50+ Flower Quotes

Flowers are the most common gems that beautify the physical world. Read on these beautiful flower quotes to find out how they uplift everyone’s spirit, entice the people’s eyes, and bring the most wonderful and natural odor to the Earth.

If only God has not forgotten to put souls into the sweetest things: the flowers.

Look at the Earth laugh, and see flowers bloom forth.

Roses are more exquisite to have around our necks than diamonds.

The people from other planets without flowers must think that we are ecstatic with joy, having these things around us all the time.


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I do not prefer any flower, only those which are wild, natural, and at liberty.

Those flowers embellish our surroundings, from the sidewalks to the fields. They cheer us with their beauty and kiss the bay of the brooks and the lips of the wells.

We will have hundreds of flowers if we would not pick them and only touch them.

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The flowers caught the sound of the temple bells when they stopped ringing.

The wonderful fragrance of flowers would rather defeat me than by anything else.

Any worldly treasure could be outshined by the most beautiful things scattered around us, the flowers.

Even the books take second place against the flowers for the satisfaction of seeing them at my window every morning.

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Every flower enjoys the air that it breathes.

The exquisiteness of flowers can even break through the hardness of mountain rocks.

The fragrances of the flowers are their feelings. Like humans, they release the sweet perfume of their feelings at night when they feel most deeply at liberty.

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When Summer descends to Earth, the kisses it leaves on the surface become dainty flowers.

The moment you hold a flower in your hand, you cannot help feeling delighted, coming into contact with a cool stem with your hot fingers.

Violets blooming at your feet are there to comfort you, for God awakened them at the right time that you needed them.

To soothe solace into humanity, God created flowers.

We should never pluck the flowers at the sidewalk, for they are a traveler’s comfort.

Humans are not the only ones who express their feelings. When you look at flowers, some seem smiling, others look sad, and others are honest and upright.

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I will give anything to walk in a fragrant garden of beautiful flowers during sunrise.

Life has always been eternally seductive, as manifested by the flower, the poetry of reproduction.

How cruel life can be when humans celebrate important occasions though killing living beings like flowers and giving them to each other.

The most fragrant flowers never showcase themselves to passers-by. They are hidden under a cool shade just like us humans; we only show our most profound feelings to those closest around us.

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The intoxicating scent of flowers never fails to delight me.

Having a captivating smell is essential for flowers, and if it lacks just this quality, it is far from perfect.

Even in the death of flowers, they still manage to scream the beauty of nature to the entire world.

The colorful flowers are the little rays of sunlight that cheer us when our thoughts are consumed by darkness.

There are no worries about a flower. They turn their faces towards the sun and bloom and become beautiful.


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I wish I were a bee so that I could make use of every flower’s beauty.

Roses can make the spirit jump as though it has received a heavenly message.

Just a single piece of calycanthus hidden in your dress could make you smell like the spices of Arabia all through the night.

As the flower confides in the artist, its stems are gracefully bending, and their colors carefully capture the deep intensity of their feelings.

The flower’s perfume is its own silent speech of the gods, a language of rainbows and sweet silence.

The most beautiful soul blossoming in nature is a flower.

Even the most powerful lord could wilt under the glance of a pretty flower.

The rose cannot be questioned with its right to monarchy, as violet is the flower of every poet.

The flowers can also feed the soul as the bread can provide the body.

The dandelion would be most welcome in anybody’s yard if they are hard to grow.

Even though amidst an expanse of darkness, Flowers work like fireworks, they can still brighten the gloomy mood.

I became a painter because of the flowers’ beauty, so I owe it all to them.

There are no seasons where the late winter and early spring flowers are ever out of my heart.

Look at the flowers. The point of their stems is like colorful arrows pointing towards the sky.

How can you imagine a world where humans do not know flowers?

These fragile blossoms that brighten up the ground could lift an entire person’s heart.

The contradictory characters of the flower give its appeal; it may be vital in fragrance yet delicate, it may be small but has beauty like no other, it may live short but has a lasting effect.

Dancing under the sun with wildflowers crowning my hair refreshes my soul.

Even when behind the clouds, the flower that follows the sun would still do so even on a cloudy day.

Despite its stagnant situation, I believe a flower still yearns to be carried away to places where it can meet more of its kind.

The enduring of the gentle rose could be seen after the rain when all the pink buds are bending ragged and soft.

Flowers are a mystery to humans. I believe that they are the hieroglyphs of angels, which only a few people could decipher and discover their meaning in fragments.

When you see a flower bending down its head, it is an angel who steeped over it, skipping around in glee.

The Big Bang may have created the stars, but what of the flowers?

If ever I would get to meet God, I would thank him for giving us flowers.

You do not have a soul in bloom when you are never excited by a flower in spring.

God has shown His love for the flowers through creating soil. Men have shown their love of flowers through the creation of vases.

Flowers are a stern contrast of nature; they are like music heard from a busy factory.

Flowers are the extras in our life. They adorn our lives, despite already having all our needs with us.

I do not need an expensive bouquet; just a few hand-picked flowers by the person I like are more than enough.

Desire is the scent of human flowers because we humans also grow like flowers.

Even a little child could understand the language of flowers.

Try smelling flowers in the dark; you get a whiff of their soul just then.

I prefer painting flowers to human models; they are cheaper and do not move.

Flowers are considered the jewelry of the gods.

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The contribution of the beauty of the flowers quotes that the world would be dull and lifeless without them.

Dark moments bear fruit flowers.

From the ground rises the music of the Earth’s lips: the flowers.

Most people do not appreciate flowers. Some just step on them. They give me a living. I paint them.

There is no use for bouquets given to dead people. It would do a lot of good to hand around compliments to those who are alive and kicking.

The weeds that we pluck most often grow delicate flowers when transplanted.

Flowers do blush, although unseen.

Plenty of flowers are around for people who want to see them.

The flower that is not often looked upon fades.

Flowers may wilt and die now, but buds are still on their core, waiting to bloom next year.

I can live without food, but not without flowers.

When night comes, the flowers rejoice. Their scents are raised in silent music of praise.

When the soul grieves, a flower could give comfort hidden from its leaves.

Whenever we inhale the sweet scent of flowers, we feel young and rejuvenated again.

Hope blooms when flowers bloom.

The soul of every flower opens out to nature.

The beauty of flowers leaves me breathless and shuts my imagination.

Love’s truest language is the flowers.

I am most satisfied when I hold the flower in my hands than just observing it. I have grown enough flowers in my garden for my children to pick.

Sometimes it is more painful to remain tight as a bud than open up like a blossom.

I wish I had a name that would sound as sweet as the scent of flowers.

Look into the edges of the petal; it is where true love waits.

Even though alone beneath the light, the lily stands erect and purer than any of you.

Stop, stop, and take time to smell the roses.

Philosophies are as varied as the flowers in the field; some are weeds and even poisonous ones.

No one taught me this intense psychological desire I feel whenever I see flowers.

Plant an iris on my tomb when I die so that the Goddess would be there to guide me towards the Elysian Fields.

A plant’s highest achievement is having a flower, which is here first and foremost for our delight.

If you want to feel trouble and sad when nothing else would then look into the sad fate of the flowers.

The world without flowers is like a face without a smile.

Flowers are the stars in the Earth, just as stars are the flowers in heaven.

If I only had a few flowers, some books, and a few pictures, I could live my life throughout.