The 60 I Love Her Quotes

Love is one of the most overwhelming emotions in this world and is often indescribable.
If you feel the need to express how much you love her, but you can’t find the right words to say, then here are the I love her quotes that you can take inspiration from.

Oh, you beautiful girl, there is no doubt that you have stolen my heart. To make it even allows me to steal a quick kiss from you; I love you!

True love is like a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. It is not only inspiring but uplifting as well, which is pretty much just like you.

Live, laugh and love. All three things are so important and what’s great is that I can do all these with you.

Thank you for coming into my life. You indeed are an inspiration behind all the things that I do and the source of all things good that’s happening in my life.


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There’s someone up there who must be watching out closely for me since they have just sent me Heaven’s most beautiful angel, and that is you, my dear.

You are the very reason why I wake up with a smile. You are the secret to why I sleep so peaceful at night.

My life is truly magical, fantastical and wonderful. And this is all because you are in it. Let’s work together to make what we have a forever thing.

60 Quotes About Love

My heartfelt gratitude for having met you has been surpassed only by my astonishment at the happiness that you have brought into my life.

Each time you make me feel how much you love me, it seems like I melt like honey. Let us be sweet together and make this relationship last forever.

You have always been my dream girl. Even before I have known you, your presence is already in my mind, just like you are.

In between, we are a thread tied to our hearts, so we will be able to walk closer to each other at all times.

Jealousy Quotes

My heart is in my hands, and I want you to have it. Since I am so clumsy, I am afraid I might lose it quickly and give it to someone else instead.

You’re the only air that I breathe. You’re the ticking of my heart, and you wake me every single day of my life.

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

The happiest I have ever felt is that moment you choose to love me too.

Just when I think I could not love you more, you have shown up and given me another reason for having the desire to live the rest of my life having you by my side.

I love you with the smiles, tears and breath of my life. I know I can never live without you by my side.

No matter where you are, always remember that I will be by your side. Our unbreakable bonds could mean that we will be as one forever, and so let’s face the world together.

You gorgeous woman in my life, ever since the day I found you, I know by heart that the two of us are truly perfect for each other.

I wake up every morning thinking about you and lie down each night with the same wondrous thoughts of you in my mind.

I don’t think there is anything more valuable than our love for each other. Ever since you came into my life, the only measurement I have is in a heartbeat.

You are Beautiful Quotes

You are free to take my hand and take me to wherever your heart is. I want to feel how it is to be loved by someone like you.

Sometimes, I just wanted to knock on the door of your heart to check if I’m living there, just like you, who lingers in my heart forever.

You are like a little kitten that looks straight into my eyes, longing for love in this unknown cold world.

Every morning, I wake up with an excitement that’s the same as what a child feels on Christmas Day because of the thought that I am now finally with you.

The 60 Great Love Quotes

They said that you should take your time and choose wisely and that love will come whenever you are ready. This is exactly what I did, and finally, here we are now together.

The love I have for you knows no boundaries. You are the very reason behind all things good going on in my life right now, and I can thank God enough for giving you to me.

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth, yet we end up finding each other. It’s just amazing how love works.

Words are not enough to express what you mean to me. May you somehow know this, something that I can never explain.

All those days I spent with you are the days worth living. Since you came, I have already forgotten what it’s like to be alone.

The life I had with you is something that I will forever cherish. I will never trade it for anything else, even for all of the riches in this world; I love you.

Just when I thought that I could not be any happier, I have found you. And all my thoughts changed once again.

Everything that you do is indeed a source of joy for me. I will never feel sad whenever I am around you; I love you.

Just seeing you is enough to brighten up even my darkest days. You have truly shed light on all the things that I do. I love you!

The attraction has brought us closer, but our love is what’s going to keep us together forever.

I’ve started flirting with you since you were the hottest girl I know. But now, I have fallen in love with you because I realized you have the most beautiful soul I have ever known. I love you.

Before I had a relationship with you, I was scared of commitment. But now that I finally have you, I can say that I am already addicted to your love.

I knew I had fallen in love when I stopped thinking of how pretty you are and started seeing the beauty that is inside you.

To live, humans need food, air and water. As for me, I only need your smiles, hugs and kisses. I love you.

I believe that the one word that can best describe you is MINE, while the only word that best describes us is FOREVER.

Your love is the only weapon I need to fight all the battles I face in life.

What your touch does to me is the same way that a pebble does to the calm waters when it’s dropped there. You send ripples to my body and soul. I love you so much, sweetie.

I am kissing you, thinking about you and hugging you. I will never get tired of doing these things for you, anytime, everywhere, and all day long.

Each time we cuddle, you turn my life into such a priceless and sweetest memory.

Every time I see you smile is the exact moment that makes all of life’s problems worth tolerating. Thank you for loving me; I love you.

I do not precisely know what relationship status I would choose on my Facebook since there is no option for madly in love, which I have felt for you since the day I found you.

Love helps make you realize that life does not need to be perfect for as long as you are happy. Your presence has brought so much happiness to my life; thank you for everything, my love.

I may be selfish and self-centred on things that I wanted, but your happiness is the only thing I wanted so desperately. I love you!

I do not care whether it is a selfie or a selfie. Any photo that has you makes me go crazy; I love you!

The more I have gotten to know you, the more I have realized how awesome you are. I love you, my darling!

Just like how no one and nothing can ever come close to looking as gorgeous as you, no one and nothing can also come close to loving you in the same way that I do; I love you very much!

As far as I know, I started falling in love with you when my ears could no longer listen to anything you were saying, although my heart could still feel every drop of expression on your lovely face.

I will now stop referring to you as my girlfriend since you are no longer a girl, but you are an angel to me. I love you, my dear angel.

Just like my favourite meal is not complete without fries and a drink, my day will be incomplete if you do not give me those beautiful smiles and flirty winks.

I don’t know what to do without you, for your love is the only thing that I needed for survival. I love you so much, baby.

You indeed are gorgeous and dazzling. You are sensuous and attractive and charming and hot. Sweetheart, I love you a lot.

If you were born during Ancient Greece, you are probably Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. But since you were born in this era, you are my queen, the love of my life!

The sunrise might be perfect due to the beautiful hues it produces. But as for my life, it has been made perfect because of your presence; I love you!

I wouldn’t say I like the month of February since it gives me a couple of days less to kiss you, hug you and express how much I have loved you.

I often get goosebumps each time I think of you. That’s how powerful my love is for you; I love you!