55 True Love Quotes

To love is a decision.
It takes a lot of courage from you. It demands time and effort.
Love is when two brave hearts decide to beat as one.
Learn more about love with our inspiring yet straightforward love quotes made explicitly for you.

True love waits. That’s what they said. Yes, indeed. When you are hurried about love, the tendency is, it will fail. But when you pray for it and wait for an answer, you will succeed. Every perfect love is from God. It is during God’s ideal time that true love will prevail.

Quotes About Love

True love exists only to those people who are willing to commit to their vows. It is your love for each other that will get you through trials. Make your relationship well-equipped with trust, love, and effort.

True love is not selfish. It is willing to give all without asking any in return. It can forgive and forget. True love amazes the world.


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You are blessed if you have already found your one and true love. If not yet, do not worry. I’m sure it is on its way now. Maybe it gets stuck in traffic, or perhaps it has lost its way. Just wait because true love waits.

Some people don’t believe in true love. Sadly, not all people found their true love. Some end on divorce, while others lose them. So if you have found yours, cherish it. Life is short, so we should enjoy every gift of it.

If both of you understand, trust, and respect one another, then you are sure that the love you have for each other is true.

Love requires patience. If someone is willing to wait for you, that is real love. But remember that love is not about how long you have been waiting. Rather, it is about persevering.

60 Cute Quotes About Love

My grandma told me that you should never let go of it once you have found your love. Not all the love that you will have is true. Some of them will only deceive you. Be smart about your decisions. Listen not only to your heart but also to your mind.

There is no perfect relationship. No matter how long you have been together or how much you love each other, there will come a time that your relationship will get tested. Do not easily give up on trials. Pray and work for them. Remember that truelove can endure everything.

The 60 New Love Quotes That Inspire

True love is about accepting everything about your partner. It is seeing their flaws, but still, you love them.

Being selfless is a sign of true love. It is not easy for someone to think more of others than himself. A selfless partner is genuine in his word and his act. You are blessed if you have found such love.

True love comes once in a lifetime. Only God knows when you’re ready for it. It is a matter of perfect timing under proper circumstances.

The 60 Cute Love Quotes that Inspire

Heartfelt Messages about true love

Happiness is a result of love. Once you love someone, you want him to be happy always. It doesn’t matter how much it cost you or how much effort it requires you. The only thing that matters to you is to see your loved one smiling every day of her life.

Love doesn’t need to be costly. Sometimes, it only needs to be true.

A person who truly loves you will respect every plan you’ve made, even if he is not part of the plan.

True love comes to those who patiently wait for it. Those who are seeking and searching for it only find temporary love. Wait for God to reveal the right person for you. He knew what you need exactly and what was best for you.

I had never felt this way before. When I look into your eyes, I can only see heaven. You are an angel sent from above. I guess it is what they called “True Love.”

Let no one deceive you about real love. Be careful with who you give your heart to. Not everyone is lucky enough to have it.

My love for you is real. I never wanted to be with someone other than you. You are my strength, my inspiration, and my everything. You are my one and true love.

The 60 Short Quotes About Love

If what you are feeling towards your partner is true, you will do your best to give him only the best. That is what true love is all about.

You have to fight for your real love. Once you find it, you can never replace it. Take care of it like it is the most important thing you have.

Love began when you learn to love unconditionally. Love doesn’t come with a price. It’s the most precious gift from above.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her or Him

Love is a beautiful thing. It is something you should not hide. Be proud about it always.

Jealousy is normal. It happens in every couple. When you are sure that what you have is real love, then nothing is to worry. It requires trust to build a strong relationship.

Our love story is not based on movies or TV series. It is a unique story made by God. It is well built with love, trust, and understanding. It is intentionally made without ending. Our love story will never come to an end.

When two people love each other, they always find a way to make their relationship better.


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True love doesn’t care about life statuses, age gaps, or one’s imperfections. It is more about love and understanding. For me, it is love that only matters. Tell us, is this what true love is for you?

Not all “I love you’s” are true. Only those who can prove it are the ones that is true.

There are so many times that I thought I’d never had a chance to meet my love. I feel so bad about myself. My past haunts me. Then suddenly, you came to rescue me. You showed me what real love is. You love me the way I needed to be loved. Thank you for giving my life a brand new meaning.

The 40 Cute Couple Quotes

It is your eyes that tell me that what you have for me is true love. It is the way you hold my hand that makes me feel that it will last a lifetime. It is your love for me that keeps me alive.

If two people are meant for each other, then they can win every relationship battle.

Let us face the world hand in hand, win every battle with no one left behind. Love is composed of a team. You are not alone, that is for sure.

You came into my life and made me see how beautiful life is. You add flavor to my life. You gave me reasons to smile. I cannot imagine my life without you.

Cute sayings for Finding real love

It doesn’t matter how old you were when you met your real love or how you looked during that time. God knew that was the perfect time for both of you. Here’s wishing you all the best from this world.

We can love because God loves us first. He is the only source of love and happiness. He is a perfect example of true love.

You love me more than anyone else. You respect me just how much you respect your parents. You see me as beautiful as the start. Oh, what else could I ask for? You’re just too good to be true.

The one who truly loves you will never leave you no matter what happens.

And so I thought I was ready to love. I was wrong for being so selfish. I demand so much from you. I asked more than anything you can give. I never get contented. And then, I thought you would leave me. I am amazed that you have stayed all this time. Thank you for showing me how much you are willing to understand me. Now I already know that the love you have for me is real.

I am lucky I have both a true friend and a real lover.

To the one I promise to love until the end, my faithful friend, my everything, I love you. I am always thankful for the love we have for each other. For you, I will be strong.

Sweet I Love You Quotes


You are worth all sacrifices and hardships. I will forever be true to you.

They said that true love comes only to those who deserve it. I have to disagree with this. True love is for everyone. God did not choose to love only those who are good to Him. He prefers to love everyone, good and bad. God is our first love.

There are many ways you can prove your love even if you are miles away from each other. It is the feeling that never changes throughout time.

Love is not true if it can only forgive but cannot forget.

True love belongs to those who know the value of it. It is something you want to protect, not to waste. True love means everything. Enjoy the love and these true love quotes.

I cannot imagine life without someone who will make you feel loved. Life is better when there is love.

I do not remember the time when I first realized that I loved you. But I remember the moment when you walk towards me and the rest of the world stopped. All I can see is you, and all I can hear is the beat of my heart. That time I knew I had found my love.

True love is what gives you strong emotion and what stays connected. Herein you get to know more about each other so that you know you can respect differences. It takes patience to develop.

There is no pretending about love. When you love a person, you tell him you love him and will love him for the rest of your life. There is no turning back.

Only love can move mountains, can break barriers, and can fix a broken heart. Love conquers all.

When you love a person, you often make yourself available for them. Being there always means a lot. Never make your partner feel that they are alone or somehow being left behind.

True love knows all the pain, but it chooses to neglect it and close its eyes on it.

Love is willing to undergo all the kinds of pains, heartaches, and sacrifices just for it to be with its one true love.

You are the flavor of the chocolate that I have been searching for long. Not too sugary but not bitter as well, just the perfect mix of two flavors. I love you, my sweet dose of chocolate!

When I depart this life, the last face that I want to set my eyes upon is your charming face. It’s the face of the lady who captured my spirit like no one else.

The sound of your voice melts my heart like how the sun melts a bar of chocolate with its rays. I genuinely love you.

The sensation of being truly in love with you makes me want to go on a hunt to find a winged unicorn and ride it up to the clouds while singing the melody of my heart. I love you, my melody!

My affection and love for you have fashioned walls around myself and my heart so no one else aside from you can get within. I love you.

Loving you is not my judgment or my option. It just happened in the blink of my eyes. I am relieved it happened.

If you become a little mouse, then I want to become a tabby cat, not because I want to consume you but because I want to pursue and go after you repeatedly.

I want to create restrictions around my heart so that I can protect my feelings for you forever.

I suppose that it is not viable for me to tell when I will discontinue loving you. It is analogous to asking the sun when it will stop rising at dawn.

I need you because I am intensely in love with you without knowing the explanation why.

I just find it irresistible how your lips taste like sweet milk; it makes me greedy that I want more and more of it.

I am no soloist, but your affection for me and my affection for you made me do so. I can hum the tune of my heart and the rhythm of my soul, which are both longing for you.

I adore you, just like how a mouse loves the sweet taste of cheese. I will chew you bit by bit so I can relish all the flavor of you.

All of your kisses and all your stares will at all times remain to be a fraction of me, a fraction of my life.

For some reason, love is not always openhanded and merciful. It can be egotistic and greedy at times.

Keep in mind; you can’t call it real love if you have it a little less. It can’t be real love if it is way and beyond too much. True love is a steadiness of all the feelings.

True love needs to have devotion and optimism. It can’t persist in going on without the other two.

Bear it in your mind that love with a dash of fear can’t be called true love after all because true love is meant to be fearless.

If I have to utilize hugs and kisses as means of expressing my love and affection for you, we would be hugging and kissing until time ends and until it begins again.

A love that is calling and need lots of random things can’t be called love.

When you finally find the one or your one love, an invisible string will connect both of you. You are fixed to each other forever, even after death.

True love is when she is already crowned with gray hair, her face lined up with wrinkles, her knees too weak to stand, but despite all of those, you still see the woman who captured your heart through the years. You see the beautiful face of your one true love.

Love knows when to continue and when to take a break, but it will never know how to stop or quit.

Sometimes, even the truest of all the love can be neglected and rejected as well.

Only a few find their one real love because only a few choose to risk everything they have.

Finding your one real love is not a walk in the park. It is more like hiking a cliff without anything or anyone to assist you at all.

Some people choose to live while some people choose to love. Only a few people are courageous enough to do both at the same time.

True love is when he is farting out the foulest of all the odors, yet you still see him as your knight in shining armor, just like the first time you saw him.

It is indeed true love when a person chooses to sleep on a mat to be by your side instead of sleeping in his own comfortable bed.

We are too eager to experience love, but we are also too coward to risk what we have for it.

You can only handle love if you can also expertly handle pains, sacrifices, and neglect.

No one is too smart for love; all of us are vulnerable to all of its grace and malice.

With love, even the smartest of all the people gets dumber and more stupid.

True love is willing to be injured even if it knows it beforehand, but still it chooses to.

Distance is not a hindrance to true love; it is actually something that makes true love stronger and longer.

Real love can find its way even in the darkest of all the places. It does nothing else but feels to find its way out.

You just can’t have anniversaries or specific dates for real love because real love happens before you know it yourself.

Nothing can kill true love because it will find its way to live again and again once it is true.

In love, there can be two people, but the heart is only one.

We can only find our real purpose in life once we find our love because our true love will help us see our goal in this life.

Do not tell someone you love them when you actually don’t mean it because love’s karma does not show mercy to those who play with it.

Real love is prioritizing people other than you, other than your very own happiness and joy.

It is hard to find true love if your heart is not yet healed.

True love comes to those willing and eager to risk everything they had for something with no certainty.

Real love is when you can’t find something to agree on yet you can’t help being not with each other.

Real love will not count the similarities between two people. Instead, it will count the differences between two people trying to work out their differences.

True love does not know how to get bored with the person he choose to love.

Yes, true love will and conquers all, but there is also this fact that you can’t pay your bills and dues with true love.

Real love can be brutally honest at some point because true love is never afraid to speak out for itself.

There’s not enough words to explain love because it is not something that we can explain.

Love with the need to use tons of words is simply called admiration, nothing more and nothing less.

Real love is simply unquantifiable and immeasurable. If you can measure it, it is not love.

If it is pure, self-less and forgiving, it is called true love.

Real love has the purest intentions of all the other kinds of love.

Most people can’t grasp what love is all about. They thought they could only find true love in their opposite gender. They are missing the point and essence of true love, which explains why they can’t find true love after all.

Real love can be cultivated further with a pinch of faith, dash of honesty, an ounce of trust, and a handful of loyalty.

Real love does not stop believing and dreaming.

The road to finding love will never be as smooth as the asphalt road. The road will be crooked, rugged, rough, and full of obstacles on each step.

The pain of true love is comparable to having all of your bones breaking at the same time without any anesthesia.

It is possible to find love within ourselves. All we have to do is feel it more profound.

Whoever says that you need a lover to find true love probably never had any family or friends to share his passion.

Real love is like a two-way road that is constantly and will always be under construction.

Difficulties are tied up with true love and so as glee and fulfillment.

Long-distance can’t fade the vibrant colors of true love. Long-distance does not have the ability as well to kill love.

Real love can give us the kind of strength more powerful than anything else.

Real love can keep the heart alive even if it already stops beating and living.

The memories of love will continue to live eternally through memories.

Sickness is like true love. We will only believe we have it when the first invasion happens.

When you are both happy together despite doing little stupid things, it is called true love.

Real love is when he has a single ticket to watch the concert of his favorite band in the VIP area, but he chose to watch it in the general admission area just to be with you.