Top 55 Princess Quotes


Deep inside every woman’s heart lays a princess, waiting to be awakened.
Most girls dream of being a princess, while other’s live the life of one.
It does not matter if you do not look like one as long as you feel like one.
Here are some princess quotes to satisfy your heart’s desires:


Every woman is a queen, and every girl is a princess in the making.


At one point in a girl’s life, she pretends to be a princess no matter how different her life is from one.


I wanted to be loved like a princess, not treated like one.


I am not just any princess; I do not need a man to save me.

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Why did the princess keep waiting for prince charming to save her?


If she behaves the way a princess does, then you should treat her like one.


I think the man who deserves you is the one that will make you feel like a princess.



Every girl is a princess, no matter what they wear, no matter what they look like.


If he does not make you feel like a princess, he is not your prince charming.


When a man treats you like a princess, he must have been raised by a queen.


To be a princess is not like the movies; it is full of hard work every day.


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Occasionally, girls want to dress up like a princess.


Dear princess, do not let your head fall because your crown might, too.


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What made me a princess was not a prince but having the King as my father.


Being a princess also means that you know how to stand up for yourself.


The best thing about Hermione is that she teaches us that princesses need to be warriors too.



Whether you believe in fairy tales or not, the important thing is you know you are a princess.


One day, you will become the queen of everything, so for now, just be patient.


The beauty of a princess is measured by her kindness, not by the clothes she wears.


Every girl can become a princess as long as it is what their heart desires.


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As you grow older, you forget the meaning of fairy tales and stop believing in them.


So I am telling you to know just how much of a princess you are: unique.


Words are not enough to make you feel like the woman you are, the princess you can become.


Friends are more precious than any crowns or labels in this world.


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As long as you dream it, you can achieve it.


Of course, the princess can save herself as well, not just rely on some prince charming.


And deep inside, every girl wishes to dance in a ball as every other princess did.


Am I a princess? No, I am much more than that. I am more than just a princess.


I am not a damsel in distress, for I am not a damsel, and there is undoubtedly no distress.

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I am going to be the damsel in distress and the knight in shining armour. I will save myself.


I am the princess in all of the books I’ve read, in every kingdom I have visited in my mind.


In the forest, there are no mirrors, so the princess does not know if she is beautiful or not.


Not all princesses can sing with birds and animals; some are just full of spirit and courage.


You need to know so many things about being a princess, not just how to look like one.


I do not care if you are the prince; I make my rules as I go; I am the princess.


A princess always put others before herself; it is one of his best traits.


Princesses all over the world, never forget to support each other during times of need.


Be the person you want to be, not the one others want to see from you.


You have such a bright future; all you need to do is to start building your dreams.


Princesses are not born; they are made from forges of challenges.


One day, you will wake up to see that you have been a princess all along.


Look at the mirror today and tell yourself that you indeed are beautiful.


Maybe the witch dreams of being a princess, and people recognize that.


So the princess became friends with the witch, and together they went on a journey.


Fairy tales should not tell your girls to wait on some random guy they do not know.


What fairy tales are encouraging is for girls to keep on waiting.


Do not ever mistake comfort for joy; living like a princess is different from becoming one.


A princess is someone delicate and robust, fragile and demanding.


To be a princess is one of the hardest things that one can ever be.


I refuse not to be known, not to leave the world without a mark.


Stop looking for your prince charming and stay here to learn to love yourself.


All the people in the world is looking at you because you are an unforgettable princess.


She was feeling like a princess is like feeling like a five-year-old child’s first time in Disneyland.


She was so impossible not to look at; she was the epitome of beauty and everything.


Eventually, you would realize that getting to where you want to be is not easy at all.


I thought that being a princess was all about wearing dresses and going to the balls. I was wrong.


And just like he did, eventually, you will find yourself on the journey to being a princess.


It is not easy being a princess; you have got so much responsibility in your hands.


In real life, princesses do not wait for princes; they live their own life happily ever after.


Happily ever after is something that should be worked on; it does not just work independently.


Once, every little girl desired to be a princess, even for a night.


And when you become a princess, everything changes.


I thought Cinderella was fantastic, running away from a stranger just like her parents told her.


If I were Sleeping Beauty, I’d force myself to wake up because I need not a prince to wait for.


I want a prince who will treat me not just as precious jewellery but as an equal.


Women want equality but still want to be treated like a princess.


I find it out that some girls seem like a princess on the outside but ruin it with lousy personalities.


Princesses suffer far more than anyone in this world ever knows.


There is a pain in waiting for something that you do not know.


Belle looked past the outside character and loved Beast for who he is, and that is love.


For love, princesses show their true strength and determination.


Mulan is one of the few princesses that stood up for being equals to the men.


Nowadays, it is as if being a princess is just another bedtime story.


And along with it all, Pocahontas may be the only one who did not get a happy ending.


So I trained for hours, only to sit on a throne room full of people to judge me.


A princess must never come unprepared; she must always be ready.


A princess’ creativity is mainly measured by how she can cope with emergencies.


So the princess kissed the prince, and suddenly he turned into a frog.


A lot of women are kissing frogs nowadays in the hopes they will turn into a prince.


Not all princesses have a terrible attitude; not just because one did does not mean all do.


The princess decided the prince was not good enough for her, so she left him.


You may be a princess at heart, but you must still follow your dreams and aspirations.


Travel the world, make it far, and you will see just how wonderful you are.


There were no fairy tales involving two princesses; they were always princes and princesses.


I loved her, for she had the beauty of a princess and the kindness of a saint.


She knew what to do when I did not, and I think she’d make a wonderful princess.


The road to being a princess is tough; there is so much more to learn.


I may be alone now, but at least I am free to choose who I want to love.


There comes a time that you stop being a princess, and you become just who you are.


Keep on believing that you will become the person you truly are meant to be.


There will be a day that you need not be a princess anymore; you can do anything you want.


Stop choosing other people; this time, choose yourself because you deserve it.


Be the type of princess that can change how things are going.


Do not just go with the flow; turn against the current, turn against the flow.


You know that a girl is a princess by her movements, how refined they are.


The way to a princess’s heart is not riches but a kind and loving personality.


I love princesses who always smile even when they are going through the worst times.


There are those times when you want to stop being a princess, but you can’t.


We are all princesses in our hearts, even if we may not look like one.


Someday, your prince will come, but until then, you are free to enjoy your life.


When your knight comes, you better not just surrender; you must fight.


Mulan taught me that I should always put my family first before all else.


The thing about Frozen is that it teaches young girls not to rely on a guy.


Maybe for once, the damsel in shining armour will save the knight in distress.


What is life but a big fairy tale full of miseries and challenges to be overcome?


Someday, you will know just how important it is to keep your cool.


Dear princess, you are not made of glass; you are not fragile; you are made of steel.