100+ Inspirational Love Yourself Quotes


They say that the biggest struggle in life is embracing, accepting, and loving ourselves, along with all our flaws and imperfections. The Love Yourself Quotes here can serve as your inspiration to love yourself even more and go on with your onward journey.


Do not ever criticize yourself. Never go around all day saying that you are unattractive or not as smart as anyone else. Remember that God was not having a bad day when he made you.


Beauty is when you can truly appreciate yourself. For when you love yourself, that is when you feel you are most beautiful.


What I am now is how I came out. I know no one is perfect, and you just need to accept all your flaws and learn to love yourself no matter what.


A dog is the only creature in this world that loves people more than they love themselves.

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Love yourself first, and then everything else will fall into place. Remember that you need to love yourself before you get anything done in this world.


Every girl should learn to love their own self, regardless of anything, for only in loving yourself that can you do anything else.


Remember to love yourself. It is just so important that you remain positive, for beauty comes from deep within.


Be strong, believe in yourself, and do what you want in life. Never judge people, and most of all, learn to love yourself first.


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If you are delighted, it is easy to give happiness. For if you don’t love yourself, you will be unhappy, and you will never learn to love someone else.


It sounds cliché, but I have also learned that you are not going to fall for the right person until you truly learn to love yourself.


You will have to love yourself first and accept all your flaws before loving other people better.


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Learn to love yourself first, and everything will surely fall into line.


You just have to love yourself first. Remember that you need to be okay on your own before you can be okay with anyone else.


If you love yourself better, then you are protecting your being. That is the secret.


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If you do not love yourself well enough, then you cannot do anything better. That is the secret to living a good life.


You should be able to love yourself because that is only when things will begin to fall into place.



If you do not learn to love yourself, you can never love anybody else, which a lot of people often forget.

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Don’t forget that loving yourself will help your focus on life and what is important. Learning to love yourself can help you to be more open and more compassionate to others.


You will never be a star if you don’t know how to love yourself.


Keep loving yourself, and keep in mind that you will remain very powerful if you genuinely believe that you are powerful.


We all are gifted in unique and important ways, and it is up to us to discover our own special light.


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This may be a broad thought but remember that loving yourself and having all the support to love yourself is actually the best thing that people can get in this world.


The New Testament is actually about loving other people as you love yourself, too. This means caring for the people around you and looking after them while being kind to them.


Becoming fully acquainted with yourself is a price that is truly worth paying for and will address all your needs.


My own willingness to remain intimate with my own thoughts and feelings can create a space for intimacy with another.


People are just like stained windows. They sparkle and shine if the sun is out. However, when the darkness begins to set in, their true beauty is revealed, but only if there is a light coming from within.


Remember always that you do not only have the right to become an individual, but you also should become one.


A girl may lack confidence and crave admiration. But she lives on the reflection of herself through the eyes of the others.


I am not bound to win, but I’m bound to remain true to myself. I may not be bound to succeed, but I can live up to what I possess.

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The most powerful relationship that you will have is the relationship you have with yourself.


The one person who can pull you down is yourself. So do not ever let yourself pull yourself down anymore.


A lot of people will overvalue what they are not while they undervalue what they are.


The most profound principle of human nature is actually the longing to be accepted and appreciated.


To stay beautiful is to be yourself. You do not need to let others accept you, but you need to learn to accept and love yourself.


Believing in our hearts and accepting who we are, is enough key to a more satisfying and well-balanced life.


You should love yourself before you try to love another person. Keep in mind that by only accepting and loving yourself fully, you will become truly happy.


You yourself, in as much as anybody in this whole world, deserve your own love and affection.


Remember that you can never build joy from a feeling of self-loathing.


A loving person is one who lives in a loving world. A hostile person is someone who lives in a hostile world. Remember that everyone you meet is your mirror.


Love is truly a great miracle cure. Loving our self truly works miracles in our life.


Loving yourself does not mean being narcissistic. It means welcoming yourself as a most honored guest in your own heart.


If you are not good at loving yourself, you will only have difficulty loving other people since you will resent the time and energy you will give that other person you love.


Self-love is not a sin. It is self-neglecting.


Love yourself and then reach for your dreams, for if you want you really want something bad enough, it begins by loving yourself.


Love yourself and learn to be proud of everything you are doing, even the mistakes you make. Even mistakes could mean that you are trying.


Learning to love yourself first will bring you more joy and peace than trying to love someone else.


Stop hating your own self for all the mistakes you made. It’s time to start loving yourself for everything that you have.

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Learning to love yourself could be the hardest thing that you will ever do.


May today be that day that you learn to love yourself enough. Let it be the day that you will start acting upon it.


Dear you, try to make peace with the mirror and then watch your reflection begin to change.


If you want to be able to soar in life, then learn to love yourself first.


Remember that it is not selfish to love yourself and take care of yourself while making your own happiness your top priority.


True love is never easy to find. Just look in the mirror and learn to love the person that you see. Soon enough, love will shine on you forever.


Love yourself first, and you will know what you truly deserve.


In order for you to learn to love yourself, you should behave in ways that you admire.


Happiness also means loving yourself and being less concerned with what others often think of you.


Love yourself enough that you never lower your standards for anyone else.


To love oneself is actually the beginning of a lifelong romance.


You should worry more about loving yourself and not the idea of other people learning to love you.


In everything, do not ever forget to love yourself.


How I feel about myself is more important than what others see in me. Feeling confident and being comfortable in your skin is actually what being beautiful really means.


Do not ever lose yourself while you try to hold on to someone who does not care about losing you.


If you truly love yourself, you will not have any enemies. People may hate you, but you are just too big to hate them back.


No one else can make you happy until you learn to love and accept yourself.


If you do not love yourself, then you cannot learn to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself, you will not be able to develop compassion for others.


There is nothing noble about being superior to other men. True nobility is actually about being superior to yourself.


Plant your garden and learn to decorate your soul. Do not wait for someone to bring you flowers.


Growth will begin when we learn to accept our flaws and weaknesses.


If you discover something about yourself that nourishes your soul and brings you joy, then care and love yourself enough to make room for it in your own life.


The day that I vow to myself to tat myself as someone I truly love deeply in my thoughts, actions, and choices is the day that I find complete happiness.


Eat like you genuinely love yourself. Act like you love yourself more than anything else and speak like you are in love with yourself.


No matter how many people believe or don’t believe in you, it would be best if you were the ultimate believer in yourself first.


Date yourself. Do not be afraid to take yourself out and eat. Do not share your popcorn at movies with anyone. Stroll around alone and fall in love with yourself.


True happiness means loving yourself first so you can share such joy with someone else.


Love yourself. Be confident. Show the people who you really are, for people will not know how to love the real you if you do not even know how to love yourself.


The truth in life is that nobody will love you more than you will ever love yourself, so it is always important that you treat yourself right.



You should remember that you can never love someone else without learning to love yourself.


First and foremost, learn how to put yourself first so that you do not get insecure by others.


When you know how to love yourself, no one will be able to make you feel inferior.


It is okay to be weird as long as you know that accepting yourself is the first thing to do.


Learn about what is hiding inside you and tame that beast, and you will learn how to control it.


Those who look inside themselves go through self-awakening and learn more about things.


There will be times when you have to put yourself first in order to survive in the chaos within.


If only you knew how powerful you are, you would take on the universe, learn to love yourself.


Every person is unique, so you might as well try to understand yourself first before anyone else tries to do so and get ahead of you.


Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for the people you love and care about.


What lies inside you is the biggest mystery of the universe so discover it by loving yourself.


There is a so-called exchange for every single thing, and for love, self-knowledge is the thing.


I think that you should be acquainted with yourself first before ever going out with someone.


Those people who know themselves know exactly what they want and when they want it.


People are amazing, for they have darkness all around them, yet they still shine all day.


If you let the darkness inside you, it will be hard to do so, so appreciate yourself more.


When all else fails, all you are left with is yourself, so you might as well learn to love it more.


Because loving yourself is no easy task, you need to get past all of your insecurities and.


The hardest thing that a person can go through is being true to himself with all his heart.


How do you love yourself when you still blame yourself for the ending of that relationship?


It is tough to be yourself when everyone is trying to be someone else, you know?


Take yourself to a higher place, in a place where no one else would be able to get to you.


It is not the voices from other people that you should listen to but the voices inside you.


You may not know it now, but the results are truly unique when you start to love yourself.


Sometimes, the only person you can rely on is yourself, so you might as well start loving it.


You get to become more confident when you love yourself because you do not seek admiration.


Stop living in your reflection in the eyes of other people and dare to be your true self.


For a moment, maybe you can take a deep breath and realize why you should love yourself.


I may not win, but as long aI will live up to what I expect s I am true to myself, I will live up to what I expect.


Most of the time, life will fail you, but you need to have it in yourself to believe you can do it.


One of the most powerful relationships you are going to have in your life is with yourself.


It does not matter what they want to call you. What you answer to is truly the one that does.


Stop being a shadow of someone else and show the world our sunshine in a bit now.


Once you start loving yourself, you will realize that the only one who can pull you up is you.


Stop pulling yourself down and just go with the flow and start to love yourself even more.


If you want to make a difference in the universe, then you need to start with yourself.


Stop thinking that you are not worth it because I tell you that you are, love yourself.


Stop overvaluing the things that you are not and value what you are and what you have now.


Do not look for other people’s affection but give enough to yourself not to crave it.


It is human nature to crave being appreciated, so I guess you can start with yourself, kid.


As long as you accept yourself and who you truly are, others’ opinions would not really matter.


A person’s entire life is mostly composed of the struggle of loving oneself and the like.


One day, when you realize that running away from yourself would do you no good, you would start to love yourself.


Do you want to know what the problem is? The issue is that you are too busy holding on to others.


Stop thinking that you are unworthy and start loving yourself for once, and things will be okay.


Look past your imperfections and value your things because that is what makes you who you are.


Listen to me. You do not need to satisfy them. Forget about them all. All that matters is you.


You deserve to be loved, and you will only realize this when you finally have some love in you.


It is not other people’s job to like you, but honestly, it is your job to like yourself.


When you like yourself, you do not care about what others have to say to you. That is it.


Your task is not to try and find love but to go inside your inner self and learn how to love that.


The best thing to do is to keep loving yourself no matter what others may think about you.


Loving yourself means that you treat yourself the way you think others should be treating you.


What most people do not realize is that loving yourself is sometimes the only thing you can do.


If people leave you because they say you have a problem, let them go. You still got you.


Whatever you may be doing right now to achieve your goals, do them for yourself and no one else.


It is never too late to become who you are meant to be, so start loving yourself now.


So maybe you can start by planting a garden in your soul instead of waiting for flowers.


Self-growth can only begin when you start to accept yourself and love your weaknesses.


Forget about conquering mountains and people. Conquer yourself first before anything else.


You only get the love you think you deserve, the love you give to yourself and no one else.


If you cannot even dare to love yourself, how can you dare to love anybody else, then?


Never allow yourself to be the made the victim. Show them what you are truly made of.


Do not let others make decisions for yourself. You are your captain, so stand up for it.


If you want to get anything done in this vast universe, you must start loving yourself now.


If you can sense how important you are to other people, you will also realize self-love.


Why do people have low self-esteem? That is because they do not love themselves enough.


Loving yourself is not selfish at all. It is a gift to offer yourself, you know, so start now, girl.


Stop worrying about what others think of you because you should have more confidence in your own opinions than theirs.


Forget about your failures and all the negative thing in your lives and keep being yourself.


Every choice you make matters,

so you might as well keep on loving yourself more today.


Let other people flatter themselves and do not focus on your faults, and love yourself.


I hope you stop criticizing yourself because it is normal to make mistakes. Love yourself even more so you can have the power to overlook such things.


The most beautiful thing you can give yourself is to love your soul and accept all of it.


The only person who will always remain by your side is yourself so enjoy being with you.


There comes a day when you do not feel okay being on your own, but you must do your best to keep loving yourself.


There will be times when you will loathe yourself so much, but now, you must love yourself.


Once you learn how to love and trust yourself, you will know more than you do now.


No one can ever be superior if no one allows themselves to feel inferior to everybody else.


The problem is that you are too busy trying to prove that you are worthless. You forget that you are worthy of love.


If no one else would accept your love, then grab it and push it back down your own heart.


The goal is never to conform but to keep being yourself despite everyone trying to be the same.


It took me a long time, but I finally got there, learning not to judge myself in everything that I do.


Once I had loved myself for enough, I began to let go of things that were not healthy for me.


I guess when you start to love yourself, you see things in a different light.


Self-pity will get you nowhere, so keep on fighting for the things you believe in.


The best way to get to where you want to go is to start loving yourself.


The change that you want to make happen must start from deep within you. That is the truth.


Others may call it selfishness, but I call it loving myself.