Top 105 Gym Quotes


For those people who loves going to the gym to have a good time, keep fit, stay healthy, or post some pictures on the internet saying that they went to the gym, here are some gym quotes that you will surely love to read and brag to your friends that do not go to the gym.


You either wing it or lose it; that is the reality of the people who go to the gym.


Why do you go to the gym? Me? I love looking at all those hot bodies working out.


I go to the gym all the time but still do not lose weight, but I lose my heart every single time.


The boys who go to the gym never amaze me, from thin to someone with abs.

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Honestly, I love abs, six-pack, eight pack or even ten-pack; I want to drool while looking.


Once you get used to the smell in the gym, you can fully enjoy it to the limit; that is the truth.


There is no going back now; what matters, in the end, is that you tried to be that person.


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In the gym, you work for fitness; you work for success because hard work will pay off, and you know it, you know that, and that is the reason you keep working.


The result does not matter; what matters is that you went to the gym and faced everyone.


There are only two options in the gym, you either get ripped off your money or get laid because you have become a nerd turned into a macho man.


Pain is your weakness finally being pushed out of the body you are in right now.


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Being defeated is just a temporary thing; what matters is that you never give up.


Once you give up, it is permanent that you lose; every time you give up, you lose yourself.


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Never give up because the things that are proven are not always accurate; you can still change.


A gym is a place for the believers that still hope for things to change for them, and it does.


The gym is a sanctuary for those who still hope in the power of love; it changes the world.



You fail only when you decide that it is not worth giving a try anymore, only then.


I think that failure is but a temporary change in your direction, a detour still to success.


If you have forgotten to prepare, then forget winning, you will surely fail, trust me on this.


I have been there before. I have spent hours under that same barbell, trying to become great.


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I wanted to let you know that I needed to be with you after all those gym tryouts. I still do.


The worst thing that you can ever become in your whole life is to remain average.


You either go all the way with your training, or you should go home to your mommy.


Do you want to know our gym’s motto? It is really simple: you either eat big, get big and lift big.


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When your joints and muscles start to hurt, that is the moment that you start working out.


If you want a beautiful body, then be ready for the pain; there is no beauty without it at all.


The hardest thing about earning a single title is that you have to live up to it; that is the truth.


You know what they say about sizes and responsibility; you have to own up to what you are.


There is nothing about the gym; you have to do it; you need to do it instead.


You know what? I am not here to talk; I am here to lose some weight, true story finally.


My gym trainer tells me that he will make me squat until the moment I feel like puking; Ewww.


That is the goal, to do something that I have never tried to achieve more than ever.


The goal in the gym is never to give up, to keep being the person that I have and be a better one.


Tell me that I am no good, that I will never become who I need to be, that inspires me.


You are born weak, and that is the truth, but dying soft is a sin against all odds, so do not.


I do not care how many times you lift it, but you will get a girl body if you go for girl weights.


The thought about having pride is when you have strength deep within you, waiting to get out.


Hard work will always beat talent, especially when talented does not work hard; that is true.


Winners will always train to be a better competitor, while losers will always complain, always.


The truth is that what makes a winner is that he will always strive to get better than whine.


Respect is something that should be earned and never be demanded from anyone at all.


Just being good will never be enough, especially when it is possible to be a better version.


If you genuinely want to succeed in life, you need to have a character that can take you places.


My goal is to be the best person that I can become in everything that I do, every single thing.


When your opponent is only yourself, you get to become better every single day of your life.


If you want to lose some weight, then you might as well start focusing on yourself more.


The sky is not the limit; remember those footprints up there in space when it comes to the gym.


Everyone feels like becoming a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift those weights.


I honestly think that life is too short to keep being small, so I might as well go to the gym.


Go on and be proud of the work that you have done but never settle; keep on being better.


The moment that you feel satisfied with what you have is the moment that you stop trying.


The goal is to be better every day, so you need to keep striving and never stop doing.


Some people can only wish for things to happen, but I believe that you can do it; that is true.


You can only get the things you put in, so invest in the items you want to see.


You might as well live for something, or else there is nothing worth dying for at the end of it.


The worst thing you can ever become is like everyone else, so go work hard in the gym.


Cardio? I do not know that, is that a foreign language or maybe alien language, do tell.


If you are building your body now, go and make your character simultaneously.


I believe I can, and I know that I can, and that is the real reason why I can be who I want to be.


The gym reminds me of my past, who I was, all my aspirations and dreams.


Those muscle bars and weights had witnessed who I was when I was at my worst.


I love the quiet atmosphere of the gym, the smell of sweat and the hard work I see each day.


The thing is that glory is binary; people only care about who is first and no one else.


There is no point in being second best; you need to be the first one or no one.


If you want to lose weight, I think that you might have to work harder than you are.


Do you want good results? If so, then you might as well train harder than ever now.


Start today, and maybe you will achieve your results faster than you want to.


Even when your body tells you to stop, you have to keep your mind over matter and say never.


Never stop trying to become a better person than you are now; go and train in the gym today.


Stop doing the things that people expect you to do and give them some element of surprise.


What you see is what you truly get, so you might as well go and make it your best piece.


The pain you are experiencing in your training will pay off later on; believe me in this.


You do not get results by just going to the gym; you need to start working your butt off.


When will you start anyway? You might as well start as soon as possible; that is the truth.


Stop predicting your future; you will never be right and focus on what is ahead of you.


Today I will overcome the goals that I have set for yesterday and become a better person.


Pain is only temporary; that is what I keep on telling myself every single time I fail.


Let me tell you the secret to having a better body, treat your sweat as tears of your fat.


Be the person who will motivate every other person in that gym to try a little harder this day.


If you go and ask me who I am trying to lose weight for, I can proudly tell you: For myself.


The best thing about what I am doing is that I am doing this because of me.


There are days when I wanted nothing else but to give up, but then I realized I could do it.


Eventually, you will get used to the sweat, the pain and the pleasure, and you will be addicted.


One day, I hope that I will have to stop doing what I used to be doing back then.


When I was young, all I ever wanted to do was visit a doctor, and I was promised it would all be okay in the end, but it hurt so much.