60+ Feeling Quotes

The best feeling one could ever have may be love. Love may hurt us deeply sometimes, but it also inspires us and makes us grow into better persons.
The following quotes are full of these beautiful feelings that you can share with the people you love.

I want to be kissed badly but only by someone who knows how to do it.

I want you to know how strong my love is still for you even after half a century, and I am glad I have been given the opportunity to say it right now.

The very cells of my body are in chaos because of my feelings for you.

You have a habit of happening to me over and over again.


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The moment I saw you I never had a moment of hesitation. You are the reason that I live and I love you for that.

What love means to me when I say I love you is entirely different from what other men think it means.

I would rather love you and lose you than never love you at all.

60 Love Quotes

The wealth of the earth doubled just for our love, and even the winds grow warm because of us.

I could never contain my feelings for you because they are struggling to the surface, so let me tell you that I love you.

Whatever spring does to the cherry trees, I also want to do it to you.

The only pearl that you will find in life is the feeling of love and being loved.

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

There is no other woman that I want to love but her that I cannot even eat or drink.

You know that you are in love when you want the other person to be happy just so you can be happy too.

There are some things that show how destined we are to love each other.

The 60 Funny Love Quotes

Cupid was painted with no eyes because love does not see through the eyes.

Nothing is ever needed to show why you love a person. You are loved because you are loved.

Once you feel love, there is no way out of it. You can ignore and muddle it, but never part from it.

I would give my life for you but I would never live all because of you.

The way I fell in love with you is like the way you sleep; slowly closing your eyes at first then all together in an instant.

The way I love you is just like the way a man loves a woman without touching her.

Baby that’s just I love you so much

As long as there is someone who loves you, you should not dwell much on how you look or who you are.

I have come to love you with my entire body as well as my soul, and I cannot bear to part from you.

He loved her at first sight, and then loved her at last sight until every sight he sees of her.

I wish someone would love me up until the point of madness.

Family Love Quotes

You should not let love sit still in a corner; it has to be remade and retouched and warmed until it feels new again.

A person who is unable to love is experiencing hell in its true form.

When you love someone, you also make him one of a kind and exceptional.

Humans were made to love everyone around them who deserves to be loved.

Even though you still love me, I know that I am not enough for you because you fell in love with another woman.


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There are so many feelings that we feel in our journey through life but life surpasses them all.

A man who never cries can never be a human; so I would not trust him.

In everything you do, it must be done with feeling.

When you feel gratitude you should express it; just like when you wrap a gift, you also have to give it.

The bad feelings that we experience show us where we stand exactly.

The moment we discovered the feeling that we have, we would always want that feeling to be integrated in our lives.

No one writes better than someone who has felt and exposed himself to all feelings.

When you transform your feelings into actions, you will feel the greatest joy of all.

All creations by humans were made out of feelings and longing.

Not all things that we consider important are tangible, like feelings and love.

No one has ever honored feelings; they may be celebrated and loved yet never honored.

The weak only fight with disrespect to avoid their unwanted feelings.

Even revenge can never quench your feeling’s thirst just like saltwater can never quench your dry throat.

Some men who grew cold over the years actually have sorrows that people around him never know.

You would only be reactive to the world once you have felt deep sadness.

Remembering memories is a lot easier through feelings.

When you consider the feelings of others, your good manners are working for you.

Sensation is the masterpiece of life, even feeling pain because we can feel that we exist.

Whatever we make ourselves feel runs our life. If we want to feel happy or sad, the effort required is the same.

The heart has an instinct that nothing else could disprove.

You have to feel first what you want others to feel too.

Feeling useful and doing well for others surpass all the sentiments in the world.

Logical feelings are dangerous as well as the man who has rationalized them.

Making yourself feel something you do not feel can never happen, but doing right despite of your feelings can be done.

The most wonderful things in the world are felt and are intangible.

Knowledge and wisdom spring forth from the soil of fertile emotions.

If you are not passionate about what you are arguing for, then you only think about the argument.

Saying the truth about what you feel is almost as hard as saying what is not true with your feelings.

Feelings felt long before history is more powerful than reason itself.

Knowing that someone is happy because of you is the best feeling in the world.

You would feel more intense feeling for someone you are hiding your feelings from.

A long time may pass before I can see you but every second I always think of you.

The purest form of love in the world is a mother’s love for her children.

A smiling face hides a toughness that could frighten anyone who knows about it.

Friendships last longer than love does.

If you love someone you have to tell them than to let your pride in the way and regret the rest later.

You have to be careful about the words you tell someone because you might forget them but they never would.

I want to forget the moment you walked away from me and start again from the day I met you.

I promise to be the reason you smile each morning and never the reason you cry at night.

We cannot stop our feelings from coming but we can choose the one we want to last.

People who never value your feelings do not deserve to have them.

I could not believe how others could think of themselves while disregarding other’s feelings.

People come and go in my life, yet I still could not decide who to trust and who is just wasting my time.

There things that I thought do not matter at all yet I still feel sad when I think about them.

When you feel passionate about something, you never stop until you have it.

The day may end but still know that my heart belongs to you.

I prefer keeping my feelings to myself to avoid making everything else worse than it already is.

You were nothing to me when we first met, and then my feelings for you grew and now I cannot stop loving you.

There is always one person we think of before we fall asleep.

You have no idea that you have hurt my feelings, and when someday you never wonder why I am gone, I would not be surprised.

I am seeking for a reason to smile yet again.

Strong people may be tough on the outside but are actually full of feelings inside.

Sometimes I feel empty no matter what I am feeling.

I seldom trust people so that no one could get near enough to hurt me.

The love that I need is something that I cannot live without and not something that I can just live with.

People may feel differently towards you but all that matters is your true beauty inside.

Analyze a person’s situation first before judging them; just because they did that does not mean you are right.

The worst feeling in the world is finding out that you do not matter to your beloved anymore.

Time would come that you will realize that the thing you are working hard for is not worth fighting for anymore.

Our eyes can be closed to things we do not want to see yet our hearts can never close to the things we do not want to feel.

Think about how you treat others because it is a reflection of what we think about ourselves.

Pretending to love someone you really don’t love is easier than not loving someone you really love.

The person I think about before I sleep is the one I really love.

I wish I could read your feelings so I would know if I am wasting my time.

You can never fake your feelings no matter how hard you try.

Positive thoughts begets positive feelings.