The 70 Determination Quotes


Humans weave their dreams and goals starting from when they were just kids until they grow into adulthood.

These dreams are fueled by their determination to fulfill these, and they persevere to see their goals realized.

The following quotes would surely inspire us to work our determination out and be the best that we can become.


We are the force that can move our lives upward.


We should hold our dreams in our hands, not only remain on our minds.


The pain would persist as the challenge gets more challenging, and the man who can survive and drive himself further is the winner.


Do not mind the events around you; focus on your will to win and excel, to strengthen your spirit.

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The dreams you think of could become you. Just believe in yourself and gather your courage and determination, sacrifice a little, and see your dreams come true.


A person may have the strength and knowledge, but he would never make it through when he lacks the will.


Trust on your determination, and the impossible would indeed be possible.


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Great men rise from their determination, and nothing great can happen without them.


Not all great works are made from strength; determination and perseverance drive the spirit onwards.


Keep your determination to succeed strong, and nothing, not even failure, would hinder you.


If I was unable to focus on one thing, if not for my determination and diligence, I could never have done what I have done.


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Do everything that you want to do, and you will see that you are able to do it better than you expected.


If you cannot find the way, then make one!


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People with extraordinary guts and determination are only ordinary people, but they end up as the winners.


The greatest opponent you can have is not the player from another team, or the hurdles, or the bar you must surpass, but yourself and the negative thoughts you heap upon yourself.



If you fail, again and again, it is not from the lack of talent or skill. It is just that your determination is not enough.


Combine determination, hard work, and sweat, and see your dreams come into reality.


Many roadblocks may scatter ahead of you, but only arm yourself with the determination to succeed, and you will have a smooth journey.


Being totally determined to overcome bad luck is the only good luck great men ever had.


Look at how the stonecutter hammers away a hundred times without the stone cracking the tiniest bit, then suddenly splits into the half with the next blow. That is how determination carefully works.


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When you know exactly what you want, this certain power drives you to reach for it. I cannot name it, but I know it exists.


The ingredients of being a champion: the willpower, the commitment, the focus, and the perseverance to win.


Being great and being irrelevant are indeed different; with greatness, a lot of energy has been expanded—the irrelevant wait for something great to happen to them.


Accomplishing something does not only rest on the abilities and tools you have; it is mainly in a determined soul.


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If you let me choose one trait that would accompany me to success, I would say the winner would be determination.


The will to endure until the end is what makes a man the greatest.

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Even the littlest accomplishment has its stages: the beginning, the struggling, and finally, the victory.

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We may win or lose, but the determination that we have shown is more than enough to show everyone who the real winner is.


Every step forward that we have may contain a failure we have done in the past, and through determination, we managed to take advantage of them.


Not every success depends on your brilliant efforts or amazing skills, but mostly on your stubbornness to hold on and never let go of something you know is yours.


Love may find a way, but determination does most of the work.


One becomes a man, not through his successes, strength, riches, or greatness. Plain willpower makes one a man through and through.


There is never a path to fame. There are no roads straight to glory. Routes to success require struggles, faith and most of all, perseverance.


No matter how many times you fall, bruise and cut yourself, and be thrown to the ground, stand up and fight. Fight another round; that is willpower.


If you have a reason to live, you can bear anything that life will throw at you.


Obstacles would never move off if you wait for them. Learn ways to go over them, do not just turn around.


Overcoming the obstacles you have is not the entire meaning of being the best. It is the courage to dream big and aims high, the determination to reach as far above you as you can.


Self-control should go hand-in-hand with self-determination.


Only determination is unstoppable. Talent, intelligence, and power would not stand without judgment holding them up.


Ride the train to success where your driver is a decision, and the ticket man is determined.


Try refusing anything but the best life can offer, and most often, you will get it.


True wise men have a stubborn determination to succeed.


Humans will need a wake-up call, and only determination can deliver the loudest.


A kid without money, but you should never underestimate all the time in the world.


Faith can move mountains, and determination can make dreams come true.


When you have close family ties, you will see the value of hard work, determination, and stubbornness.


Pick a leader who is undaunted to take any course of action that always leads to the right resolution.


Never stop dreaming at other people’s expense. When they fail their dreams, they might discourage you along with them. Stand your ground.


If you really want to reach a place, then there are ways to get you there if you find them.


A person’s determination is what stands between the impossible and the possible.


Even a lazy person who uses a computer could do nothing more than compared to a determined person who only has a pen and paper.


No matter how immense your riches or connections are, only the size of your willpower could bring you to success.


If you want to belong in the bigger picture, always remember there are sacrifices. Persistence, and the ability to let go of the small pleasures in life, could get you there.


Heading to bed with satisfaction would require waking up with determination.


Numbers do not matter; even a small group of people could change the course of history with a lot of determination.


Never stop persisting. With the right tools, determination, and faith, you can get where you want to be.


However bad things become, when you badly want it, you can get it.


Anything is possible for those who firmly believe, so keep your dreams alive.


Keep on doing what you want over and over, and never give up.


Start by trying out first, and it will end up with achievement.


If you want to make a change, have the determination, and the will be first.


Despite the lack of education, his determination put him where he wanted to be seen.


When everything seems lost, you can count on your determination to keep you in the race.


I will persist as long as I can breathe. If I strive this hard, I know I can win.


You may wish to let go of all the things that are hurting you, but hold on to your determination, and you will succeed.


The limitations we have are the ones that we make.


Discipline does not account for all the success you make. Most of them are driven by determination.


Your progress may be less than you want, yet you are still making it because you have the determination to succeed.


Choose to be determined, and you will find ways to achieve your dreams.


Intelligence does not have all that has to do with success. There are just people who can deal with problems longer.


Be fired up by your determination. It could just warm a room or consume the entire house; it depends on how often you feed the fire.


You have to aim high and never stop reaching for it.


If you seek success, keep commitment and determination beside you.


Despite seeing that the odds were against me, I still never stopped trying.


When you badly want something, you can think of ways on how to get it.


Perceptions help you think about how your life would go along.


Mere mortals could soar to greater heights if only determination allowed them.


Have a purpose, control your desires, and stick with your plan; that is how people succeed.


Fight one round to another until you succeed. You will become a champion by fighting till the end.


You cannot take a mountain down with one giant scoop. It is done by picking away chunks one by one.


Great men and small men are differentiated by the size of their determination to succeed.


Work to have the life you want, but first, accept life as it is.


Ordinary people can do extraordinary things through their determination.


No destiny, fate, or chance could control the life that you strive to create.


Not all winners are the brightest; they are just persistent and determined.


The passion for something and the determination to get it would let you succeed no matter how many people hinder and assault you.


God gives us everything that we want, but not without any effort.


Winners make their solutions and face their problems; their determination is rock-hard.


A person has to keep on going so he can work things out and achieve his goals.


Follow your heart and keep your determination on hand to accomplish your goals.