Caring Too Much Quotes

The problem might be caring too much about people who do not give the same care that you give out.
It might be problematic because you see you expect too much from someone that you want them to show it.
Or it can be a problem since caring too much for someone can be smothering.
After all, too much is always a bad thing in the end.
But here are some caring too many quotes that would help you to understand it better.

Loving someone too much and caring too much can hurt a lot when you least expect it to break.

All that I want is to be in love, but I hope someone would realize that & love me too.

One of the ingredients, if you want to be hurt, would be to care a lot for someone who doesn’t.


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It sucks sided love is always like that, but you have no choice but to live with it as well.

What hurts is being disappointed over and over again until finally, you give up so.

It sucks when you are caring too much for you are expecting too much, dear.

What is your biggest weakness can also be your strength if you know how to plaything right.

The other person might not mind you as much as you do, and that is what we fear most.

In the prison that is love, all that I wanted was someone who cared enough for me in the end.

When you do not want to disappoint anyone or be in a lot of pain, I suggest not caring too much.

If you have never felt hurt before, loving somebody who does not feel the same will give you that.

It is hard to be a parent because you get disregarded no matter your intention, good or bad.

There is nothing wrong with being passionate, but you must prepare yourself to be hurt too.

It is the future things that weigh a person down until he can’t even look forward.

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Caring too much can ever only bring you so much pain; everything in excess is wrong, you know.

Stop thinking about what others might think and do your own thing, and you’ll be just fine.

I want to succeed in life, in the things that make me happy; that is enough for me now.

Please leave me in the same place you have found me; that is what I like most in this life too.

Caring too much can be your biggest weakness as well as a flaw in this life; believe me on it.

I may not understand what life is about, but I hope that will be enough as long as I try.

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We met in a place far away from everyone, but I sure am glad I get to care for you in it too.

The good thing about meeting people is that you will never leave like you were before, dear.

It is truly an experience, moving on with life, meeting people and getting hurt in the process.

It is love, caring too much about someone, you get that too? I realize life is not easy, my dear.

The better we get to understand who we are, the more we can give love to other people.

It is amazing how people start to care the more that you spend time together too.

I want you to know that I appreciate your care for me like you always did.

Some people care too much, but they think it is love when it can be quickly obsession.


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When you care for someone, you are also giving away a part of yourself in the process.

When you try and appreciate the world around you, the reward is truly limitless, I tell you too.

When you have a heart that cares so much, you get hurt a lot, but you also get rewarded well.

I think that any heart rather than a cold heart is so much better. Do you not feel the same too?

It must bring you so much pain, too, caring too much when the other person does not care too.

The very weakness that you are talking about better well be your strength in the process too.

You should set a limit to just how much you will give to the people you care for.

It is stupid to give your all to people who would keep on disregarding you all the time.

The truth is that we are afraid that we are caring too much for another who does not care.

May you find someone to love in this world, that you may rest in peace for caring for people.

Never let the feelings you have for someone be used against you; see, do more to live more.

Give more to the people who love you than those who do not; you should try that out.

Caring too much is what the one that loves you the most does. I hope you will appreciate that.

Some people give while some keep talking, and you can’t do anything about it at all.

The key to living a good life is to keep doing what you do best; if it is caring, do just that.

You can only give as much as you have, so I hope you will feel your life with all you have.

Our parents are always caring too much for us, but we keep on hating them; that is the truth.

How you act and what you choose matters most because it will change your life.

Everything you act upon is bound to make a difference, so do what your heart says.

The good thing about this life is that you can keep on changing its direction every single day.

It is okay to care and get hurt but do not let someone exploit you by using those feelings.

Caring too much can bring you sorrow, but it can also get you some happiness.

I wish you’d go out to the world with a bang & make a big difference all people would notice.

The key to living a good life would be to have fun and love when you can; believe that too.

In this world, what you do matters, but what you feel matters even more, so make sure to think.

There is nothing wrong with being emotional and caring; what you do with it is what matters.

Caring too much can be a fatal flaw; that is true, but it can also be your biggest strength, dear.

I hope you can realize that the things you think to be your weakness are your strengths.

Not many people can appreciate what a good person you are, but I do, for I know you inside.

The moment you stop trying to care, you will also ruin the life you are living, believe me on it.

There is nothing wrong with worrying a lot and caring too much now as long as it is in place.

You have to know your place in a person’s life, but you might as well act accordingly, my dear.

May you not sacrifice too much and leave some things for yourself; you need to do it.

When your time comes, I hope you realize the best will happen when you least expect them to.

I want to believe, even now, that caring too much is just pretty much normal for those in love.

Not caring for someone else or refusing to do so will surely make you feel detached, my dear.

Stop just being good, find a reason for it and then do something to make things better.

Please go out there and show the world the good about caring for others.

Well, maybe you would find peace when you are trying to figure out who you are too.

I wish you would not be surprised to see me caring too much for you; I love you too.

I hope you go out in the world and manage to do just fine; you will be okay too.

There is nothing wrong with caring for someone as long as you know the limits to it, my dear.

You have a wonderful heart; I hope you do not let this world change your core, my baby.

As long as you have someone who will love and care for you, everything will be okay.

If you get hurt once for caring too much, you might not want to risk your feelings once more.

From being courageous, you will get the things that you need to, so go out there and care too.

When you stop thinking about what others might see you as, the more fun, you will be getting.

It is normal to feel scared of the risks in front of you, but you will understand that later on too.

Caring too many sucks, that is the truth, but it is also true that it makes sense in a way.

Show the world just how wonderful you can be and what good you can bring into it.

What matters the most now is that you tried your very best in what you were doing.

For now, what you can do is go out there and show them just who you indeed are, no matter what.

And so you may care a lot for someone who does not, but it does not stop you from feeling.

It is simply what you feel, and there is nothing you can do about it; that is the sad truth too.

For now, what I hope is that you find someone who will care for you a lot more than you want.

You have a heart prone to caring too much, so I hope that you will protect it.