75 Karma Quotes


There is a saying that says, “What goes around comes around. “ Here are some Karma Quotes we have compiled to share with all of you to learn more about karma. I hope you enjoy reading these meaningful karma quotes.


Karma, whether good or bad, is a result of what we do in our life. Some say it is the mirror of what we do to others.


We should always remember that in everything we do, there are consequences waiting for us.


Be mindful of every action you have to make. Think as many as possible before doing something good or bad against others because karma is just there waiting for its turn.


Karma never fails to give us what we deserve.

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I hope karma will do everything it takes to make you feel double the hurt you’ve caused me.


Never play with other feelings because you don’t know how karma plays the game.


Be good to everyone and expect every good thing to come your way.


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Do not worry about your enemies. Let their own karma slap them straight in their face.


Dear karma, I trust you with my enemy’s fate. I will just wait and watch his fall. Thank you.


I hope you enjoy the time you cheated on me. And now it is my turn to enjoy watching you while karma slowly slays you.


If you are not afraid of hurting others’ feelings, then be afraid of what karma can do to you.


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What you get is what you deserve. Do not expect something good in return if you haven’t been good all this time.


Karma never forgets those people included in his list. If it’s not today, then expect it some other day.


Sooner or later, you will be in that someone else shoes. Be careful how you treat others.


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It is good to know that karma is ready to take over if you cannot do it anymore.


You played with a good guy, and now you end up with that not-so-good-looking-bad guy. That is called karma.



I never wish something bad against others because I know how karma plays its part.


Fear not your enemy but your karma. It never misses a single shot.


I know someday you will realize what you just lost. By that time, I will be happier while you suffer. Well, that is how karma works.


I will let you laugh at me today, but I assure you I will be the one who will laugh at you tomorrow.


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I swear I will never go away because I want to be there and watch karma hit you.


Life is like a mirror. You get what you give. You are judged by how you judge others. What you do in your life bounces back to you.


Are you not afraid of karma? Well, maybe because you never experienced how karma works. But if you do, you will think twice before doing anything against others.


Do not cry because someone else hurts you. Wait and see how karma handles revenge for you.


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Be good, and people will love you. Be generous, and you will prosper. That’s how life works. You get what you deserve.


If you think it is okay to hurt me, you never had an idea that karma is my best friend, and it will never think twice to give you its sweetest revenge.


I love how karma works. You are wrong if you think karma never notices you. It is just waiting for the perfect time to meet you finally.


I am sorry I hurt you. I deserve every worst thing that comes my way. That is the karma I get for hurting you.


If you think you get enough, then wait until karma hits its last shot.

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You can’t fool other people your whole life. Even if you think they will not bother, there is always karma that comes after you.


Try to be mean always, and everyone will treat you like poop.


Every good person in this world has their weak points, but because they know what is right, they do what is right. On the other hand, those who do not know what is right but choose what is bad. These people deserve the worst karma in their life.


It is your life that is at stake if you do mean things to others. Remember, what goes around comes around.

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Life is like a wheel. You will never know how long you’ll be at the top. Read on these quotes on karma so you might question yourself more about life. Who knows what will happen to us tomorrow.


It always feels good to do what pleases us, even if it is not right. The question is, does it still feel good knowing that karma is just there waiting to do what is right for you?


You can get away with the law, but never with karma. Your fall is nearly approaching. I hope you are ready to face it.


We must not fear karma. Karma is only the result of what we do in life. It would be best to fear doing what is not right because every bad thing we make has equivalent karma.


Dear ex-boyfriend, I don’t hate you at all for cheating on me. I should thank you after all. By the way, a friend of mine whose name is karma told me she would take care of everything. I hope you enjoy every surprise she prepares for you.


Please don’t be sad because she is leaving you. Be glad because there’s a chance that the right person will finally meet you.


Think of what is good for everyone, and God will bless you with every good thing in life.


Have a bad day? Well, congratulations! You just experience karma’s first shot.


I did not only receive the worse thing in life after breaking your heart. What is happening to me right now is the hardest and worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. I sometimes wish karma should kill me now.


You said I’m a bitch. Well, thank you. And by the way, karma is a better bitch than me. I think you should get along because you deserve to meet her.


Karma is like a camera. Once you click, you get the output. That’s how fast karma arrives.


Studying hard is good grades, while delinquency is a failure, depression, and lost opportunities.


Respect others, and you will be respected as well. Treat them like an animal, and you will be treated like poop.


Mark my words; you will never have the genuine happiness you are looking for from now on. That’s the result of taking other girl’s happiness.


Let karma speak what’s in your mind, and let her do what your heart wants.


Let’s not think of karma as a revenger. More than that, it is a reminder that we should always think before doing anything against others.


You cannot control what will happen, but you can control your actions and how you deal with them.


Plant a seed of goodness, and you will harvest the best of all the things in this world.


You will never notice karma in your life. It comes at a time you think everything is fine, but then it’s not.


Remember, you will only reap what you sow. Don’t expect to get what you do not give.


The key to a happy life is every good thing you do in your life without harming and hurting others.

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Some also say that karma nowadays is digital, meaning it goes back to you instantly. Whether we like quotes about karma or not, we cannot stop what is meant to happen.


Some people do not believe in karma. Only they believe what their heart wants to believe.


Let karma reminds you that you are not advisable to do everything you want to do especially if it’s not good and pleasing to others.


There’s no other way I can think of hurting you. I just don’t think it will work out anymore. So I will just let karma do whatever it takes to give me what I deserve.


I don’t understand why I am going through this. I do not deserve this kind of life. They said this is my karma. Karma for what? For doing what I think is right? Is it just me, or are there really people who are born unlucky?


I don’t think you should blame me for this for what is happening right now in your life. It is your life and your own business. Why should I bother managing what is not mine? Or should I say it is your karma?


No one in this world knows better what is going to happen tomorrow—only God and karma.


I know little about karma, but one thing I’m sure, it never misses its target.


You said you are not afraid of what tomorrow brings, then at least be afraid of your karma.


It would help if you thanked me because I never get revenge on you. Not because I don’t want and I can’t but because I know karma will do it better than me.


I thank karma for giving just the right amount of everything you’ve been going through right now. Too much of everything is still bad at all.


Can I just tell you that I hate you so much, and I want to slap you right in your face? But then I know someone who does it better than me. I hope you are more than ready to face your karma.


You deserve to be everyone’s hero. You did the right thing by protecting your people. Because of that, you just earned their love. That’s what a person gets when they do what is right and what is good for everyone and not for his good only.


Be faithful and loyal, and you will have the love more than you deserve.


Karma is a reminder that everything we do there’s a consequence. Be good, and others will treat you well. Be bad, and they will treat you badly. It is not karma actually but a reflection of who you really are.


If you are not afraid of karma, fear God’s wrath to those who don’t obey His commands.

Bad karma quotes to make people think


Who hurt others will end up being also hurt. That is called bad karma.


Evil people think by doing bad to other people, they will reach their goal. But they might see other results.


Be good and not bad, and all you will receive will be good.


Keep your head high, do good to others, and nothing bad will happen to you. That is what karma is all about.