The 35 I am Sorry I am not perfect, but I Love You Quotes.


Things will not always work out the way you want something to, but you have to make do. You will have to realize that you must do your best to be the best you can become.
When the person you love asks you how you feel about them, tell that person, “I am not perfect but I love you,” because being honest with your feelings is one of the best things you can offer to them.
It will all work out fine in the end; here are some I am not perfect, but I love quotes that you might appreciate or try to say to them.

I will not be ashamed to ever say it to you, not now, not ever, I am not perfect, but I love you.

You may not notice me or even realize my feelings, but I care for you a lot, friend.


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I am your friend, and I promise you that I will stay with you forever, but will you love me?

The truth is that these feelings that I have for you are too much; I cannot even handle them.

Will you let me have these feelings of love for you even though I am not in any way perfect?

If I promise to try my best to be the best version of myself, will you find a way to care?

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You never did care about how I look or about how I am, but you still adore me a whole lot.

Will you look my way if I try my best to become suitable for you?

I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will keep feeling this way no matter what they all say.

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Let me know if I can do anything to improve myself to work out or something like it.

Things look bleak, like I know you will never feel the same way about me, and I care for you.

I adore you a lot, and I feel like things may not work out because I am not that cool like you.

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You always seem so composed, so used to being who you are that I do not have a place there.

May you see the way that I adore you a lot and somehow give an answer to these feelings.

I have this ball of emotions just waiting to be unrolled, and I will tell you as soon as possible.

I do not even dare tell you I like you, so how can I dare think you feel the same?

The truth is that I am not perfect, but I love you, and I just wou would somehow love me.

I believe that everything in this life is fated to be and maybe, just maybe, you and me as well.

If I can believe in something or someone, I believe in you and your capability to see through.

May you appreciate the feelings I have for you even if you cannot return them, darling.

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I am nowhere near perfection, and I will never be, but my feelings for you are trustworthy.

Let me be with you on the saddest day of your life, and I promise to try and save you, my friend.

It will not be easy; I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will do whatever I can, dear.

Maybe somewhere along the road, you will realize I am not perfect, but I love you, darling.

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Will you give me a chance to be with you? Will you give you and me a chance to be together?

I know you haven’t looked at me that way before but will you let me because I like you.

Yours is the face that I want to see on every morning of the day, every time, every single hour.

I want to wake up next to you someday, to be able to gaze upon your wonderful face, my dear.

Will you let me be the reason for your every smile because I love you like that if you know it?


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You may not notice these feelings I have for you, but they are sincere; they are true.

Never will I make you cry as far as I am concerned, and for as much as I can, I promise you.

I will give you the world; I will catch the stars if you wish; I will make it all accurate.

Still, I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will give you the world if I have to, my honey.

For you have the smile that can brighten up the darkest hours of my life, you affect me so.

Will you be the one who will never let me go even when I am nowhere near to being flawless?

I have a lot of faults, and I want you to know that even though all of them, I adore you a lot.

I will gladly give my life to you if you need it. That is how much I like you, my dear friend.

I wonder if I will ever get out of this friend zone that I am in because it gets more challenging than ever.

I am the one who is always there for you, and still, you do not see the feelings I have for you.

I know I am filled with flaws, but I am doing my best to change, so please let me like you.

Why do you not even consider us when I have been the one who was with you throughout?

You are my life; you are all I think about; I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will keep on.

I will keep going. I will keep trying to make you realize that I am the one for you, forever.

These feelings of adoration that I have for you will always be here, and I will wait for you, girl.

Let me love you the way I love myself, with ease and care, with intensity and with passion.

For you are the person I care for the most in this life, no one else matters like you, girl.

You may seem not to know what I feel, but I hope you have an idea that you feel it too.

There is not much I can say, but I can truthfully promise you will not regret giving me chances.

You make me feel like I am floating in this world full of empty and broken dreams; I like you.

I must be insane to tell you this, but I just ho, babe, I am not perfect, but I love you.

I wish I am perfect, really, sadly I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will prove it to you.

I am not perfect, but I love you with all I have, with every bone residing in this body.

When there is nothing left to like about you, I swear I will find one reason to, a good one.

You are the stars for me, the one who makes me feel like no one ever did; you rock my world.

How do I tell you that you are the one that gives me hope that there is a future waiting for me?

I do not even understand myself, but you do; how can you know me so well when I don’t?

You bring changes in my life that can never be undone but make many impacts; thank you.

For always being there when my flaws come out, I want to tell you I appreciate everything.

I am flawed. I am not as seamless as I seem, but still, you accept me, and for that, I thank you so.

Everything you do will guide me back to the place I once called home; thank you for that.

Even when things start to fall apart, I will hold your hand tightly and remind you I am here.

How do I begin to tell you that I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will keep on loving you?

I will be there for you, and I will show you that you are lovable in your worst moments, dear.

You are beautiful, and I will keep reminding you that until you finally believe me, darling.

I can take it as slow as you want me to if you promise to consider the feelings I have, honey.

I am not forcing you to do anything but acknowledge that my love goes past friendship.

Let me be the one who will stay with you until you decide that you finally want me to, sweetie.

And when the day comes that you realize that you love me back, I will be celebrating so much.

I am not perfect, but I love you no matter how long it takes you to realize this and feel identical.

You make me feel fantastic, and for that, I will always be loving you with all I have, baby.

Through every hurdle and challenge we had together, I say, I am not perfect, but I love you.

I may drive you insane, for I am not perfect, but I love you enough to stay by your side.

Now and forever, I just ho say I am not perfect, but I love you in all the ways I can.

You have seen both the best and worst sides of me, I am not perfect, but I love you still, dear.

You know that I am not perfect, but I love you, and I will be here waiting for the day you would.

I am not perfect, but I love you, tell me what I have to do for you to love me as I do.

I have repeatedly told you that I am not perfect, but I love you and remain still, baby.

I am not perfect, but I love you and no matter what, I will keep on loving you in this life, babe.