love has ended right when I met you for I knew you were the one.

I did not know it was possible but you stole my heart and made me wish I never existed here.

Never did I believe in fate nor in destiny but my whole world changed when I met you, dear.

Giving my heart to you was probably the most rightful decision I have made in this life I have.

I reach for you in the moments that I feel alone the most and you never fail to comfort me.

I wonder, when you stole my heart, did you hear how it beat so fast because of you, did you?

I adore you, that is the truth, you are like the butterfly that I am just so attracted to, dear love.

You make me feel complete, as if I have never even been broken to begin with, thank you.

For all the years that you have tried to get my heart, I am now willing to give it to you.

You stole my heart even when people have been long telling us that love is not meant for us.

I am the type of person who steals back what has been stolen from me but my heart is yours.

You are not perfect for you are human and we are flawed but you look perfect to me the same.

We may fight a lot but I plan on making up with kisses for you, with love to look at you always.

All I ever wanted was to live a free life that is until you stole my heart and ruined that for me.

Facing the fears that I have was like jumping at the edge of a cliff, scary but breathtaking too.

I think I am falling more and more for you each day that passes me by, that is the honest truth.

You stole my heart and now all I see in my dreams is your face and I long for your lips too.

I think I may just have the perfect life because you are in it and that is what I truly long for.

I just want to show you how it feels like to have your heart taken from you so I would do so.

Being happy is all I wanted to be and with you by my side, all the happiness is within me.

I imagine you whispering your secrets to me ever since you stole my heart, my dearest love.

You listen to me even when I say the most useless things and that is what has taken my heart.

I was so willing to give you all of me just because you have shown me I was important to you.

Being useful to you and you loving me was the best I can become and that matters to me.

There is a tale playing in my head where you stole my heart and then I did the same to you.

You stole my heart like stealing candy from a child, without a fear in the world for punishment.

You stole my heart in ways never known to me so I was taken aback by surprise once you did.

If you think you did not do me any wrong think about how you stole my heart, my dear friend.