70+ Good Night Quotes

You want to tell the one you are talking to so many things, but you must round it all up and let it come to a finish.
You must bring the conversation to an end and yet make them feel special and appreciated too.
Here are some goodnight quotes that you might want to tell your special someone, your friend or anyone at all.

Before you try and go to sleep, I want to say that I am thankful for today.

Every second I spent with you today is worth it. Good night.

I hope you never forget any second of the past 24 hours we spent together. Good night.

I saw you, and I realized that tonight was going to be a good night.


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I love the night because, without the night sky, we would never be able to see stars.

You are the star in the night sky for me as you brighten up my nights. Good night to you.

There are times that I feel disappointed that the day has come to an inevitable end.

I wanted to spend more time with you, but it is already this late at night.

Let the stars guide you tonight to the place where it has all started.

She did not want the day to end, but the darkness came, so she walked away, disappointed.

It will be a great night, the moment I saw you, I knew that it would be.

Good Status

The stars have arrived, and it seems that they are wishing you a good night.

I hope the moonlight guides you to the place where you want to go, to the dream you want to visit.

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Give yourself some rest tonight because tomorrow will be another day to give it you’re all.

I hope that you have some sweet dreams as you lay down to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, things will get better, so for now, sleep it all off and have a good night’s rest.

The breeze tonight is blowing through your hair, and it reminds you of his kisses.

Nights are the time of the day when everything seems to remind you of him and the love you once shared.

Someday, the nights that seem so cold will be warm once again, and things will be better.

I wish I did not miss you so much every night so I could peacefully go to sleep.

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So tonight, I cried myself to sleep once more, just like before, when you were away.

It is the night that brings me dreams of setting big goals and getting there.

I hope that you have a good night and get to rest as long as you can.

Rest for tonight and let yourself look forward to the dreams of your future.

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Something about the night makes you feel like you can do anything that you ever wanted.

Maybe tomorrow things will be a whole lot better, so I might as well get some sleep for tonight.

Here is a good night hug from me to you in the hopes that you will feel warmer.

Just for tonight, allow yourself to be swept by your dreams and wake up feeling great.

While you sleep tonight, you will see that there is much more to the night than you know about.


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As you sleep tonight, please remember what a great person you will always be.

Tonight is not the end; this is just a transition to a better tomorrow.

Do not be sad that today has come to an end; be happy you get another day to spend.

You look tired and sleepy, so you might as well go to your bed and start snoring away.

Your dreams will come true soon, so get in there and make the changes you want.

You need a few hours of sleep to lessen those bags you carry around your eyes.

And at night, I wish that the stars would blanket you in their crystal light and the angels to sing you to sleep.

Good night, my friend; tomorrow, I am looking forward to being with you again.

Sleep tight and know that a brand new day is coming tomorrow when you wake up.

The darker it seems, the brighter the stars are, so forget your sadness and smile.

I thank God for every night I get to spend by your side because they are worth it.

You are one of the best things that ever happened in my life. Good night!

I want to let you know how much I am in love with you. I hope you have a good night.

Sleep, my love, and dream of happy dreams and everything you want to have.

You have touched my life in a way no one else could, and I hope that you get a good night’s sleep.

Good night, my dear friend; let’s call it a day and hit the hay.

This one is for all those girls who deserve to be treated the right way; good night to you.

So tonight, let me be the one to greet you good night, sleep tight and dream big.

Nights have become longer and the days shorter ever since you came into my life.

Sooner or later, your eyes will close, and you will have to drift away from this reality.

Sometimes, you need to put things for tomorrow because everything is better with some sleep.

Days are longer than nights for the people who try to achieve their dreams. Good night to you!

You are one of the reasons I get sleepless nights because you keep me awake at night.

You are so hard to figure out that I am awake in the middle of the night trying to.

I cannot seem to sleep without saying goodnight ever since I had told it to you.

You better sleep now and sleep tight because tomorrow will be another day to fight.

Proper sleep will give you energy so let us sleep for now. Goodnight to you too!

I had enough watching television and being a couch potato, so I might as well sleep now.

Good night! I hope you had a wonderful time like I did because I honestly did enjoy myself.

Another day comes to an end, and I am thankful that I spent it with a friend.

A day without the night is not a blessing, so I wish you a peaceful night.

I hope that tonight, you will sleep soundly so you can wake up good for tomorrow. Good night.

It seems your pillow is asking to be hugged; it looks like your body needs some rest. Good night!

When you are feeling stressed, lie down, get some sleep and just rest. Good night to you!

For a moment, set your mind free of the tension and worries of today and get some good sleep.

Sometimes, you suddenly fall asleep without knowing when and that is awesome.

The night is sweet, dreamful, beautiful, silent and unique, just like you.

I know you will probably read this by tomorrow but know that I wanted to tell you good night!

I wanted to be your clock; I wanted to tell you when it is already night or when to wake you up.

I have long realized that this might not be true, but deep inside me, I believe that the moon shines for you and me.

To you, the person who makes all of my days brighter, sweet dreams and good night!

I am sending you all my hugs and kisses because you make my life seem like a bed full of roses.

Sometimes, when I fall asleep, I get nightmares of losing you, and it wakes me up.

As long as you sleep beside me, even the scariest nightmares will feel like a dream.

Even though the sky is dark, there are stars, reminding you that there will always be light.

Even in the darkest times of your life, there will be someone who will rescue you.

Nights without you feels like years; it feels as if everything is crashing down on me.

It is so hard to be far away from you, not to be able to touch you, not to be able to see you.

Good night to you! I hope that you sleep tight for tonight and rest yourself.

I would get a hug or a kiss in the perfect world even when you are too busy to do so.

And I am still wishing that there will come a day when I can make you mine.

Good morning is leisurely but saying good night is tricky because you will be far away.

Every goodnight feels like a goodbye, and sometimes it does hurt to say it to you.

When the words escape your sweet lips, it feels like there is a shiver down my spine.

Sometimes, I wonder if you are indeed mine or if this is but a big dream. Good night.

Sooner or later, we must say goodnight because the day has come to another end.

I will miss you tonight until we meet again tomorrow; I have to say goodnight.

I wish there would be long nights, so I get to spend more time with you, but sadly, we must part for this night, so good night.

Is it not amazing? The way the stars seem to shine even brighter as the night gets darker?

Look out your window tonight, out to the stars and see how much I want to see you tonight.

Sometimes, I wish that I was a star that sees you even in the night.

Good night, my love; I can only wish that to you for tonight.

Somehow, I miss you even if we are going to be apart for only a night.

Sweet dreams to you; I hope you sleep soundly tonight and you are prepared for tomorrow.

Tonight, let us rest in each other’s arms and let me kiss you good night.