50+ Heartfelt Quotes

Love is a four letter word with more than four million hits on Google. If you speak to your next door neighbor, your grandparent, or even some random person off the street, chances are this person has something to say about this simple yet complicated word.

As love is a many splendored thing, here are some things you can say to the object of your affections from your own heart to the bottom of theirs. Enjoy these heartfelt quotes.

You know you are in love when the first thing you think of when waking is your lover’s face.

When you are in love, even the loudest construction noises sound like a symphony of magic.

Beyond all time, my heart shall be with you for infinity.

I will never be ashamed of the tears I have shed for they bring nourishment to the desolate desert of my heart. My pains and sorrows give newness to the dry earth and for a moment, make wild flowers bloom.


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Only through our hearts can we truly experience life. Not with human senses. Sight, touch, smell, and hearing cannot do justice, but only with all the love in your soul.

You cannot see with your eyes what is true in someone’s heart; you can only feel it.

The 60 Cute Love Quotes that Inspire

A heart without love is a garden without water. I thirst for yours.

We must, for the sake of true friendship, love. For a friend who you cannot love is merely but an acquaintance.

I would have sooner died than not have the love of those who care for me. Even in the most trying times, I always seek it, for it has sustained me when food and drink could not.

Inspirational Quotes About Love

I’ll never regret ruining our friendship by showing you my love. I do, and always will, and sometimes it is too great not to be said.

We always fear not having enough time with the people we love. But it is not about how much time but how much love was shared. If only for a moment I was able to show you my tender affections, I would live the rest of my life in satisfaction.

Never say goodbye, for the heart can be strong enough to transcend through time and space.

A good love is like a well preserved wine. As it gets better with age, the value increases, and it becomes a more cherished addition to any party or dinner table.

60 Quotes about Love

Every day is a blank page and I fill it each night with poems of how much I love you.

There are different kinds of love but the love that lasts is love that comes only once in a lifetime.

If I were an astronaut, I would look for you each day on earth and send you shooting stars to make all your wishes come true.

As time passes and eyesight fades to gray, I shall always know you are beautiful because I know your heart.

There is a special love where two people with their own beating hearts meet and end up having one soul.

At the lowest point of your life, you will never be alone. Somewhere out there is a person who loves you without you knowing.

Silence is not a sign of a lack of conversation. Sometimes it is when the hearts have a perfect alliance and words are not needed.

Love is often times an illusion of what you want to see. But then sometimes when you see love, it is magic.

My heart beats faster when you are near; your presence a source of energy to my tired soul.

My heart has grown so big with its love for you that it has conquered cities, moved mountains, and crossed all borders just to be with you.

When you gave your heart to me, I was given the key to eternal happiness.

Our love is like modern art. Not everyone will understand it, some will not like it, and others will try to buy it but at the end of the day it will have our name signed at the bottom.

Lead my heart to yours. Take my hand and I will follow. We shall dance the lover’s tango.

Real Love Quotes

The heart will always find a way to heal through disappointment and betrayals, and it that strongest heart that will give the most love to one who will deserve it.

A heart is a human organ that will die, but our love is nestled within our soul and will live forever.

Love on its own is nothing without the heart, the hand, and the head to guide it to its destiny.

I cannot describe how I know I love you but when the butterflies in my belly flew me to heaven, I knew I was yours forever.

I will give you my heart even though I know you’ll break it because in between that period, I will know what it feels to have a one great love.

Love is a legend and only those who are brave enough to feel it in their hearts are called heroes.

I am most alive when I am in love. My heart beats faster, my mind races, my hands shake in anticipation. Make me live by letting me love you.

Having love for someone is one way, having someone love you is another. But to have those loves together is a splendid thing.

Your love is a treasure meant to be safeguarded inside my heart.

My heart did not know it meant to love until it had fallen for you.

I try to add up all the lovely things, subtract all the pettiness, multiply the joys, and divide the sorrows. I come up with nothing, for my love for you cannot be understood by any known means of science.

Give your head a rest and not analyze falling in love. Only the heart understands that it is quite beyond all logic.

Thoughts of you loving me make all my nights full of pleasant dreams.

You have given meaning to my otherwise dull life. You are the color to my dull gray skies.

I take a step forward each day knowing that I will eventually reach your heart.

It hurts when you are not near, but when you are with me, I inhale the sweetest air.

I give out little bits of my heart to each person I meet knowing that my little seeds are becoming a flower of love in their lives.

True happiness comes from something paid for by love from the coin purse of the heart.

I never knew how it was to truly smile until you gave me your heart.

It is not stealing when given freely. Take my heart, take my life, take all of me. I am yours forever.

Never pursue love for it will only make you weary. Rest and find peace within your heart and it shall alight upon you gently like a sweet morning dew.

When you love someone, you always want their hearts filled with happiness and in turn, fill yours.

I’ll always feel affection for you in my heart even when you haven’t had your first cup of coffee.

My tasteless life is flavored by your tea of love at breakfast, at noon, at teatime, at supper, and at night.

The love we have in our hearts could start a fire that will last through time.

Anything your heart desires, my heart shall wish it to be yours.

I’d rather spend an evening with you at home than away without you alone.

Our bodies age slowly as time passes but my heart stays young eternal from loving you.

The love I have for you in my heart is like rose colored glasses that make the world a brighter color.

I never truly saw you until my heart met a kindred spirit. I thought I knew what it felt to love, but I never truly did until I met you.

I want to love you and keep you in my heart until the last breath I take.

The brain is the dullest and most ignorant thing when faced with love. It is there that the heart shines and figures out what to do.

Kisses are all well and good but it is when you hug me and my heart is close to yours that I feel most alive.

You, baby, are always on the top of my list. How you can you be anywhere else when it is your heart that beats in my chest?

I can love you but not like you, and that’s okay. Sometimes the brain and the heart have different priorities.

I never knew true fear until I fell in love. And I faced it by falling even harder despite knowing that I will shatter in the end.

A heart in love is a fountain of happiness.

Death is not the worst thing that can happen. It is living when everything inside you is dead from heartbreak.

My heart burns with passion fierce and strong as long as you love me.

I do not wish to know who your heart has loved in the past. All I care about it that it became stronger and is busy loving me.

I hear music in your laughter, I see starlight in your eyes, I touch velvet on your skin. The heart makes wonders out of love.

My heart is grateful. My heart is full of thanks. My heart is full of love.

One can never hate as long as the heart is full of love.

I was tired and weary, trudging through life until you save me with the gift of your heart and quenched me with the water of your love.

I bow to you, great master of love, for it is you who has taught my heart to beat again.

When I am in love, exercise is not necessary for each day of loving you, my spirit bounces and leaps as if it were performing in a circus.

It was with a smile that my heart was caught, and it was with a laugh that my soul was bought.

I can remain silent all day listening to your voice filling my heart with love.