50+ Revenge Quotes

As human beings, being vengeful creatures are already innate in us.

When we feel that our dignity and human rights are being violated, we rise up and swear vengeance to those who stepped over the line.

Whether revenge is good for us or bad, only those who have experienced it could elaborate on the true nature of revenge, as expressed in the quotes that follow.

Living well is the best revenge you can give your enemies, like acid on their faces because no one would love them now.

Being a pregnant, moody woman who has much time to plot revenge, I swear I am going to get even, mark my words.

Even though I am just doing nothing out of the ordinary and shooting flirty glances, I assure you a murder plan is under progress.

Stop and ponder on whom among the girls could sink low just to get revenge.


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Wait till I get famous and my former bullies would pay just to meet me backstage where I can deny that I ever knew them in front of their friends. A pleasure to exact revenge.

A confession of pain always leads to revenge.

An eye for every eye, a tooth for every tooth, a hand for every hand is the punishment for any further injury inflicted.

Revenge would be served unless you treat others fairly.

Revenge is less manly than to despise and less noble to forgive.

The entire world would go blind if it is always an eye for an eye.

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No respect is earned for a man who cannot hot back, for I believe in the eye-for-an-eye way to deal with business.

Never has been an eye for an eye enough. Never.

You should dig two graves when you go looking for revenge. One is for you.

Deep malevolence is the mother of revenge, a messed-up way of thinking that is even hard to call evil.

An executioner is the proof of revenge.

Drink a bottle of rat poison and wait for the rat to die. That is how being unable to forgive would feel.

When you take revenge against your enemy, you just even out each other. But in passing revenge over, you become superior to them.

Get your enemies to be hanged first before forgiving them.

The best revenge a woman can have is having gorgeous hair.

When His children fail to reach His impossible standards, God becomes a bully bent on revenge.

When every complaint already contains revenge, making someone pay for your suffering is a pleasure.

You are only opening your heart out to the one who hurt you if you waste your time thinking that they will suffer the consequences of hurting your heart.

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Men exact revenge for just a slight injury but cannot do the same for heavy ones. They must be treated either openhandedly or ruined.

Revenge is natural even if it is wicked.

Revenge never evens out the score, for it just ties both the injured and the injurer to an escalating pain.

The wounds that lover’s hate makes are incurable, for it is far stronger than lover’s love.

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Let the man who stole your wife keep her; it is the best revenge.

Revenge is not only a right but a necessary duty for you and your friends.

Those who perform revenge are weak, those who forgive are strong and those who ignore are intelligent.

A human sentiment is what revenge is, not a noble one.

Retribution is always around to be dealt with.


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Even nuns could be killers because of revenge. Isn’t it funny?

When your enemies are old people, you win because they die.

When a woman is betrayed, they took to their pens. That is their genre.

Nothing is fattening in revenge; it is just sweet.

A man who seeks for vengeance is never filled; always bloodthirsty and has a monster appetite.

The road towards self-destruction always contains revenge.

When I have been crossed, I never forget and make it hard to repair.

When you mess with a nerd’s computer, never expect that you will escape without a scratch.

When we have already consummated our revenge, we only feel lower than our victim. It is not always sweet.

The wounds which should have been closed would remain fresh if you focus on revenge. It is never worthy of you.

I have opened the doors of revenge at such a young age, and I cannot close them again.

Men should leave revenge to God, for it was written that vengeance is only God’s, and He will repay.

Such a shame that my mother brought me up like a lady, I just want to perform pure, unadulterated revenge.

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One dreams of revenge, as life is what it already is.

Revenge must be thought up in a dark, narrow room, with a man’s empty stomach and a full mind.

The universe can disappear, but I should have my revenge first.

Revenge on society and the power to control is what serial killing is all about, not sex at all.

All my enemies should lie at my mercy now.

All innocence is lost once we take revenge against someone.

Do not take revenge half-heartedly. You should either condemn it or announce it.

A vengeful man’s wound would always be green.

Women are more brutal than men when it comes to revenge or love.

A man who thinks of revenge abundantly pays a great price.

We may all have the instinct for revenge, but only some of us has it stronger than others.

Revenge is sweet at first, but we would recoil in its bitterness later.

Revenge is better; I am no fan of repentance.

Letting go of people whom you know you can ruin their life would tell the kind of person you really are.

Seeing your enemy humiliated could bring contentment, but seeing them humiliated by your good deeds could fall into revenge on the scale of virtue.

Revenge is just, for we are just getting rid of people on Earth who are human brutes.

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When man’s nature gets more used of revenge like a wild justice, it should be weeded out by the law.

When you are bitten by a dog and you bit it back, it would be like revenge.

Violence and caution must be able to see and balance each other out, for if there is revenge then the person would do more harm to himself than the enemy.

A small circle could already accommodate revenge.

The passion in our blood that could be remedied only by another’s blood is exactly revenge.

The remorse you would feel after revenge would be much greater than the contentment after getting even.

Revenge holds poisonous juices that irritate the chest and channels mischief to the person proximal to it.

When someone ruins you, just let Mother Nature run its course. She might do a better punishment than you.

Avoid becoming the man who has injured you, for in taking revenge upon him ypu become exactly what he is.

If we train Revenge as a horse properly, it could take us far.

Even if revenge is a common passion among humans, Christians condemn it because they seek to ennoble men while revenge ultimately debases them.

It is the gods who stamped revenge with their image upon our nature. It is their attribute.

A great man is the one who is equipped with revenge in his power but never uses it.

Our success is the best revenge against enemies.

A man so consumed with unachieved revenge wakes up with his own blood on the nails of his hands.

The pleasure of the wretched is always revenge.

Be careful of heating a furnace designed for your foe. It might get too hot that it might burn you.

Revenge, once started, would never have an end. It would only ruin the avenger and confirm the wrong of the enemy.

The fire of revenge would only consume its creator.

Inflicting pain is a kind of revenge which could neglect our duty.

When a man takes upon revenge, revenge from another would also befall him.

Revenge feeds on itself, cheers on murder and fills with satiety.

If you are determined to stand off your enemies instead of plotting revenge, you would be able to cut down thousands of them.

The offerer and the sufferer could be both hurt by revenge.

Revenge gets out of hand because it is private and personal.

The fountain of youth contains one essential ingredient: revenge.

An entire spiritual being could be ruined by the poison of revenge.

Avoid being like the man who injured you. It is the best revenge against him.

My revenge could stomach all his lives if they have been all his hairs.

Serving revenge cold is the best dish. Such a shame that I could not broadcast it to the world.

If you want to avenge something, then you are admitting that you need to rebuild yourself.

Revenge is like cancer; it eats up your very soul, produces an excruciating pain, and gives continual anguish.

When you play with revenge it goes back at you like a boomerang.

How could you be pleased with revenge when it tastes like charcoal and chalk?

Only the emotionally retarded and the childish falls on revenge.

Nothing could be healed if revenge is met with revenge.

Revenge could quite inspire forgiveness.

I would like to see you hanged before I leave.

The people who plan on the destruction of others would find themselves ruined along with their revenge.

These knives you have stabbed and have rusted in my back would also be driven into yours.