Top 60 Fake Love Quotes


It hurts more than rejection. It stabs more than unrequited love.
Nothing hurts more in this world than pretentious and fake love.
It has taken over the world. It exists like a trend taking over society.
Take a closer look at these quotes and learn about the truths of fake love:


I’d rather be lonely and alone than to be loved without an ounce of heart.


’You are the one.’ He said. My heart says otherwise. Can I bear to see him fall apart in front of my eyes?


Hurt me with those sharp and spiked words. Spare me from the poison of your honey lips and dirty dishes.


Whenever I am with you, I’ve never felt so alone, barren and tattered.

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’I love you is beyond doubt such a tricky word. It can be uttered ladled with lies, guilt and without authenticity.


I fell in love with his ways, his smile and his flowery words. I fell in love with everything which he is not.


I thought you loved me. I thought you made me feel special. I thought there was something between us – but everything was just all in my head.


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No one told you to love me, so why did you make me feel like you did?


How can you hurt the person you love dearly? How can you bear seeing the one you love cry and break down in front of you? That’s when I realized…you never really loved me.


Being loved by someone who never really did is like swimming in a nasty pool – it will eventually kill you before you realize that the water is toxic.


Because of your fake love, I learned to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, what I deserve and what I don’t.


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Please don’t come running to me when you need someone to hold you. When I was there for you, loving you with all my heart, you threw away my love and disregarded my existence.



I don’t know how you can smile at me so sweetly and call my name so softly when deep inside your heart; I know that you don’t have a single drop of affection for me.


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There was nothing as lifeless as your blue eyes when you said you loved me.


I must say, your timing is truly impeccable. When I needed someone to love, you were there. You opened your arms to me and drank the affection I have so generously poured into your lips. Now that I am breaking apart, where are you? Where are you when I need someone to love me and hold me?


You gave me gifts and touched my hands when no one was looking. You swept me off my feet when I was at my most vulnerable. You broke the walls that I’ve stacked up so high when you kissed me. Now, you are doing the same thing to another. How can you be so cruel?


Yours is a heart made of stone that shattered my heart delicately made of glass to pieces.


Whilst the fact that you never really did love me, I can never really wish you ill. All I hope for you is that you learn how much it hurts when you are broken by someone who truly loved you so.


I wonder who you saw when you held my gaze and said, ‘I love you.’


It may be fake and pretentious, but your cowardice taught me how to be brave on the battlefields of love.


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I don’t need you to add scars to my already battered heart.

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You never really loved me. I know. And yet, I kept hoping that someday my love might be able to thaw your frozen heart.


I don’t know how you did it. I don’t know how you can go to lengths and never truly love someone and spend every minute of every day with her. I don’t know how I was fooled. I didn’t know my heart could be so stupid.


You are one mean and terrifying lesson I will never forget.


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My best memories are those who have you in it – pretending to love me, whispering sweet nothings to me half-heartedly and making me believe that I am special.


Fake love is like drinking too much then waking up the following day with nothing but a nasty hangover and pain everywhere in your body.


The pain you have inflicted upon my fragile heart taught me the lessons of true love and the fact that I will never get it from you except a fake and pretentious one.


You painted colours on my canvas. I thought they were pretty and vibrant until I discovered the lies behind them.


My heart has been beaten for your fake love. What more if you loved me genuinely?


I wonder how many have fallen for your hypnotizing eyes. I wonder how many have fallen victim to your love which is nothing but a bed of lies and nails. I wonder how I could have lost for all of that.


Will I ever recover from the cracks and broken bones which your hollow love has left on every layer of my skin?


The roots of my heart have been watered by your lifeless words and nourished by thick lies. No wonder it’s all rotten and ruined now.


It’s like someone has fired a shot right in front of you, and you did not move away from the line of fire.


You hid behind your bejewelled mask of sweet and empty nothings. You wore a fancy dress laced with pretend. You bewitched me with your wicked smile and took me to a lie of wonderland.


God knows how much I loved you. He also knows how you faked it all along when your words said otherwise.


I know that pain comes with loving, but why did it have to hurt this much even though yours wasn’t real?


That’s why I’ve felt hollow, lonely and deserted because, in the first place, you’ve never really truly loved me anyway.

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Are you sure you want to know how broken I feel inside? Are you sure you are ready to see how much I’m dying because of your deceit and insincerity?


When I’m gone, please don’t go chasing after me. I will not go back to someone who tore me apart with fake affection.


Your phoney love stirred me – how foolish was I to have believed all that?


My gain, your loss – I can never get anything from something as plastic as your love.


Nothing can compare to the pain your stupid, foolish and fake love have wreaked upon me.


Even if I know the truth that it’s not real, I still choose to love you nevertheless. I was hoping for the hopeless that someday your love for me would turn real.


You made me understand that I should watch over my heart carefully, especially for that kind of love that would never get me anywhere.


I held you up when you were broken. You leaned on me when you needed someone the most. Now I am asking you to go with me, and you left me to travel to this road all by myself without a word.


Do I have to learn it the hard way? You could have just left me in the rain alone in the place. Now, I don’t know how to move on from this heartbreak.


I thought I found love when you walked into my life. I was wrong. I found only pain and suffering from your plastic love.


Plastic is never suitable – in particular when it comes to love.


More than anything in this world, I want to hurt you for what your fake love has done to me. More than anything in the universe, however, I want to keep on loving you despite it all.


I didn’t know that a sword made out of plastic could sting this bad.


You made me understand that it’s okay to be alone than be loved without a heart.


I want to explore the silence. I want to find out if there’s even an ounce of real love you’ve felt for me.


If it’s not real love, then what is it? Did you only come to pluck the strings of my heart and cut it off as soon as you get bored of me?


Even if you filled me with your false love, it felt like I was alive; I could soar above the skies. What more if I am truly loved? I wonder where my heart can take me.


From the very first time you held my hands, I knew that it was without heart. I refused to see until I could no longer un-see it. Your heart will never be mine.


You are the criminal with a list of unsuspecting victims you lured to their ruin with your phoney love.


Fake is the new trend. You faked everything, even your love, with your lies. Is there anything real left inside of you?


The only real thing I’ve felt from your fake love is the disaster that it has inflicted upon my poor heart.


Even if it is love from you, fake and pretentious is something I don’t need in my life.


I hope to wake up one day from this nightmare that you’ve brought upon my dreams with your lies and plastic.


I wonder how you go to sleep at night knowing that all you’ve said to me all day has not a whisper of truth in it.


You’ve got red lips of flame, sharp eyes like a devil and a spell I can’t shake off from my system. I knew you were wrong for me. I know you will get me nothing but trouble. Still, my stupid heart said, ‘go for it.’


The only fault I have with this thing between us is that I am foolish enough to believe every word that has fallen from your lips.


The measure of my incredible stupidity is that I believed that what you had for me was real.


Someday, I hope never to meet anyone like you who is fake and incapable of truly loving.