40+ Heart Touching Quotes

Love always touches the heart, it touches the soul, and it touches every fiber of our being. It is a feeling that once it has latched onto you, you can never get rid of it unless you take your heart out.
Here are some quotes that could touch the very mechanism of your heart.

Love is an unstoppable force that wakes the heart up whenever you are with that special someone.

Whenever you are near, I cannot almost find my voice. I am just hoping that when I look at you, my eyes would speak for me.

Just a simple sound of your voice is enough to make me tingle all over, and just one look from those beautiful eyes could make me go crazy.

You should love me without any limits, without any fear, without changing me, and without any demands.


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Consider our relationship as the start of our journey towards infinity without any endings.

I may be miles away from you, but always remember that I am forever by your side.

You have made a home inside my heart and you have grown there. I know that we would never be apart.

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You are my everything, from your words that has become my food, and from your breath that has become intoxicating liquor.

If one smile from you to me could be transformed into stars, then I might as well be holding up the entire sky.

I do not want to live without you, so if you would live for a hundred days, I want to live for only ninety nine.

The most beautiful dream I ever had in my life is when I loved you.

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I know that you want to share everything to me, but my favorite is the love you shared.

I function superbly because of you, my senses are sharper, and my heart beats a little bit faster.

When you whispered your words of love, it was my heart which caught it. When you kissed me, it was not my lips which felt it but my soul.

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I love you with all the life I have inside of me, from every tear I shed to every smile I beam.

Our lives are meant to be lived by expressing, and not by impressing others.

The feeling one has when love has struck them is the feeling of being in heaven.

We always think that love is magical. Yes, it is, indeed, but magic is also just a fantasy.

A coward is the one who, without any permission, touches a girl.

Our appearance might change our personality, but only the best behavior could change your life.

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A person’s success is great to see in public, but once you fail, it would be like being slapped in public too.

There are no standards when it comes to love. It happens for everyone regardless of age, gender, and race. It happens to all.

The meaning of a beautiful life for me could never be equated in words. I will just lean my head on you and give them a smile.

Cherish and love the people in your life while you can, for you cannot say when their time would be up and they would leave you for good.

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We are always together but we are doing nothing, but let me tell you that all these nothings have more meaning to me than anything.

I would do anything to protect my heart, because I know that you are encased inside.

There are a lot of times that I am confused, but you cleared everything up. I was sad but you cheered me up, and I was betrayed but you showed me how to trust again.

I never asked for so many blessings from God, yet here you are right beside me, and you are more than enough.

I would not ask anything from anyone, because you are the one who complete my life, and you are the one that could give me the love that I need.


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I need not tell you the intensity of my love for you, because I would rather show and prove it to you.

Even blindness seems like a good option if I cannot see you anymore. I would rather be mute than never say to you that I love you.

Deafness is much more preferable than not hearing anything from you ever again.

I do not want to leave this world because I know that you will be sad. But I would rather die if that would mean that I could watch over you.

I may not able to change your life completely, but I just want you to know that you have changed mine towards the better.

I do not want to see you cry ever. I do not want to leave you forever. Just know that the day that I will leave you would be the day that I would die.

The coldness of winter is swept away by the warmth of your hand, the summer heat is blown away by the coolness of your breath.

You may have hurt me over and over again but I did not learn to stop loving you because I do not want to.

God may not have answered all my prayers, but He sure did answer one which could make everything better, and that is you.

Losing you is never an option, so I would give everything just to have you, I would fight to death just to be with you, and I will search high and low just to see you.

I know that you are not mine, but I just wish that there would come a time that I could call you mine.

When I die and I cannot see you in heaven, I will wait for you. And if you are never meant for heaven then I would follow you even through hell.

I know that you can live your life without me by your side. I know that you can survive without my love. But know that I will always be here, the loving stranger you will always meet.

I have gone through a lot of heartaches, pains, places, names, and faces, but now that you are here my search is finally over.

Whenever you are sad, I am here to hold you tight. Whenever you feel lonely, I here to be your company. I would be here for you for my entire life and for yours too.

They say that magical things only exist in fantasy. But they have never met you, and you could make all the magic come true.

I have undergone all manner of hardships. I have shed buckets of tears and tore my heart into pieces so many times. But all of these I did not regret because it led me to you.

The best love story ever told is not Romeo and Juliet, but the love story of every old couple who had survived the test of time.

Love acts like a rubber band that when you let go of the other end, the other would be hurt badly.

We are responsible for writing our life’s love story, and only we could decide on what to write in its pages.

I love you always; you should remember that, so keep my heart in your hands.

You have broken my heart too many times, but I still keep on loving you despite everything.

Time lets your love grow stronger no matter the distance and the circumstances.

I need someone who will be with me to watch the stars, not necessarily give them over to me.

You will someday meet someone who will only look at your future together instead of dwell on your past.

Our souls are made up of something we cannot ever know, but I just know that ours came from the same material.

Nothing is for free nowadays, even with love, you have to pay the price of your heart.

Once you get closer to someone, the moment a sight change in their behavior occurs, you would get hurt.

I would always be there for you, even if no one else would be.

I do not like sharing, especially when it comes to you.

You may be physically beautiful, but it is nothing compared to being beautiful on the inside.

You were always my priority, so please do not make me one of your options.

Loneliness ha s been a constant companion, so I am never lonely.

I just wish that I would have the strength to ignore you, just like the way you have done to me.

Trust is essential in every relationship. If you do not have it, then do not continue the relationship anymore.

You cannot make any changes to the past. You can remove anything that has already happened. The only thing you can do is accept everything and keep moving on.

I really need someone who could change the course of my life, not just the status of my relationship.

You just never know, but there is someone out there who has always cared for you without you noticing.

Just a simple hug from you could beat a thousand words of comfort anyone would utter.

Your heart usually takes more time to heal than your mind.

Feeling in love could bring out the real colors of a person.

A fulfilled person could reach their state of satisfaction if they have made something beautiful that only the heart could see.

Just hold my hand in yours and take me wherever you want to go.

Even though you have hurt me a lot of times, I still have the hope that someday you will realize my worth.

Love is never impossible to be felt even by those who have been badly hurt.

It is not the motion that counts in love. It is the quality of the ride.