40+ Jealousy Quotes

To feel jealous is normal, but if it is too much it became a poison. It is a poison that can destroy trust in any relationship.

The world of jealousy is not the world for all of us. One must create a world with love and trust and not jealousy and envy.

Besides, there are more beautiful things life is offering us.

The following quotes will help you understand jealousy at its finest. Keep reading and have fun.

You seem to have everything and yet you are still jealous of others. Be careful not to fall on the curse of jealousy.

The ugliest trait everyone should avoid is jealousy.

Jealousy is a disease that if not cured, will destroy the entire humanity.

I believe that there is no difference between jealousy and insecurity at all.


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A jealous woman is the most dangerous one.

It is ridiculous to hang out with your girlfriend who gets jealous at everybody.

I believe that it isn’t normal to get jealous without any reason. There must be something that leads someone to become jealous.

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There would be no jealous women if men are all loyal.

I must agree that every girl is jealous by nature.

Being jealous of someone is a sign that you are starting to lose trust.

The only cure to jealousy is enough trust and love.

I must admit that at one point in my life I get jealous over nothing and it causes me sleepless night.

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They said that being jealous is an act of showing how much you love that person. I said that if you love and you care for that person you should also learn how to trust.

Being envious over something manifests greediness.

There must be something good about jealousy, but for me I would rather focus on other important things than being jealous over something.

In a family, it is very common to experience favoritism that causes jealousy between siblings.

The main reason why there are envy and jealous person is lack of trust.

I personally believe that jealousy is a disease that is curable. For someone to be cured, he/she must learn first to trust, to be loyal, and to love unconditionally.

No one dies without experiencing being jealous and envious over someone or something.

Jealousy is a normal feeling anyone can experience. It only tells us how much we value the things we thought is ours alone. But as what the saying says, not all too much is good for us.

I understand that you are sometimes jealous with my friends, but you should also understand that before you came we promise each other that nothing should ever change.

I sometimes wish to become one of my father’s employees. In that case I can spend more time with him than being just his daughter who is normally being ignored.

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I strive hard to be the best but it is always my brother that is everyone’s favorite. I know it is bad, but I sometimes wish him to be gone.

There is nothing more painful than the feeling of being your parent’s greatest mistake. I am jealous of my brothers and sister because my parents love them more than me.

Treating your children equally with the same amount of love will shun away jealousy over your family.

Avoid being jealous over something you are not sure about because it will only affect your relationship with others.

Stop the envy and hate. Our world needs peace and love, so let’s focus on giving it to him.

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When I stopped being envy at everyone, I felt better. I can now sleep at night peacefully without worrying.

I regret for not trusting you. I regret that I let my jealousy swallow me. I regret for letting you go.

My life biggest mistake is being envy with you. Because of my will to surpass you, I forgot to do things right. I am ashamed of myself more than anything else in this world.

There is always a room for self-improvement. If you know you need to overcome your jealousy, then it is the right time to do that.


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Distrust destroys a strong foundation of love and trust.

Jealousy is not good to your health. It is a silent killer, an untreatable disease.

If at some point in your life you wish to be someone else, then there must be something in that someone that you are jealous about.

I am jealous of her. She has everything a man wanted in a woman. If only I am like her, there must be a chance that you will notice me.

Jealousy is a strong emotion that can break any strong relationship.

Why would I feel jealous about her? I got the looks and most especially I got him.

I am confident that she will choose me. I am jealous of him, but I trust my girl. I know she knows who deserves her more.

I will wait until everyone realizes my importance. Sometimes I think I do not exist and started to envy others over this matter.

I am trying hard to pretend that everything is fine. It is never so easy especially every time I see you together.

Love does not envy. Love is about trust and loyalty.

A person that is full of jealousy lacks confidence and trust.

I hope everybody understand why someone is jealous over something. It is because they feel threatened that someone might take away what belongs to them.

My girlfriend keeps on checking at my phone, then one time my mother texts me saying she loves me. She then suddenly accused me of changing a girl’s name into my mother’s name. I was like, what’s wrong with you?

You being so jealous will end our years being together. I hope you change before it’s too late.

I am not as pretty as others, but mind if I tell you that I got something others cannot have and they envy me for that.

Never make the mistake of distrusting the person who will love you forever.

I haven’t seen you like this before. Almost every day you accused me of cheating. When will you understand that it is only you that I love?

It hurts when someone you almost gave your life still thinks that you cannot be trusted.

Jealous of the girl who caught your eyes. She is definitely one of the luckiest girls.

I wonder what happen to your promise that you will trust me no matter what. I still believe that you are the same girl I used to know. Please stop being jealous over nothing.

I am here imagining what could have been if I am in her place.

I am jealous at my sister. She is everybody’s favorite. The moment she arrived in this world is the moment I disappeared.

I am trying my best to let her feel that she is the only one. On the other hand, she is trying her best to make me feel that I cannot be trusted.

Every girl is jealous over their partner because they don’t want others to go on their way.

I should have been in her place right now. If only I choose to fight for you, I shouldn’t been this jealous now.

I am jealous of the man whose arms are around you now. I know it will take time to heal my broken heart.

I wish to be in his place while holding you tight. I wish I could tell you how much I love you like before.

No one else comes close to my heart except you. I want you to know that there is nothing and no one to be jealous about.

Our relationship is not perfect, we have flaws and imperfections. No matter what happen, we promise to stay loyal to each other. Jealousy has no room in us.

Jealousy weakens a strong foundation of love. It is the start of ending possibilities and misunderstandings. While it is not too late, better fix it now.

I heard a lot of couples separate because of jealousy. It is like a virus that affects even the healthiest relationship.

I never had a relationship that my partner never gets jealous of me. I wonder if people are always like that.

I would always want to avoid getting jealous. But when I saw someone near or talking to you, I can’t help it be the jealous one. I know I am selfish and I hope I can change it before it’s too late.

Let me be the one to tell you first that I am a very loyal person and that you can trust me all the time. I am confident that there will be no one you will be jealous about.

Being jealous is normal, but when you think you felt too much jealousy in your body then there must be something wrong. Jealousy is not good in your body and mind.

You cannot tell your mind what to feel and not to feel when you are jealous. It is like a poison that will slowly kill you.

Jealousy is always there but you can avoid it if you have plenty of trust and love. Always keep in mind that there are more beautiful things life is offering us than all these negativities in life.

I would love to live in a world that is free of jealousy and whose people can be trusted.

Learn to admit your mistakes. Sometimes, you were really wrong to feel jealous. And most of the time you were jealous at the wrong person.

I envy her. I envy her because she has all the things every man is asking for. I envy her because she is not like me. I envy her because the one I love loves her.

How I wish I am rich, smart, and the funny guy who always makes you smile. If I were him, I would never let you go.

I have a feeling that my partner is doing something nasty behind my back. I know I have a valid reason to feel jealous.

If you want me to trust you, then you should never give me a reason to feel jealous.