35+ Best Birthday Love Wishes

Our special someone’s birthday is always special for us.
We only want to see them happy and delighted on their day.
To make their birthday memorable, here are some loving messages to make them feel loved and cherished.

I am lucky to have you as my partner. Happy bday sweetheart.

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life, and I have no intention of letting you go. Wonderful birthday!

Spending birthdays with you is my favourite thing every year. Best birthday, my love!

My gifts would reach you first before I could, but excellent bday honey!


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We all have a particular day, but I consider mine the most special because you celebrate it with me. Best bday to you on your birthday!

To celebrate your birthday, let us lie under the sky and watch the stars the whole night. Happy birthday!

You have given my heart to me, and I would share mine on your special day. Happiest birthday!

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I want to be a child with you again, so let us celebrate your birthday with cakes and ice cream. Happy birthday!

I have prepared many surprises for you, but you would not be surprised at how great my love is for you. Happy birthday!

This great space in my heart yearns to be filled by only you. Best bday!

The moment you smile, I start seeing all the blessings that I have. Wonderful bday!

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I do not care if you hold my hand or not, just as long as you hold my heart. Happy birthday, darling.

Nothing could break our bond forever; it is that strong. Best birthday, sweetheart.

We already encountered many adversities, but not one of them was able to penetrate through us. Have a great birthday, love.

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Destiny has arranged for us to meet, and it has anchored us towards each other. Have a blast on your birthday!

My heart told me that you were the one the moment I saw you. Happy bday!

It is love when all you want is happiness even though you are not a part of it. Happy bday!

Music and love come together to feed the hungry heart on your special day. Wonderful birthday!

If you ask me to choose between breathing and loving, my last breath would be used for me to say that I love you. Best birthday!

Only you could ascertain the future of your love. It could fire up your heart or burn you down.

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Always and forever, that is how long we will stay in each other’s arms. More birthdays to come!

Your appearance means nothing to me; you may age and grow wrinkled; still, my love for you is as fresh as a full-grown rose. Happy birthday!

Love becomes alive the moment someone comes along to give it its very own meaning. Wonderful bday!

I could cuddle with you for the rest of our lives; how much more today on your birthday? Happy birthday, love.

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Loving me when I least deserve it is when I need you the most. Thank you and happiest birthday!

I do not care how far you are from me; that is already enough as long as we have each other. Best bday!

You will have my love for all eternity. It would be like not being able to love for a long time before. Best bday, darling.

I do not want to be your first in something; I want to be your last in everything. Wonderful bday honey.

Fate will not allow us to part if you are meant for me. Cheers to your birthday!


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The man I need in my life is someone I can laugh with and be silly with. Best birthday!

Only a real man would treat his girl as valuable and worthy of his respect and love. So glad I found you. Happy birthday!

You came from heaven; God sent you to me. I am forever thankful to Him for giving you to me. Wonderful birthday!

Love a man who acknowledges the woman who is right beside him. It just shows that he loves her most without hesitations—happy bday to my very own man.

I may be busy all day long, but the mere pauses that I do, my mind would always wander back to you. Happy birthday!

Loving me could compare to nothing; loving you could be something, and our love story is our everything. Happy bday!

If only you grew old with me, you would see that the best is yet to come. Wonderful birthday my love.

I am a quiet person, and if I show you the real me, you are an extraordinary person because I like you. Best birthday, sweetheart.

Even if you only have one person with you, you would not feel lonely if you like that person—wonderful bday to the person I like.

Not all people who like each other are lovers; they are sometimes just friends.

Those moments when I realized that I like you cannot be forgotten. Have a blast on your birthday.

I would not chase you anymore, but I admit that I still miss you, and I like you. Best bday!

You would not be the one who will find love. Love finds you. Best bday, darling.

I may like you when you smile, but I love you when I am the reason behind it. Wonderful bday!

I am not a Facebook status, so you do not have to like me.

You are the only person who can join me in my weirdness, and for that, I like you. Happy best birthday!

My heart already likes you, so I hope that you will stay longer. Wonderful birthday to you!

I am confused under the avalanche of feelings I have for you, but I am sure that I like it when you are with me. Let’s celebrate your birthday together.

I want to build a new life with you. Happy bday, honey.

Be wise, so do not let go of someone who holds you dear for someone who would not hold on when you let go.

There is something that I like to tell you but do not have the guts to do. I appreciate you, and I hope you like me too. Happy bday!

You may not feel the same way I do, but I still want to tell you that I like you. Happy birthday!

The intensity of the like that I feel for you almost scares me. Wonderful birthday sweetheart!

I would trade coffee for you, that is how much I like you, which should say a lot. Best birthday to the most special person I know.

A person who likes you would always have the time for you no matter what. Wonderful bday my love.

I may not know the difference between like and love, but I know that I could learn a lot from you. Best bday love.

I get a lot of side effects whenever I see the guy I like. Happiest birthday!

I always pray that you like me too because whenever I see you, I can feel that my body starts to fumble, and I could nearly stumble.

I caught a specific disease that caused me to like you, and I hope it is contagious so you would like me to. Best bday, darling.

I like you because you are more than just dreamy; you are intoxicating—happiest birthday to you, my love.

I have seen my photos, and I think something is missing from them. A spark called you. Wonderful bday!

I would only have to think about you and the way you look at me, and then my heart would skip a beat, and I could not catch my breath. Happy birthday to you!

I always go over the moon whenever I see you. This shows that astronauts are not the only ones who can go to the moon. Best birthday, love.

Let us spend more time together because I believe that God made a purpose for us to meet, and I want to discover it with you. Wonderful birthday!

Sometimes, life would be easier if it is like Facebook, where I only have to click like to show you that I like you. Happy bday sweetheart.

I may not show you now, but I like you, and I hope that you will continue to charm me and like me. Happy bday, honey.

I like all the things about you, and most of them are keeping me up at night. Happy birthday!

Every night before I go to sleep, I kiss my pillow because I wish it would turn into you. I miss you and have a wonderful birthday!

When I think about you, I smile without reason, not only because I feel about you. Happy birthday!

Being married to you is the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I love you and best birthday!

As we celebrate your birthday today, let us remember all the good times we had and let us make more of them. Wonderful bday!

Because it is your birthday, let us celebrate it by falling in love all over again.

The world enjoys your smile just as much as I do. Have the best bday love.

My heart is full of treasures because you came into my life. Best bday!

Come on and race me to the best birthday celebration that you will have in your life. Wonderful bday my love.

I want to spend your birthday with only you and our happy memories. Best birthday, honey.