35+ Beautiful Status


They say beauty is relative, and it is dependent on who is looking. If we feel good about ourselves, everything will be more accessible for us, and our good vibes will radiate to everyone we deal with.
We can share these samples of beauty status anytime so we can inspire others to feel good about their selves as well:


The sexiest thing that a girl could wear is confidence.


There is beauty in wit.


There’s nothing wrong with being too glamorous.


You can never tell someone’s beauty unless you get to know them from the inside.

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Beauty is in the eye of the lover.


Everything is beautiful for the person in love.


No matter how beautiful other people think you are, if your loved one doesn’t see it, then it doesn’t matter.


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The worst thing that lover could me you feel is not to feel beautiful enough.


Beauty is a commodity that everybody buys.


Natural beauty can be judged when the person is already old.


You see beauty in something that brings you happiness.


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Beauty is the worst enemy because it blinds the heart.


Beauty can be toxic to both the holder and the beholder.


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If the truth hurts, would you rather have a beautiful lie?


The relationship and the way she looks you in the eye is beauty.


The primary source of beauty should be love and not judgement.



Beauty can deceive the eye; the sad thing is it can also fool the heart.


Without the corrupted humankind, the whole world is beautiful.


Sometimes, people only appreciate the beauty that they can see.


You know you are in love with the person and not just the beauty when you would still hold her in your arms if you are the only two creatures remaining on the planet.


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My love cannot see the beauty inside me because the desire for physical beauty blinds him.


Don’t be blinded with outer beauty, with eternal beauty.


If you say I’m beautiful, would you still love me years from now?


People are often equating beauty with goodness.


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To see the beauty, you must close your eyes.


You know you are in love when you see the beauty that others cannot see.


The joy of seeing her beautiful face is priceless.


Others see her beauty. She loved him for visiting her wit.


Beauty is good from the outside but best from the inside.

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If all people had the same abilities, humanity would favour beauty.


When beauty makes mistakes, the world forgives with a joyful heart.


The beauty often fools people outside that they are too blinded to see the beauty inside.


In our search for what is beauty, we missed seeing the sunset.


Once you remove your eyes from the beautiful things, you might not be able to see them again.


Beauty is like a commodity that everybody buys.


Do not expect that the beauty you see is always real. Life is full of deception.


Your eyes can be easily deceived, so trust your heart for the beauty it sees.


If you are confident in your beauty, you will attract the right people into your life.


Do not let yourself feed on the insecurities that people are trying to give you. Feed yourself with self-affirmation and confidence.


If people used their hearts to see instead of their eyes, the world would be a better place.


It’s very frightening to realize that people often judge you because of your outer appearance.


The only reason why people would spend millions to look prettier is that people are judgmental. If not, then people won’t even need to try their best to look good.


It’s heartbreaking to know someone loves you but will not choose you because you lack physical beauty.


Is it impossible for the not so pretty girls to find true love?


Life is unfair in terms of physical beauty. This is how humanity’s deception works.


Whoever developed the standards of beauty is not fair.


The standards of beauty have evolved throughout time, but the people’s judgmental attitude hasn’t.


I don’t have to worry that I’m single because I am too pretty.


The pretty girls will always say, You will find someone one day, Easy for them to say.


It’s really disturbing how pretty girls can quickly get away with almost everything.


It pays to be beautiful when this world is dominated by men who do not care about equality but will be easily deceived by a beautiful woman.


The world’s prettiest smiles underwent several heartaches to achieve it.


Crying for someone who does not appreciate your beauty is not worth it.


The saddest thing that anyone can make a girl feel is to make her feel not pretty enough.


No matter how pretty you are, there will always be a guy who will make you feel not beautiful enough.


The standards of beauty are different for everyone. I would find someone who would appreciate mine.


The days will always be beautiful if you see yourself as beautiful.


Nothing will get to you if you remain optimistic about yourself and be confident in your beauty.


There should be no beauty competition if people would realize that everyone has their unique beauty.


Do not envy other girls for their beauty because you are beautiful in your way.


I need to meet that someone who will appreciate my beauty the way I see it for myself.


If a man can see the beauty within, then people will be less stereotypical and judgmental.


Pretty girls are lucky when they are young because men will adore them. Not so cute girls are random when they get old because they know that the man who loved them will always be there even if their beauty fades.


Take care of your beauty if that’s the only thing that your man saw in you.


I’d rather be witty and talented than some pretty face without a great personality.


A great personality makes every face that goes with it beautiful.


If beauty could be graded equally, would the world become a better place?


If every man and woman looked the same, would we know the real meaning of the word beautiful?


If only he saw my beauty, he wouldn’t have to suffer heartaches from the other pretty girls that he meets.


Trying to be beautiful is one’s form of trying to get the approval of others. We don’t have to. We are all lovable for what and who we are.


I wouldn’t want to change my beauty for any man. I believe I am beautiful enough and deserve to be cherished just the way I am.


.If people believe in the beauty inside, then people will save a lot of money from buying expensive cosmetics and apparel just to look good.


Beauty is so pricy so before you demand it, make sure you can afford it.


I will stop buying makeup and save for my plastic surgery if that’s the only way for you to see me as beautiful.


Successful people are more beautiful because they worked hard and now, they spend money on themselves.


I don’t need to spend money on someone. I’ll spend money on myself and attract someone.


Sometimes people won’t realize how beautiful you are until somebody else already has done it first.


To be beautiful, you need to convince yourself of your beauty before you sell it to others.


If you won’t believe in your beauty, who would?


If he cannot see the beauty you have, it is probably meant to be that way. Don’t chase people who don’t appreciate you.


If he thinks that other girls are prettier than you, let him be. Someone might think you are more beautiful than other girls as well. Wait for that guy.


Even if you have great self-confidence, several guys who would leave you for not being pretty enough will damage that confidence until it’s gone.


Do not try to convince others of your beauty. The right people will see it even if you do not brag about it.


Do not convince a guy that you can do a lot of things for him. All they see is physical beauty.


Blessed are the pretty ladies who always get the attention that ordinary girls could only hope for.


I am not trying to be pretty for all the guys in the world. I am trying to be pretty just for one, but he does not see it.


I know someday, I would be prettier than today, and you would regret making me feel ugly.


Pretty girls find it hard to find true love because sometimes they are just too cute that people want to own them, not love them.


It’s hard to live in a superficial society when average girls don’t get noticed. Pretty ad girls can give attitude all day without anyone having to fuss about it.


Then pretty ones can be easily forgiven by everyone.


People will choose to stay with pretty girls no matter how hard they could get.


Physical beauty can only last a few decades. Natural beauty will last forever.


How can people rely so much on deceitful physical beauty?


I don’t know where this notion that only pretty girls can throw complex attitudes whenever they want is?


Pretty girls can be both sweet and nasty, and nobody will bat an eye.


Pretty girls get their hearts broken more because only judgmental and superficial men would chase physical beauty.


When you learn to accept that it’s okay not to be pretty, you will let go of so much hatred and jealousy in your heart.


Everyone has their unique beauty, so stop comparing yourself to others.


You cannot just conform to society’s standards of beauty. Know for a fact that you are beautiful inside out.


Do not see beauty as society would want you to have. Know that beauty is relative, and everyone has it.


Do not be jealous of others’ physical attributes. There is no single standard of beauty to follow.