Greed quotes

One of the deadliest sins is greed.
Greed would do all that it can to ruin you; that is why they are called the deadliest sins.
Greed would make you want everything that you do not have, and even when you do have it, desire would tell you that you need more.
You will never be contented as long as you have greed in your heart, which is why it is hazardous.
It will devour you as a whole; that is what greed does to people.
Here are some quotes about greed to inform you of it.

Greed is what you can call a bottomless pit wherein it is genuinely endless all in all then.

To possess things is one thing, but to get those that are not even yours, to begin with, is another.


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You see, you should learn to be contented with what you have or suffer from being greedy for it all.

The humanity inside of you should prevent you from being too greedy for what life can offer you.

The saddest part is that you forget your ethics and go around trying to get what you can’t.

You can never satisfy your greed because it does not exist; you should keep moving on.

All that I wish for greedy people is that one day they will find the contentment they need.

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You do not want it simply because you need it but because someone has it and you want it too.

This is the moment when you should pray that you are given contentment like everyone else.


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I pray for your soul that I can see to be restless; may you find the in-between by this time too.

I think that greed is the worst of it, for it eats you inside and out and makes you sad.

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Men often forget the purpose of what they were running about and pursuing something too.

Like a possessed person, you only get the best of what you have, so make it count by this time.

The sad thing is that it is so easy to get used to the luxury of things and forget the rest of it.

I do not measure greed by monetary means; it is more an issue of the heart, I think so.

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Maybe being too free is not good at all, you can’t have everything, you have to remember it.

Nothing is too much when you are greedy; you always want something more, better, more significant.

The first moment you become greedy, you will feel the shift in your soul for sure.

Nothing can ever be so wrong as the greed of a man who plans to destroy everything in the way.

Like a disease, it has taken the universe we live in, and it seems to me that no one is worried.

The inventor of the injustice that happens all around us is the very thing inside us now.

I hope the politicians are not going to be greedy by now and learn to serve selflessly.

Greed is one of the things that makes you destroy beautiful things that you have once held.

It is the man that can have millions that give out his conscience in exchange for it too.

You have wanted way too much, and the best way to make it work is to give back to the people.

You are innocent once; I believe that, but now you are tainted by being greedy and lustful.

The lust for money and putting it on top of your priority makes you greedy.

I still do not get how people can let themselves be ruled over by greed; it is genuinely alarming.

What I tell you is this: the moment you stop for a while and listen to your heart, you are free.

The pauper and the greedy person are practically the same people when you think of that.

When you are more than willing to get what others have thrown you know, you are selfish.

The lack of ability or confidence in oneself is the very start of the greed in you.

I hope you realize just how selfish you are not letting anyone use the space you are not.

What a demon selfishness is, and the sad thing is that it can possess you without fail, sadly.

You have to fight against the things that ought to control you, but you are controlled already.

Listen to the voice inside your head and stop acting so selfish of everything in this life now.

It is the people who are at the bottom of the chain that feeds off their life on their greed.

I wish you would realize that some things ought to be enough for you, do not ask more.

There is no worse calamity than to desire to have everything there ever was, sad but true.

The worse type of guilt is discontent in the life we live in, my dear.

Why is it that the unsuccessful people are the ones that are filled with greed in their hearts?

You demand too much that you forget where you started in the first place, the sad turn.

There is no greater disaster than a kind person turning into a selfish monster because of life now.

Only an animal should be selfish enough to devour someone of its own; that is just inhumane.

I would not consider you a human being when it comes down to it that you are selfish.

When you start asking what is in what you are doing that matters, there is greed.

Maybe you are not yet selfish enough, and that you will understand that charity matters still.

Big mouthfuls are the ones that often choke about what they have in this life.

Wealth is not something you can bring past your death, so you might want to make it work.

You have to drink, I get that, but you are rich enough now; why bother trying to make more?

Your greed will show no matter how badly you go around and hide it inside of you.

You have had your fill, and that should be enough for you, do not go asking for more now.

Avarice has ruined us all, making us all lazy people who need so much more.

The average man is not selfish and knows when he has had his fill of things.

Some people never get contented with what they have, and so greed feeds on them.

By this time, I believe that you should understand how things happen, stop being so selfish.

You cannot have everything the way you want them to be; I hope you learn to believe that too.

You see, you should not repeat the things you do over and over but instead learn to fight back.

Wanting things far more than what you can be considered greed when you think of it.

Now is not the moment to be selfish; it is the moment to forgive people you love the most.

There is a law when it comes to defying things, so make it work and learn to give back.

For now, selfish people are bound to come in last; I hope they do not win at all.

Greed is cancer that will make a great country fall on its face; that is how it is.

I believe that to be selfish is to be evil; it is the opposite of being excellent all the time.

There is so much more to life than what you want it to be, so try to be contented for now.

All you wanted was a small thing, so I do not know how it turned into something on this scale.

A sufficient amount of being selfish is tolerable, so stick to that level, my friend.

You see, the idea of a disease is that it has enough greed to try and make your own body it.

Nothing can ever be enough when a person is too selfish; I hope you will not be that by now.

You are bound to make mistakes in this life, so keep making it happen and live the life you want.

I wish that there never comes a time when you have to leave and be someone you’re not.

Be fearful of people with lots of greed in them, for they are the ones willing to kill for it.

I still believe in you and that humanity is still inside you; no matter what, I think of you.

Faith may be the solution to the greedy people in the world; I sure hope God cures it.

I want a society free of corruption, where I can do all that I want in this world.

Not even drugs nor alcohol is enough for a selfish person; nothing ever will satiate him too.

You know that you have exceeded the greed measure when you can kill for those things too.

The saddest part may be that I knew him; he used to be a humble person until not.

There is more to just being greedy; I hope you wake up and realize you can be better.

For now, all that I want is to see the day when you become selfless once more.

There should be a fine line between greed and loving your life a lot more now.

Above all else, greed can kill people or at least make people kill others.

How anyone can ever survive when possessed by greed is beyond my recognition by this time.

You turn into someone else that is barely recognizable, and it is greed that causes that too.

The sad thing is that people would love to blame it all on greed as if they did not do anything.