45+ Real Love Quotes

Every little thing in life may come alive with a flick of the hand or a snap of the fingers. But how is life itself jumpstarted?

Nothing can be much powerful to fuel life than genuine love, real love, real love.

Fall in love all over again and again with these thoughts expressed by people who have real love at the tips of their fingers.

I just can’t stop looking at you and falling in love much deeply and swiftly at every glorious time.

Real love never dwells upon a person’s flaws; it embraces it wholeheartedly instead.

Sharing love stories are never enough for a person in love; they create their own love story as well.

Real love goes way beyond physical attraction.


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The cherry on top is the person’s physical looks. Real love looks deeper through the core of a mellow heart.

I would never be complete without my better half by my side.

Real love does not set standards. It slithers inside of you without any chance of judging it.

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Real love does not mind how fast or slow time flies past. It just shows on the number of wrinkles each of you can count on each other’s faces or the spread of white hair on a beloved’s crown of glory.

We do not need to look anywhere for the meaning of real love; it already manifests on how we are when we are together.

The road to real love has always been rough, but nothing would be sweeter than arriving on the arms of a beloved.

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If you think about the other’s welfare first before putting yourself forward, real love is already undeniable.

When love is real, it has no end.

Real love happens when you put your partner’s interests first than your own desires and wants.

Loving genuinely does not need any reason at all.

Doing stupid things together and laughing at them afterwards start the bond of real love.

Partners in love do not necessarily need words to express feelings. Their connection through thoughts and actions are more than enough.

Making up with the one you love makes fighting a sweet escape from the monotony of a relationship.

Real love is when a perfect partner becomes less than perfect, but then you are there to catch them from their fall from grace.

No distance can be small or great for two hearts that beat as one.

Real love always makes one a better person than he already is.

I long to find a man who will still lightens up under my caress even after years of wrinkles has suffused my arthritic hands.

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True can be felt by the quality of a touch, not by the quantity of words.

However morbid or damaged your past is, real love can sweep them up away, just as I am swept away by the beauty of your character.

Sometimes, you have to go and get your heart broken before you can realize what real love truly means.

Real love cannot be stopped by death, it can only delay it.

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People are attracted to the qualities you manifest, but they remain with you by the qualities you hold within you.

People experiencing real love have the ability of making the impossible be possible.

Real love is strengthened by pain.

Real love may be blind, but as it deepens it becomes your eye opener.

A person in pain would sacrifice everything in order to feel love and be loved again.


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Real love does not see the ugliness of a person. Instead, it encourages it to be better than it already is.

When you touch and there is a spark, when you tingle all over just because of a whisper, when you feel a jolt every time your lips touch, there is no denying that you are electrocuted by real love.

I have loved you before I saw you. It is the promise of you that strengthened my love for you.

The heart is not the only thing possessed with love. If you are in love, it runs deep into your veins and flows all over your entire body and finally washes over your soul.

Two lovers are taken by real love into one place where they would never part, and that is FOREVER.

Do not seek for real love where there is none, and never deny true when it is there for the taking.

Real love and happy endings does not come together. Real love simply does not end.

A pure and real love through a long distance relationship weighs more than a relationship based on physical desires.

You may fly beyond the clouds and never look back, yet do not forget that I am firmly standing my ground to catch you when you undecidedly fall.

I only get to feel the pangs of pain when you leave me with only your absence for a companion.

Suffering and real love often comes together, therefore you should be able to welcome both with open arms.

Like the little droplets of rain, real love manages to touch us all.

You would never guess where love begins or ends.

Add one and one then the result might be anything. Remove one from two then you will get nothing. Such is the arithmetic of love.

The body is embraced by the soul when you are in love.

You must understand real love first before attempting to find it.

The world would be a cemetery if love is abdicated.

Real love cannot be defined but by the person who is deeply into it.

Real love is the best guide you will ever have whenever you are lost in a forest of indecision.

You have to keep your eyes open during your gloomiest times, because the angel that would be sent to you is your one real love.

Never question the love that comes to you. Wait patiently for it, and when it arrives, treat it like you would treat a monarch on a visit.

When you are willing to risk everything and forsake the opinion of others who are against your love, you should follow your decision. That is real love.

Time is seldom noticed by people who are deeply in love.

There are no limits to real love.

One failure in a relationship does not signal its immediate end. Sometimes you have to allow it to fail so that it will rear back again, yet stronger this time.

No amount of worldly treasures is enough for me to trade my love for you. You are as priceless as no other gem in the world.

I only came upon love when I met you, but when distance took us apart, I came upon the essence of real love.

Whether it is a ghost or real love, still both are the talk of town yet only a handful has seen them.

You know that you are way past infatuation and deeply enmeshed in real love when make- up and nice clothes are put aside when your guy unexpectedly arrives.

Real love is a once in a lifetime chance. Do not take it for granted and cherish every bit of it.

A lifetime of loving comes after waiting for a lifetime for your one real love.

I would never want to be right again if loving you is wrong.

We learn to love a person not because he is perfection, but because you have learned to embrace his imperfections perfectly.

Things around us may change, but the one thing that would remain constant is my resistant love for you.

Real love is seen by the heart, not by the eye.

It is nothing compared to what you read in books or what you see in the movies. The only real experience of real love you can get is within the enclosure of my arms.

I would be the bee, and you my flower. For I am already contented with the sweetness you share with me and no other flower would compare to you.

My love cannot be measured by the number of times that I have said that I love you. It is weighed by how much I truly do.

I can erase all the doubts in your heart about my love for you. Just put your ear next to my heart and listen to it calling your name.

There is no blindness in real love. It sees clearly but does not mind.

If you can compromise with me without any doubts and hesitations, then I believe that real love has finally found us.

Inconvenience in real love is not uncommon. If it is indeed real love, it surpass all trials, bend without breaking, and strengthen the bond.

Trust is always the foundation of real love.

If I would be given a chance to start all over again in a new identity, I would rather much be myself still and stay in love with you.

Being able to forgive someone for a huge mistake and still love them unconditionally is a sign of real love.

I would choose to fall in love over and over again with you.

I have felt real love because of what you have and also for what you don’t have.

Words are not needed for two persons in love. One shared look, and everything would fall into place.

Time would be too long enough if I am going to spend it with someone else. Yet if it is you, a long, long time would be never enough.

No amount of force would be enough to stop me from thinking about you. And that is mainly because I would not choose to stop thinking about you.

There is no depth, no limits, no boundaries to real love.