80+ Be Humble quotes

Humility is a good thing.
Indeed, being humble will lead you to good things.
Here, you will find a list of humble quotes that are not only inspirational and wise but humorous as well.
These are great for sharing with your friends, colleagues, and even loved ones.

It’s important that we humble ourselves at all times, and the best way to do that is to serve other people.

No matter how high you will achieve, do not ever forget where you come from.


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I will never forget where I came from. For me, this is important for someone to stay humble.

Humble people will not hesitate to ask for help.

Staying humble will matter a lot.

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He is such a humble man that he will never think better of himself than others.

Humility is wisdom in which we will prepare our minds for all of the possible changes that will be about to happen.

Humility is like earning royalty but without having a crown.

We will come nearest to the great if we put humility in utmost priority.

The superior must be humble, which is equivalent to the inferior’s nobleness.

One could stay humble because of pride.

A great man will always be willing to humble himself.

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If you are humble, you should learn to put yourself first before you take care of yourself.

Do not allow pride to get into your head. Always make it a priority to humble yourself.

Staying humble means, you are recognizing your weaknesses and thinking less of yourself than others.

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Nobody can stand taller than those who are willing to stand corrected.

Humility is being able to give up your pride while still retaining your dignity.

I am just a simple individual who is liable to make mistakes like my fellow mortals. I own my mistake, and I am humble enough to confess my mistakes.


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To a certain extent, we should behave with humility, and in that case, something good will result.

Humility means being able to accept reality without any attempt to outsmart it.

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Nothing will be more intolerable than to admit your errors to yourself.

We must stop thinking that we know all things and stop placing knowledge on compassion and kindness.

True humility is the ability to understand that even we are a tiny seed, we’re still an essential part of a more excellent plan, but we are not the master planner.

If you want people to speak well of you, then you should not speak highly of yourself.

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No other great person would tend to ever think of themself so.

Remember that if you are above the world, the Earth tends to rotate after every 24 hours.

It is way more impressive when some people will discover your good qualities without any of your help.

Learn to be wise, but do not be showy about it.

Any man on top is the kind of man who has the habit of going into the bottom.

There is a lot to say for a person who does not say it himself.

The fewer people will speak of their greatness, the more that we think about it.

Humility will often lead to strength instead of weaknesses. This is the highest form of self-respect, which is to admit mistakes and make amends.

Humility is making the correct estimate of yourself.

True humility will involve the opposites. The humble ones work in silence since they do not often speak about their achievements. Thus, the credit for them cannot be taken away.

I believe that living an unassuming, simple life is to the best of everyone and is fantastic for both body and mind.

He who knows will have no right to shout.

It would help if you occasionally swallowed your pride because it s non-fattening.

Always make sure you acknowledge your mistakes. This will make those in authority go off their guard and allow you to commit more errors.

Staying humble requires a lot more courage than being arrogant.

Those with humble souls are fearful of their strength.

The higher that we are educated, the higher we will be placed. The softer our approach, the humbler our attitude should be.

Only those who feel small in front of God could end up mighty in the eyes of men.

An absolute genius will be willing to admit that they do not know anything.

Always work hard in silence and let success serve as your noise.

The biggest challenge you will face after achieving success is not talking about it.

The higher we will be placed, the humbler we should talk and walk.

It would help if you had faith in yourself. If you do not have a humble yet reasonable confidence in your powers, you will not be able to achieve success or happiness.

To be successful, it’s also important that you stay humble and never allow money or fame to get into your head.

Success may not be the best teacher. It is through failure that we are made humble.

My father told me once, Always stay humble. Make sure that you work harder than anyone else. On the other hand, my mother told me always to keep good to myself and remain humble at all times.

Talent is a gift from God. So be humble for the talent that you have. Fame is just man-given. So be grateful and do not allow conceit to rule over you.

Blessed are the people who know how to spot the most beautiful things even in the most humble places where others cannot see any good stuff.

Self-praise is only for losers. If you want to be a winner, stand for something but have a class. Most importantly, it would help if you stayed humble.

A lot of people would ask what the secrets of success are. But there are no secrets. You have to stay humble and always aim to be the most hardworking person in the room.

Our family motto is always to be humble while giving your best shot at everything. Most of all, you should be thoughtful of others and everyone around us.

The best thing is her confidence, but it should be confident in the most humble way, not in an arrogant manner. Having a sense of humor is sexy, while sunglasses can hide a multitude of flaws.

It would help if you were willing to help the dying, the lonely, the poor, and the unwanted. Do not be ashamed or slow in doing humble work.

Sometimes, we should stop for a while and be humble enough to know that there is something that we call a mystery.

You should know when to stay humble and when to be arrogant. Most of all, you should know when to have hard feelings and when to be soft.

The way to become humble is never to stop until you become smaller than yourself. However, you should stand up with your real height against an even higher nature that can show the smallness of your greatness.

The more that we stay humble, the more that God will bless us.

Staying humble means acknowledging that we are not here on Earth to see how important we could become but to see how much a huge difference we could make in other people’s lives.

Work hard in silence and let success make noise.

Regardless of your social status and how powerful and wealthy you may be, remember that we are all created equal. We came into this world by birth, and we will soon leave in death, so stay humble.

All the things you have done do not necessarily need to be heard or seen by other people.

It would help if you were humble enough to recognize that you are not better than anybody else. But it would help if you were wise enough to realize that you are different from others.

Do not be easily impressed by money, fame, and power. Instead, be impressed by integrity, kindness, generosity, and humility.

The humble man will make room for progress, but a proud and arrogant man believes that he has already achieved the peak of success.

It is better to be a humble sinner than to be a self-righteous saint.

Be kind at all times. Work hard and stay humble. Smile often and be honest even if others are not. Travel if possible and do not stop learning. Be thankful for everything and love like there’s no tomorrow.

Do not allow your success to get into your head. Most of all, never let failure get into your heart.

Do not always keep on bragging about yourself. Instead, let others praise you.

No matter how expensive your car, how big your house, or how much money you got in your bank account, all our graves will be the same. So stay humble in everything.

Be content with what you have while working hard for the things you want. That’s called humility.

Be kind to people even, the rude ones. Be humble even if you feel like you have everything to brag about.

You will be able to achieve everything in life by staying humble.

When you are good at something, resist the urge to tell anyone. When you are great at everything, then the people around you will say to you.

A fool will tell you what he wants to do, while an arrogant person will say what he has done. On the other hand, the wise man will do something, yet you will never hear anything.

Never look down on other people even if you feel you are righteous.

It will take enough strength, confidence, and security for a person to stay humble.

It does not matter what you have done; what matters is what you will choose to do from here.

The higher that we are placed, the more humble we should walk.

Be assertive but do not be rude. Be kind, but never stay weak. Be bold, yet don’t be a bully. Above all, be humble but not timid.

Being beautiful is staying generous, kind, and humble.