60 Girly Quotes


Women are miracle givers in the sense that they are the ones who gave birth to all human beings. Women nurture us, protect us, and warm us throughout our lives. Women of today are already considered equals of men, and it is high time that their capabilities would be recognized and appreciated.


Never compare me to any other girl because I am one in a million, and there can never be a competition.


Girls are likened to apples on trees; boys only reach for the rotten ones because they are too lazy to reach on top and pick the best ones.


Any man who is worth a woman’s tears would never let it flow anyway.

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Telephones are much like girls; they want to be talked to, but they will disconnect you when you press the wrong number.


You may look at me and judge me physically, but look inside, and you will see the real me.


Strong girls are sometimes the ones who have more painful feelings that are hidden.


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I would rather be strong and independent than being beautiful yet useless.


God is just reserving single girls for the best.


A girl who deserves everything does not ask for too much.


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A woman unleashes her tears once she cannot contain all her feelings anymore.


Girls should accept those guys who bring them to meet their parents, not take them to his bedroom.


Not all girls are perfect, yet sometimes they still stop and realize the amazing things life can bring.


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When a man leaves his woman, she puts on her best smile, her best outfit, and her best attitude so he can see what he left behind.


Intuition and instinct tell a woman what is best for her.


What makes a woman beautiful is she does not wait for anybody to get her whatever she wants.



A woman will look good if she feels good about herself; that is confidence.


Pain for strong women is worn like a stiletto; painful though it is, only its beauty is visible.


Artificial beauty sometimes makes a woman feel secure; when taken away from them, they feel strange.


I do not care about seducing men; what I care about is how I could embrace womanhood.


Just with red lipstick and heels, and everyone fears women.


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I wish to become a lady with sophistication, a girl with the brains, and a woman with personality.


When you are in pain, get a drink, slap on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.


A girl’s personality depends on who she is with: her family, her friends, or her boyfriend.


Yes, I am not a princess; I am a queen in my own right.


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As a girl, I overreact at things, overthink, and dream big, but I make sure that I mean it whatever I say.


I do not care whatever they say, which makes me good at keeping secrets because I forget them fast.


A girl likes to hear that she is beautiful even though she does not believe it.


Never underestimate me; I have standards higher than your heels.

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A girl only needs alcohol to keep her strong, love to make her go weak, and her best friends catch her when both drags her down.


I am just an ordinary girl who does not ask for much, just the love and attention of my man.


Everyone may fall for you, but I hope that you will fall for me.


When you are in your sweatpants, guys who snob you do not deserve you in a wedding dress.


I believe in many whimsical things because I am just an ordinary girl who wants to embrace the world.


With just the right outfit, you can become who you want to be.


Girls sometimes fight for the guys who made them cry yet run away from those who make them happy.


Judging people would leave you no time to love them.


A woman’s communication ability can surprise anyone because they may listen half yet tell the double of the story.


A woman’s intuition can already tell that they are in a game before she can play it.


A girl may feel everything, but she always forgets her worth.


One of God’s most beautiful creations are women, so respect them because you do not know what they sacrificed for you.


Girls can do whatever boys can, only much better.


The most amazing feeling you can let a girl feel is happiness.


If you do not like a girl with brains, then you do not like girls at all.


A girl’s imperfections are what make them perfect.


Guys only get then forget, but girls could only give and forgive.


When a girl dresses immodestly, they only get attention from pigs.


Guys who are jealous are cute, but when girls get jealous, the war would soon brew.


If you do not need a girl, then she does not require you to.


Girls should never keep their brains on leash because of a guy; it’s the saddest thing that could happen.


Those who open their hearts are foolish girls, the ones who open their minds are intelligent girls, and girls who spread their legs are easy.


Makeup only makes you beautiful physically, but it can never make up an ugly personality.


Just put on your heels, raise your head high, and keep your standards on top.


Physical beauty could never be valuable if the owner has an ugly heart.


A girl deserves a man who will not only solve her problems but would never leave her alone amidst everything.


Making a girl do anything would only be possible if you could make her laugh.


One of the most pleasant sounds in the world is a girl’s laughter.


Girls may be soft on the outside, but inside they are tough.


A girl is not complaining when she tells you her problems; it just means that she trusts you.


Limits apply to wise girls, but a smart girl does not have any boundaries.


It is tough to be a girl, yet it is still wonderful to be one.


When you experience a relationship with a bad guy, you will finally see that you deserve more than that.


A beautiful fool is one of the most delightful roles a girl can have.


Even though you are sad, you should be able to know how to keep yourself happy.


Being close to what their mothers are is the best thing a girl could become.


A girl’s heels and makeup are just a bonus; what makes them great is their personality.


A smile is a girl’s best accessory.


Always be happy because that is the time that you are the prettiest.


Shopping is most girls’ hobby because they always get what they deserve.


As a girl, I forbid you to touch my hair or my face and especially my boyfriend.


There are days that dancing is the only solution to your problems, so put on your boots and dance everything away.


Girls have their fairytale where they live in.


A silent woman is often more dangerous than the nagging one.


Not all girls who laugh a lot are happy; sometimes, they are the ones who cry themselves to sleep.


Dreaming bigger is one of a girl’s forte in life.


People telling you that you do not have a chance at your dreams are most probably not living theirs.


Shopping is much better than therapy because you get to have a dress at precisely the exact cost.


Just let a girl shop when she is sad; it would magically cure her.


Just be happy; you are prettier in that state.


Girls love whimsical things, like pretty things and a pair of wings.


A girl’s best role model is their mothers.


You can look twice because I am cute enough; I may be sweet however not too lovely.


No pretty girl would tolerate being the butt of nasty things.


One of the most excellent things that could happen to people is little girls.


The most complicated thing in a girl’s world is shopping.


Girls polish their looks and not their brains because they know boys are not blind but dumb.


Some women are so weird that they love when they are not loved and when they are loved.


It is an honour to be pretty; it is not only a gift.


It is fun to be a girl because they can do anything they want with their hair.


For every problem that comes, a girl needs her boyfriend’s hand to hold on to.


Confident girls are always beautiful to men.


A girl likes bad boys because she wants them to be suitable only for her.


A tall guy is what a girl needs to wrap her arm around the neck when they kiss.


Girls who do not smoke or drink, or party every weekend still exists.


A girl could have the best time out of the craziest and dumbest ideas.


How could you love her if you tell her that she is beautiful yet turn off the lights?


A woman who was wronged should never be underestimated.


A girl could endure any burden she carries, but she does not know what she is worthy of.


A love that is so unconditional could only come from a girl.


Shopping is therapeutic for girls.


Her heart is big, her hair is big, and her smile is big because she holds a lot of secrets in it.