Top 60 Country Love Quotes

Love is a four-letter word that inspires many humans to perform great acts and sometimes not-so-great acts that ring through history. We are all slaves to this emotion, the attraction to another, our needs, and the affections we share.
Love is both a blessing and a curse, and every single person on this earth is subject to its whims. Whether it is familial, romantic, or platonic, love reigns supreme.
Here are some quotes about love to inspire you.

Love is pain. But some people like pain, and this is why some people fall in love.

Love is a sweet fruit that rests on the top of the tree and is only gifted to those who make an effort to climb it.

You know you love this person when their happiness comes before your own.

We are fools, tainted by the idea of love that it can fulfill us, but in the end, it leaves us empty.


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Love ought not to be based on need, but it just turns out that way. We need the other, and without, we are devastated.

I want you to love me like I am a part of your skin, within your soul, and an essential part of your life.

Love is kissing forever and exhaling promises of a lifetime.

60 Love Quotes

To someone in love, a star is a beacon of hope in the sky for promises of tomorrow.

Contrary to popular belief, love is a decision made to give your heart to someone else in exchange for the other and a duty to keep it safe no matter what.

The heart is a fool for love, but our brain makes sure we keep on going.

Gentle hearts are often easily tied with a silken string.

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

Love cannot be understood by logic, for it resides in the land of emotion and not of reason.

Our senses fail to betray us when we fall in love.

Love is lonely learned by loving.

60 Sweet and Unique Love Quotes for Him

Love is a light that sets people’s hearts aflame.

Love is finding something in another person that you only thought existed in your own heart.

We play the game of love. Some lose and some win, but all in all, it’s just a game.

Dreamers fall in love with ideas, and it is often the marriage of intelligence and imagination that creates beauty.

We carry the cross of suffering as the wings of love lift us.

The best people to fall in love with our little children. They may grow up, but you’ll still love the kid in your memories.

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We must love to be.

Be thankful that though you may have lost your life, you have felt the thrill of having it in your heart.

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The hottest love affair you should have is with yourself. You fall in love with your soul, and other people will be an extension of it.

We water the plant of love with the water of affection and the sunlight of smiles.

Real Love Quotes

Love makes us brave. Love makes us strong. Love makes us love.

Love is both a cage and a sky. We fly and soar with our feelings but return home to the nest to be enclosed at night.

Only love can set us free from the realities of life.

Self-love is a romance that will last a lifetime.


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We look for love like a bee looks for a flower in the fields.

It is only when it is not there do we desperately search for love.

A house can only be called a home if love lives within.

Our love was so full we were bursting with immense affection.

True love fights, it shouts at each other, goes to bed angry but holds your hand when crossing the street, and always orders you that special sauce you like from the take-out place.

We all need love. Without it, our bodies are nothing more than muscles and bones without a heart.

Humans were made to love. Love ensures our survival. Love ensures our humanity.

There are many kinds of love, but sometimes the most genuine love you can have is for your family.

Love is a source of energy as vital as matter. It does not die but transforms into something else more beautiful than it once was.

Love is an eternal emotion, transcending death and living in generations beyond.

My heart is for many to share, for the more love I give, the more I receive.

Like a raging river, love is a formidable force that breaks through dams, tears down walls, and reshapes the very earth we walk on. But it was as gentle as a dewdrop in the morning, a tear in the eye, and the laughter of a child.

In this vast world, all we can do to connect to it is love.

Love knows that even if the sky is full of stars, there is one special waiting for you.

It so happens when one is in love. The sky is bluer, the sun is brighter, and the water is sweeter. There is nothing quite so beautiful as seeing the world in the eyes of your lover.

Kiss me sweetly when no one is looking, for it is in those furtive moments that I feel that thrill of being in love.

Fireworks and parades do not herald the arrival of love. It comes quietly, stealthily into the night, creeping into your heart when you least expect it.

Love is a pile of dry hay catching fire from a single spark of a careless cigarette.

Like the heart of the deep mountains where the diamonds lie, love has to be discovered after a lot of digging and discovery.

We love like the cycles of the moon. Gradually turning full then same as it came, it leaves slowly into a sky of nothing.

To give love is to get it back a thousand times forever.

Love is finally being able to feel complete.

My heart had often yearned for its mate only to learn that it has found one already in you.

Let us drift away into the winds of the world forever together, for our love will keep us afloat.

When we are far, our love is softened gently with memory.

Love is the very essence of the heart of life.

I feel the link of our love is stretched thin, and I am torn when you are away, then you come back to me, and I am whole again.

Being in love is being made into the air, as light as a feather, floating in a special feeling you cannot understand.

Affection is the soft caress done so naturally to a loved one’s smooth cheek.

Love is big. It is fireworks, and it is ever consuming. Love is precious. It lays a heart in your hands and asks it to be gentle. Love is a treasure. You’ll find it and see its value and worth. When you find that kind of love, you keep it and hold it so close to you it becomes a part of you forever.

Dreamless nights come when you are resting in the arms of the one you love.

Value highly those who love you despite knowing all your secrets, for that is true friendship.

It is only with love in your heart can you drive out the hatred in another.

Nothing can withstand the strength in the soul when it is in love.

Being kind to another, showing respect and gratefulness is a universal love that you must share with everyone worldwide.

Love is accepting another being as who they are and helping them become who they want to be.

There is a unique smile that comes on the lips of those who are in love.

When your heart looks out of your eyes, it can see more than right in front of it.

Falling in love is just physics. You just let gravity pull you down, and the water pulls you under.

Life is bittersweet when you have tasted a great love. Anything less tastes cheap, and you know how hard it was to find that unique flavor.

Memory is a curse one has when falling out of love. By remembering the passion and bliss, you shatter.

Give everyone love but keep some for yourself in your heart. To give it all away is to pull a shade over an entire blooming garden.

Despite the hurt, falling in love is so much fun. But when you feel it too much, you ought to know that’s the time to stop.

When love is true, one will fight to keep it alive.

No matter how difficult they may be, you still have to love your children.

When you love, you always find the good in people’s hearts and help bring out the best in them.

Love is the most beautiful vulnerability a person could have. It opens you up, lets you connect with other people, and is something to be cherished by the person who holds your heart.

The thing is, love can make people happy. It’s true! Now when you want to kill your best friend or your brother, you can think of how much you love them, and they’ll be happy they escaped severe bodily harm.

Love gives you the strength to do many things, and falling in love makes you brave.

When you care more about the other’s happiness, you know that this is a person you love.

When love lets you down, seek the comfort of your friends and a box of chocolate.

Love can be a tranquil thing as if to keep a secret to the end.

Love is a war between the heart and mind. The mind puts up walls as the heart tears them down while the body suffers this constant assault from within.

Even when I am away, always feel my love in your heart. As I have put I there, so shall it be in your keeping.

Love demands that your eyes see what is beyond the face and care most for these things that are within.

When your heart flies from your chest when you get a kiss on the cheek, you are in love.