Top 60 Hurt Quotes


No one can honestly know exactly how you feel, how much you are hurting or how much you want to fall apart and make the world stop from spinning.
Everyone who travels the roads of life experiences heartbreaks.
You are not alone with your ordeal, and that’s why there are hurting quotes to help you ease the pain that you’ve locked away, burning inside your heart:


You thought that you were invisible and that no one could ever hurt you until someone broke your heart into pieces.


I wanted freedom until you walked away and left me empty.


When you have a pure and loving heart, it seems that you are always the one who hurts the most. You cared, trusted and loved with all your heart. In the end, you will be shattered the most.


Now, it terrifies me how much power I have given you to hurt me and how I applaud you for using it very well.

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Even if it hurts like hell, face the truth. It will bring you closer to where you are meant to be.


The rain feels like bullets against my skin. The sun burned through my eyelids that loathes tomorrow. When will this end? When will I stop hurting?


Forgiving you does not mean you can break me again. It only means I am sparing myself from dwelling further in the darkness.


60 Love Quotes


Love is foolish. Love is crazy. It knows no logic and is sadistic at times. No one gets out of it the same way they found it. No one will ever get out of it without getting hurt.


It is a mystery how we fall in love with people who don’t deserve our love at all.


Never trust your judgement when your head is all up in the clouds. You may end up falling and bruising, hurting yourself bad.


Could you imagine the pain of being a mere bridge between the person you love and the person he loves? The only reason why he is talking to you is for someone else?


Hurting Quotes


I have loved you with a burning passion, with unbreakable devotion and with every drop of love I have inside my body. Despite all of these, you gave me the exact opposite anyway.


It will take me a lifetime to understand the paradox that if you hurt no more, you will only reap more love. I don’t think my heart can take more pain than it already is bearing.


The tears falling from her eyes – the trust, the love, the laughter, the beauty – all fades away into the rain, hoping it will never be found again.


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Don’t blame me if my heart is as cold as ice and as hard as steel. I don’t want to risk myself again to the pain that will leave me scarred for life.


Those who choose solitude are those who scream the loudest when no one is watching.



I tried to understand why you did it. I did my best to grasp the logic of why I left me. I ignored what others were telling me. In the end, it still made no sense why you broke my heart.


Even though you’ve left me all alone bleeding, tore my heart into pieces, I still can’t stop my heart from foolishly loving you.


The funny thing about exes was just when you thought you had moved past them; they would show up out of nowhere when a new love comes into your life. They will mess with your feelings and confuse you with everything you’ve thought you’ve clearly understood.


You told me you would never call me again or talk to me again, but then why are you calling me right now?


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I guess I will never stop hurting. I think I can move on and accept that you are an inevitable part of me who will forever hurt me.


Even if it hurts, don’t let go of those who love you. They might be trekking through their darkness, and you are the light they need to get through it.


Pain reminds me that the rewards of love can taste so amazing.


Along the roads of life, hurting others is an inevitable part of the journey.


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Everyone and everybody will hurt you. It’s the bitter truth about living.


You always have the option to stay or leave. Just make sure you can survive the consequence after.


Everyone who walks into your life will eventually hurt you. You have to choose the ones who are worth bearing the pain for.


The person who is wrong for you will not even think about your worth for the slightest second. That person only stays with you because you are needed and will leave you almost dead after they get everything they wanted. Do yourself a favour. Don’t accept that kind of love.


You cannot save those who want to stay inside the cages of sadness. It is not your responsibility to get them out of what imprisons them. Spare yourself from the perils of placing your happiness in the freedom of somebody else.

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When you realize that you are capable of surviving all the pain that will come to your life, it is at this time that you will start to grow up.


We are born to help each other. If you cannot help them, the least you can do is spare them from pain.


Don’t waste your time trying to get revenge. Let karma do its dirty work for you.


You have slaughtered my heart, and you have burned my soul into ashes. And yet, here I am, loving you with my entire being wide open.


I don’t want to live trying to figure out a way to hurt somebody. I’d rather spend it making myself happy.


Those who do not mum a word are usually the ones with screaming anguish inside.


Someday, you will look back on the days when we were happy, carefree, and when I was yours. Eventually, you will regret the days when you made me cry and pushed me to my knees. Someday, you will want me back, and I won’t care anymore.


I see no point anymore in loving someone who will never even spare me a thought.


The most painful of all the hurts is the torture of waiting for someone who will never return.


Everyone has their pain. It is a pain which no one will ever understand, for it is part of a memory that you only have.


The pain reminds me that I am here; I am still alive.


If you look deeper, you will find the wells of my pain brimming from within.


When someone betrays you, it is not your fault that you are hurting. There is nothing wrong with you, remember that.


My heart aches for someone I can never have here in my arms.


I’d rather forget about it. When I remember it, it just brings me a surge of immeasurable pain.


I’m terrified of falling for you. I’m scared of running around in circles and spending my nights trying to find out if you love me too. I’m afraid that in the end, all I will get from this is a broken heart.


Just because somebody is strong doesn’t mean you can just hurt them deliberately.


There is no other way but to give and get hurt if you want the relationship to work out when you love.


A dam full of tears will not heal the damage you have forever scarred me with.


What has been said cannot be undone. The hurt you have left someone with cannot be erased. The past cannot be changed once the ink has been dried. All you can do is move on and use the present to make up for your mistakes.


I’d rather be alone than be shattered by the person who means the world to me.


Ripped jeans can be mended. Torn paper can be replaced. Not a broken heart, though. The cracks never do disappear and will forever be carried for as long as you live.


You cannot blame some people for having trust issues. At one point in their lives, they have been hurt and broken beyond repair.


Right now, I may be on my knees crying and bleeding, but I won’t let this bring me down. It may take me some time, but I believe I can stand up once again – braver and stronger.


Loving is falling into the pits of pain, suffering, hurt and sacrifice.


The sad thing about the world is that when you show your heart’s trueness, people will see it as a weakness and a chance to hurt you.


There are times that you need to stop caring and turn off your heart to keep yourself from hurting.


I applaud myself for pretending not to hurt when deep inside, I am falling apart.


Can there be any more worst than being ignored by the person who is your sun and moon?


When she ultimately gives up, it only means she tried her best to the last drop and found no way of saving the relationship anymore.


I am walking on broken glasses to get where you are.


If God would give me the chance to hurt you like how you’ve broken me, I would instead use that opportunity to love you better.


I found it easier to smile through it all instead of crying in front of you all.


I thought you were the happy ending I’ve longed for…I was wrong.


Spare yourself from thinking that someone who broke you will never break you again.


Depression is the mix of everything heavy weighing upon your shoulders, and then you fall apart because you can’t take any more.


Forget those who caused you pain and focus your energy on those who love you.


Love does not hurt. It is the person you love who causes the pain.


Glass cannot be glued back together without leaving the cracks trailing behind you.


Even if it hurts, I will still run back to your arms and hand you back my heart over and over again.