The 60 Goodbye Quotes and Sayings

There is hello, and then there is goodbye.
All of us are destined to leave a place or somebody; more farewells are said than hellos. Read on these Goodbye Quotes for understanding saying goodbye is never easy to do in life.

When I had to say goodbye to you my love, it was like saying goodbye to my life.

You always never appreciate something you have until you lose it and realize it meant the world to you.

This is where we met each other, and now this is where we would part ways.

Two strangers who became best friends is wonderful, while two best friends who became strangers is just plain sad.


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Save your tears because it is already over. Smile because of the memories you have with you.

Good-byes are hated. More hellos are needed.

If your best friends would have to leave each other, never think of it as goodbye. Treat it like a leave of absence, only extended.

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I have to tell myself countless of times to hold on and never let go of those moments repeatedly.

If you really love someone, then the hardest part would be saying god bye.

When farewells loom ahead of us, would be the only time when we seek deeper for love.

Every one of us would met a person who would be hard to say goodbye to.

You can only meet someone again if you have said your good-byes.

There is no doubt that friends who had their farewells would meet again in a different moment or lifetime.

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There are a lot of memories to remember, but only the happy ones remain so I will be able to think about us in a happier perspective.

As long as we loved until our last goodbye, then our love had been whole and true.

Saying goodbye is less painful if you think about the new hellos you will say to each other again.

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An assortment of heartfelt saying goodbye quotes from all people that had to do walk out on something or somebody in their life, is laid out for you to immerse yourself in.

There is no point in saying goodbye if I firmly believe that we will meet again.

I know that we will meet again someplace where only the two of us know each other. Good-byes do not have to be said.

There are no goodbyes for people who deeply love each other, for their memories would never know the meaning of goodbye.

Do not waste your tears because you are leaving, smile because of the memories you have with you.

The past cannot be changed so do not look back. Rejoice in the present and prepare for a beautiful future.

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Goodbye is not forever. If it is, then it should be bad bye instead of good.

There is nothing good in a goodbye.

We live in a world that is round. The end of one could be the beginning of another.

When only the memories remain, the things she said ought to be remembered.

A feeling deep inside me urges me not to say goodbye. I get the feeling that we would see each other again.

Being unable to say goodbye must have a reason so special that you cannot bear the thought of parting.

You always have to remember the memories because they fade in time.


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Every goodbye would hurt, so prepare yourself if you are planning to say it.

It would be very awkward to say hello to a person when you meet them to say your goodbyes to each other.

To soften the way I will say goodbye, let me say hello in advance. That is for when we meet again.

If you are a true friend, we will never have the pains of saying goodbye.

All things come to an end, no matter how much we hold on to them.

We promised to be friends forever. I never thought forever would get a shortcut.

Because of you, I am forever changed. Even if we would be saying our goodbyes after tonight, do not forget that you mean a lot to me.

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There are things always left undone when a relationship is over.

Every good thing always has an ending, but it ends best when I am with you.

If you will only remember with tears and sadness, do not remember me at all. Best if you remember me with smiles and laughter.

Leaving behind the memories you had is harder than moving on.

We are not ready to say goodbye to you yet, even if you are ready to say farewell to us.

Now that we are friends again, I am never going to say goodbye.

Not all goodbyes last forever and mean the end. It is just that I will miss you until we see each other again.

What makes a goodbye painful is when you know that you will never say hello to each other again.

I just know that we will meet again. I may not know when or where, but you are in my heart, so there is no need to say good bye.

Collect the best memories you have in a lifetime. Forget the rest, so you will turn back and remember the best times you had.

If I would think that there is a chance that you will forget me, then I would make myself stay.

Our feelings are at their most genuine and sincere during meeting and when it is time to say goodbye.

Do not totally hate goodbyes. They are necessary so we can meet people again.

Time is essential, for there may come a time that there would be no time enough to say what we want, and the only thing left would be goodbye.

There is nothing more painful than a silent forgotten moment between friends preceding a goodbye.

Good-yes are even more painful between two souls who have already been connected with each other.

Most of our lifetime is spent within each other’s circle. Now that it is time to separate, there is no denying that we may forget each other. But know that you always have a part inside of me.

Needing each other does not make us weak. It gives us strength; it is what makes us human.

Do not let dreams overtake all of our memories.

There is no forever in a good-bye. You will always be in my heart, and that is where you will always be.

Sweet Goodbye love sayings with images

Love is pure and true when the hurt is much deeper during farewells.

Goodbye love of my life, I must go. I hope we will meet again, some day.

You have to give everyone the love you can give, for good-byes are always at a corner.

There are two kinds of people we meet: the ones who come and leave quickly and the ones who stay for a while and leave with footprints imprinted on our hearts.

It is never easy to say goodbye, especially when saying goodbye love. It is a lot quicker to say hello, but goodbyes take forever.

Some of our stories close without us realizing that the end has never been written.

There is always an end, or a beginning to an end. But an end of the beginning seldom comes.

Be careful about saying goodbye, for you may lose someone you do not want to say goodbye to.

When you give out good-byes and you feel deeply hurt, then you will see that you do not want to say goodbye again.

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Remember the days in our life less, the memories are the ones that count the most.

There is never any good in good-byes.

The way she said goodbye was so sweet that I first thought that she was saying that she will return to me.

Meeting you ended all the simple things in my life and started my whole life.

Always put in your mind that memories are as bright as stars, and they live on forever.

Why did we part ways? It is so that we can meet each other again under a different circumstance.

The dearest of friends might also be parted through time.

It is better to die and part ways from each other. Going our separate ways and living on is torture that I could not even begin to imagine.

May you have a blessed journey until we meet again.

Distance and time could not puncture the bubble of a friendship that is worth it.

Miles can do nothing between two people in love. If you love someone, you know that you are already there.

I cannot fathom how I would live the days without you. I would surely pull the time between our good-byes and saying our hellos again.

Loving with oceans and miles of land between is agony, but there is still a warm flutter in the heart for you are in each other’s heart all the same.

When you have to wait to see someone again, make sure to make the absence sweet.

When we part from each other, death takes place. Then resurrection happens when we meet each other again.

If a woman never knows the time to say goodbye, men do not have a clue on how to say goodbye.

Looking forward to a meeting could make farewell sweeter.

Goodbye is the bitterest word that could end years of friendship and every celebration of love.

Drop me a kiss before we part. Even though we severed our bonds, my heart would forever long for you.

Meeting each other again gives such immense joy that the pain of leaving is eclipsed entirely.

My heart is breaking too much to say goodbye.

Would there be a guarantee that if I leave now you will still remember me tomorrow?

Being alone and bitter was caused by one hateful word that is goodbye.

I wish you all the best in your life. Heartfelt goodbye from all of your coworkers.

Never met someone honest like you my dear friend and co-worker. Farewell and goodbye with heavy heart we say to you.

When I needed help, you were always there. I can say that you are one of best coworkers I have met in my life. Goodbye best working colleague and a friend.