70 Giving Up Quotes


When life throws trials at us, and we think that we cannot handle it, believe that we can.
You will not achieve anything if we give up all too fast.
Trials would always be a part of our life.
Yet sometimes, when you have exhausted all your efforts and still nothing has improved, giving up might seem to be the only choice you have.


The things that you cannot live a day without should not be given up on.


Life teaches us a lot of lessons. It might drag you down then lift you. Then when things start to get better, it would smack you down again.


Life always has its struggles. It has highs and lows. It is never meant to be convenient. That is why you should never give up.


People who never reach their dreams mostly give up before they can get close to it.

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The greatest things on earth were achieved because the people who discovered them never gave up on them.


No one ever remembers the guy who gave up easily.


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If you want to keep your balance in life, ride it like a bicycle. It would help if you kept moving to keep from falling.


I can endure problems longer, not that I am so smart.


Even if you are going through hell, you should never give up. Just keep ongoing.


There are always people who will discourage you from the path you want to take. Sometimes you are even close to believing them, but sticking to your path requires courage.


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Giving up is never an option because the last key in a bunch might be the one that can open the lock.


Winners allow themselves to be knocked down so that they can get up again and again.


Time always passes by, so you should give it to its best use possible instead of giving it all up and waiting for it to pass.


A person who doesn’t give up could never be beaten.


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If you fail, try again. If you fail again, then try better so you can fail better next time.


When people tell you your big dreams are impossible, remember that a person always beats a person with facts with dreams.



When you quit, you never win. That’s why winners never quit.


No matter where you go and how long the journey is, you will reach your destination as long as you do not stop.


Falling and getting up is our greatest glory, more than not being able to fall.


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Never give up because it might be the time that the tides would turn.


They were doing difficult things take a long time, and doing the impossible just a little bit longer.


Oftentimes failure happens because most people give up when they are already closer to success.


Whatever wrong attempts I made were never discarded because they are one step forward.


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I do not treat it as failing. There are just 10, 00 ways that it would not work, and I found them.


There is still time for you to be who you really like to be.


Circumstances should never be blamed for what happens. If you cannot find a circumstance that you want, get up and make one.


Adversities are paced before us so we can become successful.


Even if no one else believes in you, you have yourself. That’s what it takes to be a champion.


Refusing to fail makes you a real winner than wanting to win does.

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Giving up soon over all the efforts spent is the worst you can ever experience.


When you give up on your dreams in life, you are also giving up on yourself.


Successful people also make mistakes, but they just keep on moving. Eventually, they did reach the success they were aiming for.


A bigger desire to win is more effective than your fear of failure.


Misfortunes happen not to let you down and make you give up. They build you up after you break down so you can be what you always want to be.


When you fall, stand up as many as falling.


You will guarantee your success if you still hold on even if others have already given up.


Life would always throw stones at you. It will beat you to a pulp, but no matter how hard it hits you, you have to move forward.


There are always people who would try to discourage you in your dreams. Instead of listening to them, follow your dreams. Only you can make yourself give up.


Those who tell you that you could not make it are only saying what they cannot do themselves.


When the time comes that you want to give up, look back on the reasons that made you hold on.


If you feel like your rope is already on its end, tie a knot so you can hold on.


Only you would have the power to destroy your dreams. No one else could.


Courage is a silent element that never shouts. It only whispers its will to try the next time again.


Never give up on your dreams because they are your life’s purpose.


Always remember the people who undermined your abilities, so you can invite them later on to your success party and let them eat their own words.


Successful people may get rejected, but they do not have the give up bone in their bodies.


People who give up usually get mocked and ridiculed, while people who hold on are admired and rewarded.


You give up because you want to, not because you need to. Have some dignity.


Your self-confidence would appreciate it if you never give up despite the difficulties you have in life.


Whatever life throws at you along the way, no matter how long the journey is, everything is possible, to fight your way through it.


A mighty person who gives up becomes as timid as a lamb; a meek person with courage and endurance becomes as strong as a roaring tiger.


No matter how many times you fail, never give up. It is what will make you win.


If you are fond of having things the conventional way, you will find yourself close to giving up when tough times arrive.


The difference between successful people and quitters is the attitude of not giving up the fight.


Promises to your dreams should be made like you promise something to your very own child.


People who encourage you with words that may seem impossible would be the ones you would thank when you succeed.


A dream that takes a long time to be realized should never be given up. Remember you cannot bring that time back again.


Defeat and giving up is never the same. Defeat is when you are thrown down by your opponent. Giving up is when you do not have the courage to rise up and fight again.


Hold on and never give up because you never know. Success might just be around the corner.


Fate and destiny do not always agree with you, so fight back and let them know they can never ruin your day.


Where you are today does not matter as to where you would want to be in the future if you do not give up.


Life does not have endings. Do not give up because even failures could have new beginnings.


The bumps that you encounter along the way should never hinder your way towards your dreams. Never give up because at the end of the long road is your destiny.


You will only prove to your naysayers that they were right about you if you give up on your dreams.


Treat life like you are rowing a boat in the sea. If you give up, you would surely drown, but if you believe that you would reach ashore, it will keep you going.


If you hit rock bottom it means that there is no way of hitting an even lower ground so stand up and climb your way up.


Give up,, and you would receive all the contempt and embarrassment from people around you. Hold on and succeed, and you will receive rewards and appreciation. Choose which one you want.


Making the right choice is just between giving up and giving it a go.


Never mind what the people around you say, focus on what your heart says,, and you will reach your dreams.


Giving up could never be excused. You would regret all the opportunities you did not take when you had the chance to.


Only people who dare to go against the tide would have a chance at success.


The phrase never says would not apply to those who have already given their dreams up.


There is no such thing as special people or winners. They are all ordinary people who never give up and chased their dreams until they succeeded.


The only thing that would be best to give up is your excuses.


The foundation of success is never giving up on your goals.


When you give up, it would not matter where and when you did. The end results would never change.


Luckiness is best achieved when you are persistent.


You were chasing your dreams never qualify as wasting your time. Never give up on them because time wasted on waiting for something would never be brought back.


Run your life like you are running a race. Your feet would not budge if your mind screamed to give up, but if your mind decides to win no matter what, your feet will carry you to the finish line no matter how tired you are.


The only thing that you you should give up is your weaknesses, not your strengths.