35+ Addiction quotes


When you are on your way to overcoming addiction, you need to learn how to have a bit of self-control because the only person who can help you is yourself.
No one else would be able to help you if you did not even try to help you.
It would be challenging at first as you are still struggling, still weak and trying, but eventually, you will realize that you are not alone; the people who love you will help you once you learn to open up to them.
You can change for the better, for your sake and the sake of the people that you love.
Here are some quotes for those who want to quit their addiction, those who are giving up their addiction, on the process of stopping their habit, and those who have barely stopped their addiction.
You will find yourself in these addiction quotes and realize that the doors are still open for you.


Addiction will eat you inside out even when you are still alive, and you will lose all your hope.


Avoid looking backwards in your life because it would never do you any good; believe me on it.

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Just look up and ask the Lord for guidance so you can live your life in a better way better day.


A good day will start only once you have gotten over the addiction you are in right now.


Today might be the day you will realize that being an addict will do you no good at all.


The best time to start your change is today, not tomorrow or next week, but right now.


Drugs will not give you heaven; they will provide you with a cancerous future, boy.


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Stop smoking, little by little, reduce the number of cigarettes you take, and you will be okay.


The cure to being an addict is to find a new hobby to put all of your spare time into, my dear.



There is something about addiction that will eventually kill you if you do not try to stop it now.


If you believe that you can get over what you are addicted to, you would be sure enough.


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The first thing you can try out of being addicted is to try it out, my dear.


Motivate yourself to get over what you are addicted to, and you eventually will love.


Try a little bit of this and that, and you will not notice it outright, but you will progress.


Make yourself a brand new version of yourself, make things better, do things right than you should.


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Believe that you can be a better person, and believe me that you will, I know that.


Addiction is not a temporary thing; it lasts for a lifetime, so be careful about it.

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Let go of your addiction start today, and I promise you that you will be just alright.


Nothing is impossible for someone who wants something terrible; believe me, addiction can stop.


Start facing the correct direction today, and eventually, you will get to where you want to be, hon.


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A brand new start is just waiting for you to take it, so you might want to reach out.


If you are suffering, you need to struggle to have a better place in life; that is the right way.


Please do not quit; it is not in your nature to give up without a fight; show yourself that you can do it.


It may not be easy to find happiness anywhere else in this world, but try hard, and you will, hon.


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If it seems that things are going the wrong way, it might be good not to go with them at all.


The greatest joy you will see is when you rise right after you fall, so keep going through it.


The first step to stopping is recognizing that you indeed have an addiction to something, dear.


The past may call back to you but know that it will bring you nothing new, so keep going.


No longer becoming an addict is just like moving on; you need to let go of what causes it, hon.



If you keep being afraid that you might keep searching for it after you are gone, it won’t do.


Come clean every time, and eventually, it will become second nature not to live together with it.


If it is difficult to move on from what you are addicted to, it surely must be worth it all.


The efforts and the time you spend trying to get over it will eventually show what it’s worth.


It may be hard to accept that you have an addiction, but it gets easier as time passes by.


Now, you may not have any progress, but eventually, you will keep pushing yourself.


First of all, you must learn how to forgive yourself and then start trying to be a better you.


Try quitting for a day, and soon enough, you can do it for the rest of your life, that you will, kid.


It would help if you started thinking that you could, so eventually, you can begin to do the truth.


If you give up at the first sign of power, you will think that you do not have any ability at all.


I cannot believe that addiction is curable, but apparently, it is, so why not try and get cured?


The future and the now is all you have right now, so you better start making it a lot better.


Your problems today will be there by tomorrow if you don’t try to find a way to solve them today.


People often say that addiction to anything in the world kills, and it does, hon.


Addiction comes in different forms, drugs, alcohol, ideas, morphine, name it, and you can, boy.


Turn your face towards the light so that you may see that there is still hope for you, my dear.


You need to realize that the only one who can make yourself better is yourself; that is it, hon.


Every experience that you get to have in your life will lead you to a better you. That is the truth.


Be yourself, and when you feel that you cannot, try to find yourself once more to stop this, okay.


If you want to make something happen, you need to take that first step and start doing just that.


No matter what type of addiction you have, believe me, that it will grow to become bad, girl.


Keep going the way you are because you will; that is how it is with this life’s nature.


You have either got everything or nothing, but you must pursue the fine line in between.


Go through life using the chance to take the risk at times but never forget to be safe.


If you want to be happy, you need to start making yourself so by stopping what is blocking you.


You become addicted to something because of a bigger problem; solve that first before this.


You will never get anywhere you want if you do not stop that addiction from this very moment.


Being an addict is a symptom that you have problems that need to be given proper solutions.


If you keep living for the moment, what are you ever going to do about the future then, my dear?


Do the things you can do to become a better version of yourself that you do.


Addiction is tough to understand unless you are there and have experienced it, my dear.


Find the discipline in yourself that you need to get over what you’re going through right now.


Perseverance is the key to getting rid of the things you are addicted to the right at this very moment.


If you are willing to be patient for this moment, you can get rid of what is bothering you soon.


Give it your best fight for what you know is right, and someday you will get to where you want.


You will struggle, of course, because it is hard at first, but believe me, it gets easier.


I worry that one day I will lose control of this body that I am in, so I will stop before it.


Find time to let God into your life, and He will help you get over your problems, He would.


Anyone can get addicted to anything at any time at all, no exception at all, I am telling you.


Getting over your addiction may not be easy, but you will get it sure and slowly if you do it, hon.


Sins are usually addictive, but you must do your best to avoid them to keep yourself away, dear.


When you are determined to make a change in your life, you will make a real change.


Try something new today if you want to make something change in your daily life, okay?


There will always be forgiveness to those who search for it, so go ahead and find yourself now.


Addiction is a terrible disease that eats you inside out, but once you get over it, you’ll be okay.


Please do not blame yourself; sometimes, it is the circumstances that force you to become addicted.


It is not right to blame another person, nor is it to blame yourself, but the thing is, it’s normal.


Something is comforting about being addicted to something; you use it as a release.


No more using excuses; make it a reality by changing this very day, my dear kid.


You either do or don’t; such is how it is with life, so why not try something new today?


Find a new way to divert your attention, books, music, movies, anything would do, my dear.


Prove to the people that you love that you can stop becoming the addict you were.


It comes to you in your worst moment; addiction does that, so do not let yourself be a victim.