Funny Work Quotes

We are human, and we work so we can make a living.
Indeed, work isn’t easy.
You may enjoy it at some point, but it’s still hard and tiring in a way.
But as we face the stress we get from work, we should also learn to smile and shake it off and just enjoy life.
So let these funny work quotes add a smile to your day.
We can’t be serious every day; sometimes, we need some humor to get us back on track.
Enjoy reading!

Funny Motivational Work Quotes

When you get a job, the work environment isn’t all happy and sunny. Sometimes the work can be overwhelming, and the toxicity in your work community can be unbearable. But as stressful as it may seem, there’s surely a bright side to it. Being optimistic about something really lifts your spirit up. So below are funny motivation quotes that can help you stay focused and stay loose.


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Work would be a lot better if I didn’t have to worry about toxic colleagues. Good thing my boss sees the good in me and appreciates me more than them.

Getting up to start the day is really tiring. It almost makes you want to cry because you want to sleep more throughout the day. Then you suddenly realize you have bills to pay.

Your colleagues might be a pain sometimes, but they still make you smile at random times.

Don’t be arrogant to think that your boss is stupid; remember, you wouldn’t have a job without him.

It’s funny how my colleagues see our work as a competition, and he works his ass off more to be recognized where all I ever want is to work, go home, and get paid.

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I may be in my office, but God knows how much I daydream about the beach and going to the spa.

I go to work to earn, to be inspired, and to see you.


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I don’t need double pay on holiday. I need a double holiday. Make it triple!

If you think that nobody likes you at work, remember that coffee has always been your best friend.

Funny Spring Quotes

If you love your job, then weekdays excite you more than weekends do.

Don’t worry if you’re late to work. It’s not as bad as being absent.

Thank you, God, because I am alive, I have a job, and I have money. And thank you, God, because it’s Friday!

I’m still hopeful for the miracle of being excited to come to work every day.

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I don’t entirely think about my happiness at work. Most of the time, I think about the bills I need to pay and my stomach to feed.

Dear salary, please come back soon. I really need you, and I can’t stop thinking about you. Sincerely, employee.

I don’t mind when my haters in the office backstab. It’s actually flattering even. That way, I’ll know how to annoy them more with my existence.

If your boss is scolding you, take it professionally and positively, not personally and negatively.

I’m excited to come to work every day because I’m excited to see you.

That awkward moment when you’re browsing for part-time jobs and your boss is standing right behind you.

Let’s learn to accept criticisms professionally when we do something wrong because that’s the right thing to do.

You’re so happy to go to work today, and you’re in a good mood because, thank God, it’s Friday!

If you know you’re going to be late, then don’t take a long shower.

It’s a lot safer if you trust people less. There are more traitors in the workplace than you think.

If you like to procrastinate, then I’m pretty sure you’re more productive when the deadlines are near.

When it’s time to go home, then go home. There’s no use staying to work more when you don’t have overtime pay.

Learn to love yourself first before you make selfless sacrifices for your work. Otherwise, it can make you insane.

I don’t care if my colleagues steal my ideas. It just saddens me that they’re too incompetent to think of original stuff.

Always know what you’re doing, and if you don’t, just be confident about it. Otherwise, your boss might fire you for your incompetence.

There is no such thing as the elevator to success. You have to take the stairs, one step at a time.

When you can see your favorite colleague getting weary with work, try to cheer him up, and it’ll also cheer you up in return.

If you think you can’t be effective enough, then think about how a tiny mosquito that barely thinks can effectively annoy you.

It’s funny that I wasn’t able to apply most of what I’ve learned from school. I learned how to do things with work through Google and YouTube tutorials.

If you’re thinking of something, don’t think small, but always think big.

Be happy when your boss appreciates you, but that doesn’t give you the privilege to start being lazy.

I really need my job because I like good food and nice things.

Every colleague is not your friend. Trust less, make money, and go home.

Not everyone is your friend, so don’t tell them what your plans are. Instead, tell them the positive results of the good things you tried.

Because I feel so tired of working, I sometimes think about how to tell my boss that I don’t want to work anymore, but I still want money.

Success isn’t about being better than anyone else. It’s about working hard while maintaining your integrity. Nothing can beat that.

Do not wait for an opportunity to knock on your door. Be persistent enough to barge in and take a great leap.

Funny Inspirational Work Quotes

There are times when we lose the inspiration to work, which includes times when we fail, when we’re unsure about something or when we’re fed up with people who are just a** holes. So here are funny inspirational work quotes you might like to inspire you.

My parents wanted me to be a lawyer and always hated the idea of me being a comedian. And now that I’m a lawyer, I can’t help being funny in court.

I don’t feel like I belong in the crowd where I work. But I try to make sure I belong to what my work is all about.

When you’re faced with stress and toxic people, file that vacation leave.

Before you tell the world what you can do, make sure you’ve already done it before.

Believe in yourself, the cliché quote you should always tell yourself when no one else believes in you.

It feels wonderful when the person you work closely together is now the person you’re going to share your life with.

I’m coming to work because I anticipate my payday. It saddens me to see that my wallet is filled with random receipts instead of cash.

Work might not be as exciting as it used to be anymore. The only thing that excites me is how my chair swivels.

I once thought of resigning from this awfully tedious and tiring job, but then I realized I needed money to pay my bills.

They say when you get a job, you’ll have the money to buy what you want. But now that I have a job and some money, I barely have the time to go grocery shopping.

There really are times when you have to fake your sick leave to get a day off. After all, toxic people are poisonous, and it can really get you sick after so much stress.

It’s funny how my salary is like a relationship; it doesn’t last long.

When you get home very late due to compulsory overtime, just head to the nearest bar and get yourself some beer.

I’ve had a terrible headache for days. Then salary came, and I felt better than ever!

When your boss cares about your physical, mental, and emotional state, gives you day-offs, gives you a raise, then that’s a dream come true. And it can be possible.

Spread positivity and love to your officemates and your boss. If they can’t do the same to you, then that’ll just annoy them more. Jealous people don’t like to see you happy.

When you’re so tired from your job, it’s okay to go stress-eating. But don’t whine too much when you start to gain more weight.

If you think you feel unlucky with your relationship, just remember that you’re still lucky because you have a job.

Don’t mind the stress you get from work. You have a loyal dog who can’t wait to play with you when you get home.

Thou shall not quit nor resign. Just rest if you must.

Behind every bright, happy, and hardworking man is a woman who takes care of him, loves him, and supports him no matter what.

Not everyone in the office is your friend, so beware of whom you share your frustrations with. You wouldn’t want to end up crying because of traitors.

I am a lazy person who can’t tell the difference between an easy job and a challenging job. As long as it’s a job, I’ll always try to find a way to do things more manageable.

Imagine yourself not having a job and not having any money that way. You can learn to appreciate your job.

It’s not wise to be shy and low-key in the workforce. People who are inexperienced but confident can easily beat you.

Honest criticism is often hard to take, but be grateful for it if it’s from your boss. He notices your efforts and simply wants you to improve.

The bad news is, you don’t really fit in anywhere you go. The good news is the great ones never do because they usually stand out.

Have a good attitude so you won’t have a bad day. Have a bad attitude today, and you won’t have good days today, tomorrow, the day after that, and so on.

When a colleague asks you a stupid question, you have to ask him what his question was to make sure you heard it right.

A job is a way to pay for a living. Let it not define you as a person, and let it not be a basis for your happiness. Live to work and do what makes you happy.

Success is no accident, but it takes a bit of luck. Most of the time, success is determination, hard work, perseverance, excellence, and character.

Be yourself and be open to learning. You begin to grow in the work environment when you accept new training to become more competent.

Do your work with passion, and you wouldn’t have to work any day.

Stand your ground because you are fully responsible for your success and failures at the end of the day. The more you blame others, the less likely you are to succeed.

Funny Hard Work Quotes

One of the things that can wear you out when you get home is hard work. Yes, being hardworking is a fundamental key to success paired with perseverance. But hard work can make you go crazy because of the amount of stress you experience. Below are some funny, hard work quotes that can put a smile on your face, which you can undoubtedly relate to.

I work hard to be recognized and probably even get a raise. I’ve been working hard for years, but it turns out I only get a ‘thank you.’

I work eight hours a day, five days a week, and just when I thought I’d be able to relax this weekend, I saw the huge pile of laundry I needed to do. Oh well.

It scares me when I am still working in my dreams. Being a workaholic, even in my sleep, is stressful.

I work hard for Fridays, for the nights where I get to sleep as much as I can without worrying about waking up early for work.

No matter how hard the situation is right now, just work through it, and it’ll surely pass.

Let’s rejoice, for we still get to work on a holiday!

Your friends in the workplace can betray you at any time, but don’t let them stop you from working hard to earn recognition. That’ll only annoy them even more.

Hurricanes may come, and the weather may worsen, but that still doesn’t stop us from working, unfortunately.

If you’re getting heartbreak from a breakup, don’t let it stop you from work. The world may take away my love. Just don’t take away my income.

When you’re just so exhausted from work and when you get home, you feel like you want to marry your bed and your pillow.

The dark circles under my eyes mean that I’m stress-free and have learned to love my job. Sadly, they’re still there, and it only means one thing.

Work hard and don’t mind too much about the payment if you’re a newbie. Remember that before you become big, you have to start small.

Month-end reports, backlogs, and ongoing projects never really bothered me anyway as long as I love what I do.

When your boss gives you vacation for a job well done, don’t hesitate to do it unless if you’re a workaholic who really loves his work.

Work hard during the day, and the best reward you can ever get is a good night’s sleep.

If you have a workmate who just got dumped, then get yourself ready because you’re going drinking tonight—his treat.

After you give your 100 percent, just hope that luck is on your side.

Finish what you started. Work what you signed up for. But you can’t do it without a bag of chips and some beer.

Work may seem stressful and life-draining, but remember that it’s an opportunity in disguise.

You are now a diamond which was once a lump of charcoal that did well under pressure.

Hard work and perseverance should be a pair. What’s hard work if you’re bound to give up in the end?

Keep procrastination at a minimum. Prioritize hard work and effort, and you can achieve anything.

Use your talents as you work hard, and you will be unstoppable.