Baby Love Quotes

The baby love that you have are truly fantastic, and you can’t help it because babies are just too adorable.
The baby love that you feel may be a bit hard to put into words as well.
You want to find the correct string of words to express this baby love that you have, but you just can’t.
Do not worry anymore, as here are some baby love quotes that are sure to help you out.

My baby love is so big that no one can ever dare surpass it; everything I do is for you.

You are indeed the sweetest thing that any parent can ever be given; I am so happy because of you.

You leave those kisses in every path you take that I can’t help but follow; thank you for it all.


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I was there with you through all of the firsts you did, like your first smile; I am proud of it.

You seem to know so much already, but I hope you do not grow up too fast; I love you!

My princess, my baby love, I wish that I am the closest to that heart of yours now.

Put this in your heart, that I will always be happy for every single new thing you do, girl.

You look at my way, and I can’t help but be charmed by your cute round face, dear baby.

How do you laugh as if there is no problem in your face? You are unique, dear.

There is no one else I would be right now than you, my baby, so let us enjoy the whole thing!

I want to convey this sweet baby love I have for you; I want you to know about it.

This is the start of our journey as mother and child; I plan on doing everything right, dear.

I want you to know that I will do so much more for you if you let me; you are just so cute.

The way you smile at me is just wonderful. I hope you will try to make everything get going.

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See, you have that fantastic face, and I can’t help it, for you truly look like an angel, my dear.

My baby love, you are everything that I have ever wanted in life, all wrapped up in a bundle.

Your soft skin, you excellent giggle, they seem to talk to me, how do you do that all?

I love you from the first moment you came out of the womb, and I have to say that I care.

There is so much more to this life than you know, so believe that everything will be fine.

Dear baby love, you are my world; Mommy is just so lucky to have you in her arms right now.

I will guide you through life, so sleep tight & have some great fun; I love you!

The darkest days would not befall you as long as you are minor, for I will protect you always.

You are my definition of pure happiness; you just fill me up real good, so thanks for it all.

There are so many ways I want to cuddle you up in my arms because you are such a darling.

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Baby love is miraculous, how she’d look up to you and take worries away.

If I can, I would take everything in all of the pain you will get in the future; that is the truth.

I love seeing you accomplish the things that you have in mind, so keep going. You can do it.

Every step you take towards growing up is painful to me, but at the same time, it is just pretty.


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How do you do it? How do you make me feel so happy with the simple things you do as a smile?

This baby love of mine is giggling, and I can’t help but melt as I watch him do so; I love him.

Baby, just let me love you much more as much as I can; in a few years, you will grow up.

You make my love so much more robust, my nights a whole lot longer but the home happier too.

I held your little hands in mine, and the rest of the world got silent; thanks for that now.

I am the mother that can’t help but be proud of every little thing that her child does.

You, my baby love, seems to leave a trail of sunshine and rainbow wherever you seem to go.

I want to be the quiet place you can go to, and you can be the wild place I can rely on.

I will tell you the bedtime stories that you love to fall asleep to until you can read them.

I will fill your cheeks with kisses until you are smiling and laughing at the same time.

My soul just melted the moment you were given into my arms; it was truly remarkable.

The first time I held my baby love, the whole world stopped spinning; it stood still then.

I bet the angels have whispered to you this night, for you are smiling so serenely, my baby.

You are precious, baby love, and I hope I am doing the right things to let you feel just that.

You stole my very heart the moment you came out, what a wonderful present you were.

The days can be extended when you have a baby, but you realize that the years get shorter.

Thank you for being my miracle, for showing me that there are still things like that today.

You leave me feeling wonderful every time; thank you for every single moment I spend with you.

There is nothing more vital for me than my dearest baby love; I love you a whole lot.

What you are is perfect: more precious than any riches the world can ever show me in life.

You are my favourite treasure, baby love, so I hope you will keep on making me happy now.

You have truly made your entrance into this world spectacular, crying and still being pretty.

No matter what happens, even on a rainy day, you are my bundle of sunshine, my darling.

You are extraordinary; looking at you is like looking in the mirror and being happy to do so.

What a cute little thing you are that you are always the centre of attention anywhere we go.

All those ribbons and bows and curls and giggle is what makes you the best baby love ever.

There is nothing more I can wish for as I see you smiling your adorable little smile as well.

My baby is now a toddler walking by herself, and I am proud and sad at the same time now.

You are spectacular, the way you talk like you know everything in the world when you don’t.

How do you speak as if you have no problem? You make me feel so old; that’s the truth.

Baby love, thank you for coming into my life and making me smile all the time; we love you.

You have those old eyes that seem to know where they are going and where they come from.

I will let you sleep no matter how long, for you need to wake up feeling all fresh now.

A baby boy will leave dirt in the house but will also make a mark on your very core: the heart.

I love it when you call me Mom and see your lovely face: it is a beautiful feeling, my baby.

You are the source of happiness in the house, baby love, so do not grow up fast if you can.

I see the mischief in your eyes, and yet I love the overflowing excitement you give to me.

You fill each day with joy, and I can’t help but be happy for you coming into my life.

What a miracle you are; being able to hold you tight is undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve done.

I look into your eyes, and I see that we have already connected through spirit, so thanks for it.

I know by now that I will love you far more than anyone else in this world; enjoy the world.

Dancing your way into this heart of mine, baby love was so easy for you; you are amazing.

You hold my hand, and I feel so loved, no more letting go of it ever; I will love you a lot.

All those gurgles, along with your coos, are truly cute if you can see how lovely you are.

It makes me tear up whenever I hear you laugh, knowing that one day soon you’ll grow up.

You tug at all my heartstrings, and it just amazes me so much that you are doing that.

And every time I get to see you, baby love, you seem brighter than ever; thank you for it all.

There is nothing more special than the bond we share between us: mom and son.

Son, you will forever be my treasure; even as you grow up, I will be there for you all the time.

You remind me how much I genuinely love cute things, but you are the cutest one ever.

You anchor me to this world even when all I want is to get out of it; thank you for doing it.

You scatter so much emotion in your trail, so thank you so much for it all, dear baby love!

I want to protect you from the rest of the world if I can, but I know I will have to let you go.

Wisdom will come to you years from now, and I can’t help but be happy about every little thing.

You are pure, and that is why I love you a lot; you are just the most refined of all the souls ever.

That sudden surge of love is just wonderful so thank you for everything, my dearest love.