50+ Hater Sayings

Life is not always perfect. There will be hate, distrust, and many more.

Hate is a common feeling next to love. People nowadays easily get mad and irritated; these are the cousins of hate.

If not treated well, it will destroy the entire humanity. Learn to control your feelings, or else you will hurt others and yourself as well.

The following quotes you will read are all about hate and things you need to know about it. We hope you will find it useful someday.

Hate is the root of all wrongdoings. It is the reason why our world is not safe place to live anymore. I hope love will prevail in times like this.

When you hate, the enemy celebrates.


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Hate comes when love ends.

Love is a very powerful weapon against hate and all other things associated with it.

You can never trust someone who hates almost everyone. His mind is full of evil, one who doesn’t think twice in doing bad.

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Haters are either unhappy or not contented with their own life.

There are two kinds of people in this world, your friends and your haters.

The only reason why hater’s hate you is because you are better than them.

Love those who hate you. Let your love shine upon them so there will be no reason for you to hate them too.

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I would love to acknowledge those who hate me. They love it when they get my attention. And so I will give it to them.

You will never get the peace you want if there is still hate in your heart.

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Hate is exactly the opposite of love. It is where all bad things started.

When you hate, you think of everyone as an enemy.

Do not let your haters define who you are. Remember, it is you who knows who you really are.

Real friends love you for who you are, fake friends hate you for who you are.

I don’t care at all if you hate. I was not born to please you anyway.

A genuine smile is the best gift you could give your haters.

Tell anything about me if you like, spread rumors if you like, but one thing for sure you will never be like me.

Haters will act as if they are real friends, but the truth is they are watching all your moves and when they get a chance they will stab you at the back.

Behind your success is a person who hates you for it.

When you failed, your haters celebrate. Do not give them a chance to be happy about it; always give your best to succeed.

Never allow someone hates you for who you are.

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True beautiful people don’t hate.

I understand why my haters hate me. That is because it is harder to be like me than hate me.

They will never see a glimpse of victory if success and happiness is what they see in your life.

Hate is when you see your ex-boyfriend happy with other girl.

I admire my haters. They spend more time in my life than paying attention with their own life. How sweet is that?

I know how hard it is for you to see me happy and contented with my life. What can I do? I got all the things you wish to have.

Hating me doesn’t make you a better person.


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Instead of watching all my moves, why don’t you pay attention with your own life? I think that needs a lot more attention than mine.

Haters don’t hate you because you are lovable. They hate you because you are not.

The one who loves you encourages you but the one who hates you demoralizes you.

The only thing that matters to your hater is your failure.

Don’t give your haters what they want; give them what they do not want. And that is “success”.

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Forget about the haters, focus on real friends.

Haters will do everything to piss you off. Show them you don’t care, and they will be pissed off.

If haters can be exchanged to money, then I probably one of the richest girl alive.

I count friends, not haters. I think they don’t deserve even a single attention of mine.

There must be a good reason why they love to hate me. I think I am just good enough for them.

Hate me for who I am. I don’t mind at all.

Your life is based on the people that surround you. The more your hater, the more successful you are.

Be that someone who never sees their haters as an enemy but a motivation.

Never let your hater destroys you. Build a strong foundation of love to fight the hate they have.

I don’t see my life a mess, so please stop telling me what to do with my own life. Mind your own.

It is so funny that someone like me has a hater like you. Well, that proves that I am better than you.

You know you are famous when you have lots of hater. Some you don’t really know.

Hate starts with insecurities. I think that’s the reason why I don’t hate you at all. It is impossible to be insecure with you. I know from the beginning that I am far better than you.

Hate must not prevail. Always show your hater the good side of life.

Never underestimate your hater. They are good enough to know your secrets and use it against you when opportunity comes.

As much as I wanted to please everyone, there is still someone who wants to drag me down.

Why would I care if you hate me? I am happy now and I will never let you steal that from me.

Hate rise if you fires back. Sometimes, being silent helps a lot.

Do not let hate swallow you. Instead, pray and ask God to give you a forgetful heart.

“Mind your own business”. That is what I am going to say to all my haters.

Eat my smile, you haters of my soul. I am going to give you a taste of my victory.

I don’t see a need to prove myself to all of you. What matters to me is my own happiness not yours. So back off, because I am going to live my life the way I wanted it to be.

Hate is when you see someone flirting with your boy.

I will open the door of my life to all my haters. I will let them see my inner self. In that case, I hope they understand that they will never be like me.

Be not among your haters, for the haters will never be happy with their life.

Hate me if you know me, but if you don’t then you have no right even to put finger on me.

No one hates for no reason. The most common reason is because they are envy of all your achievements. They need not our hate, but our encouragement. Let show them that we care and we are wishing best for them.

Dear haters, what you see are only a piece of my whole surprise for you. Sit back, relax, and watch me do the rest of the show.

I am neither famous nor rich. But I have a pack of haters who hates me as if they know me a lot.

It makes me smile knowing that you will never leave me unless I failed. Well, I guess that never going to happen.

Sometimes, the one you think is always there for you are the one who hates you the most. The reason is because they want to know every single detail about you. Soon, they will use it against you.

I am confident that my hater hates me not because I am not the best but because I am better than them.

No one hates me the way you hate me. You wish yourself dead than being with me. Well, I wish you the same.

I love it when my haters visit my page. At least they will know how I am different with all of them. I am happy, and contented, and free.

I usually don’t care of my haters, but when I do I make sure that they get a piece of my precious time. I make them cry more when I show them how happy I am with my life.

Selfishness, jealousy, and greed are all products of hate. When you hate, all your actions are not in the right place.

Teach your children not to hate. They must know that love is greater than all the things in this world.

You don’t hate her; you hate yourself because you are not like her.

When you lack on love and trust, hate takes place.

I hate you because I cannot accept the fact that you are happier than me. I am richer than you, more beautiful than you, but you have good friends and everyone loves you. I sometimes wish to be like you.

No one else hates me more than you. I can’t imagine how much time you spend with my life. Is this why they said “the more you hate, the more you love?”

No matter how I try to protect my image against my haters, they will try their best to destroy me. So I will just let them in, and give them what they want.

I am tired of all the hate in this world. Hate creates a negative life. Crime, all evil-doings, are all product of it. I pray to God to heal this world with his endless forgiveness and unending love.

I never imagine I can hate like this. Before I sleep, I am thinking of how I can make her next day miserable. I hate myself more for being like this.

Happiness is when you see all your haters cry for your success.

Because of hate, I learned to hurt others. Little did I know that I am starting to be like the bad guys I wish I will never be in my life.

Always remember that God has the right to hate us, but He chooses not to be because He loves us all.