150+ Funny Sister Quotes

If you have a sister, then you’re lucky.
She may be annoying sometimes, but she’ll always be there for you because you’re a family to her.
She understands you unlike anyone else, and she knows your deepest, darkest secrets even if you don’t tell her.
So here are some funny sister quotes and sayings that will surely remind you of her.

Funny Sister Birthday Quotes

Your sister may be your best friend or your worst enemy, so she deserves to hear birthday messages during her birthdays. Remind her how special she is despite her being quite a pain sometimes. Here are sister birthday quotes and sayings you can use during your sister’s birthday when you’re out of ideas:


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Happy birthday to my goofy and annoying sister. May you have more birthdays to come, and make sure to bring out the cake to tonight’s dinner.

Sometimes you can’t keep your mouth shut whenever it comes to keeping secrets, but you’ll still be my sister even if I hate you sometimes. Happy birthday, sis.

Life may be challenging, but sometimes my sister makes it more complicated. I still love her anyway. Happy birthday, sister.

When travelling life’s journey, it’s always good to have a sister who will take you the extra mile with her new car—cheers to another milestone for you, sis.

May more birthdays come to you, my sis, for there’s no one better and more annoying than you.

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Having a caring sister is proof enough that God doesn’t want me to walk this earth alone. Happy birthday, sis. Always know that I have your back.

You used to be my wimpy little brother, and now you’re the man who protects me from life’s dangers. Until now, you’ll always be the best birthday gift God has given me. May more birthdays come to you and me, bro.


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One of the best things about having you as my sister is my kids’ awesome and crazy aunt. Happy birthday, sis.

One of my greatest happiness is having you as my sister, no matter how crazy you are. May God bless you with more years to come.

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Having a family is the greatest gift in life. Having a brother is also a pain in the ass. But no birthday of mine will be awesome when my brother doesn’t celebrate it with me.

My sister is special, whether she is young or old. I will always love her ugly face no matter what. Happy birthday, stupid head.

My sister might have the stinkiest fart in the world, but she has a heart of gold. Happy birthday fart girl.

A sister is more than a friend. She is a joy to my heart and a huge headache sometimes. I love her without end, and I hope she has the best birthday ever.

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Miles apart or side by side, you’ll always be my funny, crazy sister. Happy birthday, sis.

I’m happy God gave me a sister with who I share my ups and downs through all these years. May God bless you with the best of health, and have a happy birthday.

To my older sister, who likes to boss me around, happy birthday!

There’s no one else who knows me better than my sister; that’s why she scares me sometimes. So I just got her favourite cake to keep her mouth shut. Happy birthday, sis.

My sister is a crazy mess. I love her so much, but since it’s her birthday today, she’s the most beautiful, less annoying person in the world.

As I grew up, I realized that my greatest ally and my greatest enemy is my sister. Happy birthday, sis.

Happy birthday to the only person who’s allowed to insult me as much as she wants: my sister.

One of the best highlights in my childhood was making coke come out of my sister’s nose when I tried to make her laugh. Happy birthday, sis.

My best memories with my sister were fighting over who ate all the cookies in the cookie jar. I love you, sis, and have a happy birthday.

Because I have a sister, I have an awesome best friend. Happy birthday, sis.

Funny Brother and Sister Quotes

Being an only child is boring, but it’s just twice the fun when you have siblings! You fight a lot and have unforgettable memories together. As toddlers, you had more arguments during your playtime. But as you mature, you realize that your sibling is worth more than a thousand friendships. Here are some funny brother and sister quotes that will not only make you giggle but also make you feel sentimental for all the good times you’ve shared.

My childhood will never be complete without my sister. She is my best friend who plays cars with me and whom I play dolls with.

There is now a better best friend than a sister, and there is no better brother than your own.

Whenever I screw up, you always laugh at me before you help me get through bad times. It’s still good. That’s how siblings are.

We’re best friends because we’re siblings, and we’ll always be there for each other no matter what. Not even the boogeyman can scare us.

Sister and brother getting along together and arguing sometimes; no different from two best friends who got each other’s backs.

We’re siblings, and we’re a family. We may hate each other sometimes, but we know we love each other all the time.

It’s weird how you can easily sense when I’m in need. It’s like were souls are always intertwined because we are siblings.

The best and worst gift our parents ever gave us is each other. We are irreplaceable.

Our childhoods will never be complete without a fight over who gets the last piece of apple pie.

Siblings make the bad times worse but funny and make the good times the best.

We may take different paths as time goes by, but our bond as siblings will never die.

God made us siblings because there’s no greater love than ours.

They say siblings are flowers of the same kind. But I think we’re weeds of different kinds who can’t stop annoying each other.

We are siblings. If you fall, I will surely lend you a helping hand right after I laugh at you.

We’re siblings. We blame each other. We argue about who did it first. But mom always scolds us both in the end.

She’s my sister, and I hate and love her. Hurt her, and I will punch your face.

Siblings don’t keep secrets from each other, including farts.

Brothers and sisters are a special kind of double, the kind you can count on through thick and thin.

Being siblings is plain simple. There are times when you just love each other, and there are times when you hate each other, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Siblings share the best childhood memories. But I will never forget the times you wet your bed and the times when I lost when we played video games together.

We blackmail each other because we are siblings, and yet we still tell each other secrets.

Sometimes being a big brother to my cute little sister is a lot better than being a superhero. But now that we’re older, I’m just not sure.

My sister’s voice was the sweetest I’ve ever heard when she comforted me in my deepest sorrows. I love her so much.

If all women are the same, I’m sure I know how my future wife will be like according to how my sister behaves, which scares me sometimes.

I may fight with my siblings, but if you hurt anyone of them, you’ll be getting this fist on your face.

The best thing in life has a sibling to share good and bad times with you.

You and I are more than just best friends; we’re brothers and sisters. That’s both annoying and awesome.

Having siblings doesn’t mean you’re safe from shoplifters. It basically means you’ll have people in the house taking away your stuff without your consent.

My sister doesn’t play cars with me, and I don’t play dolls with her. But we enjoy a game of badminton together in late afternoons.

Sometimes people can’t tell the difference between my brother and me. Well, here’s a hint: I’m the nicer and smarter one.

Having a sibling helped me to be wise. When she does something good, I try to copy it. And when she does something bad, I try to blackmail her so I won’t get to do the dishes for a month.

I’m happy to be the little brother. I get to be spoiled more than my sister.

They say the elder sibling gets to set the standards. I’m glad my sister set it low.

Funny Brother Quotes from a Sister

Having a brother is both cool and annoying at the same time. He can be your protector, or he can be that someone who gets on your nerves. But whatever your brother is to you, you just have to be grateful for it since you guys are family. So here are funny brother quotes from a sister that can perfectly describe what your brother is like.

My brother has grown to be a good man, but he’ll always be that little idiot to me who would cry over his broken toy. I love my brother.

My exes and my current boyfriend were always scared to hurt my feelings because I have an overprotective brother who’s always there for me.

He’s a reflection of me. If I annoy him, he’ll also annoy me. But whenever I show him how much I care, he shows me how much he cares for me thousand times more.

I don’t need words to describe how similar we are. Our smiles, laughs, winks and gasps are proof enough that you’ll always be my inevitably goofy brother, and I love you so much.

A brother is a gift to the heart, a friend to my soul and meaning to my boring life.

You take care of me, watch over me, comfort me and always be there for me through thick and thin. I love you so much, bro.

I love my brother to the moon and back. I also hate him sometimes, that I wish an asteroid would just hit him.

Indeed, two is better than one. I’m glad you’re always there to pick me up when I fall, brother.

Because I have a brother, I will always have a best friend and the worst enemy.

A brother may be stressful at times, but he is worth a million friendships.

Yes, I do have the best brother in the world. He’s just crazy sometimes and likes to wrestle me.

If my brother doesn’t know how much I want to strangle him and hug him tightly, then he doesn’t know how much I love him.

If you think I’m crazy, then my brother is crazier. You might not want to mess with us.

I laugh because you’re my brother, and I cry because I can’t do anything about it.

No one knows exactly how crazy I am except for my brother. But it still doesn’t scare him.

I can’t get mad at my brother for a long time because I still need him to take out the trash while doing the dishes.

I just hate it when I am about to win a fight with my brother, and then mom steps in and forces us to make cheesy peace talks with each other.

My brother is always ready to break anyone’s face whenever they’re trying to break my heart. I love my brother.

If people are scared because I’m crazy and pretty evil, then they haven’t met my brother.

Sometimes, being my brother’s sister is even better than being a princess.

Whenever I’m in a hurry to watch a rock n’ roll concert, I never look my brother in the eye because I’m wearing his favourite black shirt.

My brother laughs whenever I tell him weird and lame secrets, but he doesn’t judge, unlike everybody else.

A sister without her brother is like a knight without her sword and shield. I like using my brother against jerks.

My brother and I are so close that we finish each other’s sentences and often wonder who’s weirder.

I grew up thinking my brother was an alien from another plant sent to planet Earth to annoy the hell out of me.

What’s good news when you don’t have a brother you can tell it to? And what’s embarrassing stories without a brother who laughs at you for it?

There’s always that annoying little boy inside my brother, no matter how old he already is. Oh, how I hate and love that boy at the same time.

My little brother was a nuisance, and unfortunately, he still is ’til now. And I love him anyway.

I just ignore how annoying my brother is because I honestly can’t do anything about it.

There’s no better boy best friend like your own brother.

My job is being a sister who likes to insult and irritate you but loves you more than anyone else. And I take that job very seriously.

A brother is someone who is ready to protect you no matter what. And I am entirely grateful for it.

My brother is the villain of my life when it comes to deciding who gets to eat the last piece of cake. But he’s also my hero when it comes to defending me against bullies. I love you, bro.

I know I can’t trade my brother for anything in the world. I mean, who else would want someone who’s as crazy as him?

I once thought of getting away from my brother for a while because he just gets on my nerves, but then I realized I’d just miss him anyway, and I might regret it.

He excelled in sports, and I excelled in academics, and that’s a good thing. Because whenever he needed help with math, I was always there to teach his dumb butt some tips. And whenever I’m having trouble with PE, he helps me how to be better at it. Diversity is good.

People say me and my brother look alike, but I’m pretty sure I’m way more attractive than him.