The 35 Classy Lady Quotes


There are different kinds of ladies as they walk the extra walk of like.
Some can be said: beautiful lady, kind lady, lovely lady, and classy lady.
An elegant lady has manners that are on par with those people in the upper class.
Someone who knows how to carry herself.
A classy lady is someone that a lot of people admires a lot.
Here are some quotes about a classy lady so that you would know one when you see one.


A classy lady knows how to handle herself even in a room full of people; she does not flutter.


A girl who can handle herself well in an elegant manner is what a lady really should be.


If you have an intelligent mind, forget everything else because the rest of your body shall follow.

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No matter how lovely you are or how amazing you do things, if your heart is rotten, it’s over.


There is no point in putting things for show, and you need a class to do something.


Great tastes must-have elegance and a lovely heart to be an excellent woman, that it does.



She had a flair about her that no one can explain, a uniqueness that is truly her own.


She does things and leaves her marks on them to never copy what she did.


Be careful in making a classy lady cross. Believe me when I say you do not want to anger her.


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It feels like an honour, standing in a room with her in it. Those are the vibes that she gives to me.


Everyone paid attention to her as soon as she walked into the room. That is how her aura is.


And she noticed every single detail about a person, his needs and all that, and she fulfilled them.


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She was the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I have nothing to say to her.


If you ask me to describe her, I bet I would have lost words trying to figure it out.


And even though she may walk alone, she walks a path that makes her a great person.



She carries herself in a regal manner as if she comes from loyalty; maybe she did.


In this world, there are only some rare people who can still be called classy ladies, sadly.


You would notice her in a room even when there are hundreds of other women in there.


Let me tell you that she had a way about her that made her so different from everyone else.


You can look into her eyes, and you will see those old orbs saying that she has gone places.


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I bet she has been to places that even you haven’t gone before; that’s how awesome she is.


You cannot just take no for a first answer, and you have to learn to try again; you are a woman.


It is pretty apparent when you see her that she has been bred differently; she did.


She uses her power, and you can feel it; you can feel it going into the deepest portions of the skin.


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A classy lady is like gold among charcoals, a rare find, someone you do not see around.


She has this charm around her that makes you want to be around her, as close as you can be.


You should never underestimate her if you do not want to look like a fool later in life.


She is not just full of class; she is fabulous and very kind, the perfect combination.

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The thing is that if you want something that does not fade, don’t go for beauty; go for kindness.


And elegance does not fade no matter how many years pass by; that is the beauty of it, my girl.


If you find a girl beautiful because of her clothes, then you do not see her beautiful.


It is in the way she looks into your eyes and makes you see the future like no other, her essence.


She glows in such a way that makes you want to stare at her all day long; that is her charm.


When you are a classy lady, you would know just how to act like one, and it is second nature.


Class is how you make other people feel more positive about themselves, to encourage them.


Just because you show a large amount of skin does not help you find your prince, girl.


If you are a lady, you must act like one and preserve your dignity at all times.


Beauty is not enough; you must also have the attitude and brain, be your sophisticated self.


One day you will meet a man who will understand every single thing that was ever given.


I see you as a very sensible woman, someone who will never be an easily fooled woman.


A real woman has a voice, and she will not let it be quieted down; she will never let it crumble.


Standing up for what you believe in makes you different from others; it gives you class.


In this world where women are not given proper acknowledgement, it’s different to stand up.


Be the kind of person who inspires others to be just like you, to make them want to be you.


And I wish I was a classy lady too, someone that boys fall in love with so much, all the time.


Class means you have all the means to boost what you have, but you choose not to do that.


As long as you have your dignity intact, you can still be a woman with class, that you can.


Fighting for what you want will set you apart from all the other people out there, do so.


I am not so much of a risk-taker, but I love being a mystery to other people that I do.


In this world where everyone wants to show some skin, I want to hide mine from people.


I believe there are still some women out there who believes that one must have personality.


A good personality is the best weapon of all, along with class and elegance at that.


And when your time comes, I hope you will realize that it is elegance that wins battles.


The ultimate form of being the best woman there possibly is to be as possible as you can be.


When you meet a classy lady, I bet you would realize what it means to be with a goddess.


The problem is that women face a lot of issues nowadays, so much pressure put on them.


And if you can, try your best to be like other great women who inspire people a lot.


Try to alleviate other people, never play dirty, be honest, and be as kind as you can become.


You might want to try to get down and also get dirty. That is what being a girl is about, dear.


It is through the way you act and socialize with people that they will realize who you are.


Your action will indeed scream louder than your words ever can so do only kind things.


Make every moment of your life something you would not regret; that is the way a lady is.


A classy lady does not want her time wasted, so make every moment with her count, my boy.


It is through overcoming your fears and still knowing what fear is that makes you a lady.


Help other women as well in achieving and becoming the best that they can ever become.


If you want other people to honour you, do something genuinely honourable you should do.


I want to be the type of person that everyone envies, the best that I can ever become, for sure.


Do things for a noble reason, and you will become someone who can influence other people.


I am great at being me because I think this is the only person I can ever become.


I think that as a girl, I should never leave the house looking unpresentable for politeness.


Always be as pretty as you can be but do not overdo it; just do what you can do, all the time.


I hope you find a classy lady that is a perfect fit for an elegant man such as yourself, that I do.


Forget the plunging necklines, and you do not need them nor the short skirts. Hide more, be more.


Who cares what other people think of you? Show them you got grit, that you don’t care.


And the truth is that being a real girl is hard, you need to sacrifice a lot of things, indeed.


I want to be a bit of a mystery on the side, something unknown to everyone else.


If you want a love story of your own, as a lady, you must wait for it to find you or try finding it.


My friend, you know what? You deserve a classy lady who says all the right things to you.


I have never met a classy lady before, but I bet I can recognize one when I finally see one.


And in a gist, a classy lady knows how to behave herself in every possible environment.


The truth is that it is always going to be hard to be a brave girl, but I will try to be one.


If she can be with you without complications, then she might be a classy lady.


Classy lady or not, a lady still deserves to be with the best possible people she can be.


I know I can never be the classy lady you want, but I promise I will try my best.


In this world where a classy lady is a rare specimen, I wish I could appease you with me.


I want to consider myself a classy lady, but sometimes it gets just too hard to keep it up.


This front that I am using is a classy lady, which is tough to the point. I want to let go.