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Depression is a hard state to be in, both for those depressed and their loved ones: their fear and indecisiveness, absolute lack of any desires, and self-pity make those people both hopelessly sad and unbearable to be around. That is why depression quotes are here to help you move forward. Sometimes only few words like quotes about depression can help a person get back to the right track.
Read on and share these depressing quotes with those in need to help them overcome these moments in life!

Depression is a curious thing. Some depressed people may look arrogant, cold, sad – anything but what they actually are.

Depression is like waking up after a nightmare, but the other way around: everything used to be fine until you woke up.

Humans are all about hope: they can endure almost anything for a surprisingly long time if they see the light at the end. However, depression is the lack of hope: that’s what makes it so hard.


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The best remedy against depression is helping someone who has a harder time than you do.

Depression is like a virus: it feeds on something and it lives on, spreading more and more across the once-healthy parts of your spirit.

Lonely in a crowd is the worst kind of lonely: seeing the people around and knowing the world is just fine without you. This feeling is when you realize you are depressed.

A depressed person is the worst kind of friend or family to have: they are grumpy, pessimistic, inactive, and they invalidate every compliment you make and oppose your every attempt at helping them. However, this is the best and noblest thing to do, and once through, you get the most seasoned, the most loyal of your friendships.

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The mental, the invisible pain is worse than the physical one: you can’t just go to the doctor and say, “I’m heart-broken, what should I do?”, get a prescription and be back to work in a week.

Just woken up and exhausted already; not saying a word because you’re afraid you’d burst into tears; stumbling and stuttering on your words? Welcome to depression.

Depression is like a prison made of your own thoughts, with walls so high and bars so hard that you can’t even dream of escaping it.

Being angry and jealous has never made anyone suffer more than the ones who feel it in the first place.

When “fine” and “nothing” are your two favorite responses to everything, it’s time you should see a doctor.

Feeling sorry for yourself is the worst habit you can ever have. So destructive it is it beats smoking, drinking, and taking drugs combined. Wallowing in self-pity destroys your mood, complexion, health, relationships, and ultimately your life. Don’t do it, ever.

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Your life really is about how you see it, and how you see it is all about your standards. Try comparing yourself to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel or a famous singer with their fame, money and beauty you don’t have. Then do it again, but this time try an ugly broke guy with AIDS.

When you learn that someone died of sleeping pills overdose, you know that in fact it was an overdose of grief and sorrow.

Your number one mistake in depression is thinking that your problem is unique and it makes you different from the rest of those happy-faced individuals. In fact, there have been millions of people who have thought the same, and some of them never realized that fact.

If you want to be healed, the first thing to do is to realize you’ve been ill in the first place. The second thing is to realize you really want to be healthy again.

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Having a mental pain is like being bruised, except a bruise disappears eventually and the pain never does. You may not even realize it until you touch it and it hurts. Depression is like touching the bruise all the time.

Grateful is the opposite of depressed, so being truly grateful for your life is the shortcut out of depression. It doesn’t work unless you try really hard, though.

Look up at a bright street light on a dark night and notice how you can’t possibly see the moon behind it even if you try. Life is the same: it takes darkness to be able to see the light.

If you rise up above the skies, even on a gloomy day, the sun is always out there, only now it is covered by the clouds.

Sometimes you need to indulge in a good cry, just like rain inevitably pours down from the heavy skies, and then the clouds get lighter and move on, reveal the sun, and seeds sprout up in the grateful earth.

Yesterday all I wanted was to die, and today I realized I only had to move a few steps forward to see life in a completely different way.

You are not depressed because you are weak, but because you had been trying to be too strong for too long.

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Depression is about hating the world as a whole and yourself in particular. The only way to treat it is to start loving yourself, and then gradually build up your love to the whole universe.

Being depressed is like saying to your teacher you don’t know anything instead of just doing the task and getting it over with.

Depression is a gift that is meant for you to hang on and think about your attitude.


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Sometimes all you need in your life is a good push, and then you go down deeper and deeper, until one day you hit the bottom and are pushed to the very top.

Being sad or depressed? Here are some good quotes to help with depression.

Get some personal space, find a hobby. Those who play golf, knit or collect coins don’t suffer from depression. There’s only one kind of work that doesn’t make you depressed: the one you don’t have to do.

The inner emptiness that some people call depression is nothing but a kind of hunger, the hunger for values, for goals, for desires.

If you try to comfort a depressed person and they don’t let you, it’s not because they think you are not worthy of them, it is rather that they are trying to protect you from themselves, from the hungry void inside them. Being comforted when you are depressed often only makes things worse, because you are reminded of how good and loving other people are, and that encourages your self-hatred. Those suffering depression can only be cured if they want to be cured with all their hearts.

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Depression cannot be described by sadness, or despair, or any other kind of emotion there is. It is not emotional, it’s rather devoid of any emotion, it is pure pain, but pain so powerful that all you feel is you’d kill for feeling at least something but this cold vacuum of your own soul.

State of mind is as common as it is unpleasant, and those who have suffered and overcome depression are willing to share their experience and advice in form of depression quotes with those who are willing to listen.

Killing yourself is not a way out of depression, it’s rather a way in… so deep you will never walk fee again.

Depression is about being stuck at some point in your life and not trying to get out of there or move on, just giving up on yourself. It’s like a huge sandbag on your neck that pulls you down the deepest ocean, and you know you’re destined to drown, rejected by your own life. You kind of want to.

Depression is a great source of creativity. Look at the classic literature: none of it is about happy people, and none of it is written by happy people either.

Depression is being held hostage by ghosts in your own mind that trick you into believing that it is you who is to blame for everything and only let you alone in your sleep, which makes it seem like you are waking up into a nightmare.

Depression makes you egocentric, limiting your world to only you, and even smaller than you: your past, and it feeds on other people’s care, hungrily, like a parasite, without leaving anything to you.

Sometimes depression is not about not knowing what to do with your life. Being fed up makes you depressed just as well as indecisiveness. You are overcommitted, overstressed, and then you end up not wanting anything at all.

Depression always stems from being sorry for oneself, and that is the result of taking yourself too seriously.

There is something addictive in depression, in being unsure, self-pity, and in getting to behave as badly as you want. This is an excuse for staying home and living under a blanket; otherwise you have to get out and do something and take responsibility for your life, and that is depressing.

Heartfelt Depressing love sayings with images

If your love has left you, do not be depressed about love walking on you. Next one is waiting for you out there.

To love some one is great feeling, but when they are not with you, don’t feel depressed. This depressing love feeling is not helping you. Find your way in something new while waiting for your true love.

Problem-solving starts inside you, you cannot blame others for what happens in your life.

You don’t have to earn depression, but you do have to work hard for your happiness. That’s why there are so many people who claim they’re depressed and not the ones who say they are happy.

Working out does not help directly with your depression, but you need your mind to start working, and the only way to do it is moving your butt.

Empathy is depression’s worst enemy, loneliness is its best friend.

It’s not bad experiences that are responsible for depression, it’s overreacting that does.

Depression is negative narcissism, binge self-hatred, obsession with criticizing yourself.

Depression is like inviting your devils for dinner and never seeing them out. This is not what a sensible person would do.

In the worst depression, the one thing everyone needs to remember that even the coldest night is always followed by day, new and bright.

Sometimes silence is the loudest scream, and “I’m fine” is the most desperate call for help.

Self-pity doesn’t help you get over a depression, but compassion does.

Light up a candle for others to see their way, and you’ll see yours, too.

depression quotes

Depression is getting stuck in the past, anxiety is getting stuck in the future. It takes courage and confidence to face the reality of the present.

Depression is as much a part of life as is happiness, joy, love, frustration, anxiety, pain, remorse, and everything else. It’s not what you’ve done that makes you unique, but what you’ve been through.