Top 40 I Love my Kids Quotes

Say it to the world, tell them, “I love my kids”, and let them know just how much you genuinely care for your children because children are blessings from God.
If you do not know what you want to say and just like your message to come across as loving your children, here are some quotes regarding loving your kids that you might enjoy.

I love my kids because they fill my world with joy and laughter; I wish for nothing more.

Do not even dare to lay a single finger on my kids because I will not show you any mercy.

My dear kids, if you can see yourselves through my eyes, you would see you’re unique.


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I wish that you guys would realize that I care for you so much more than you know one day.

There is nothing more I want in this world than to see all of you as happy and healthy too.

I will love you and spoil you with my love because you truly deserve it for being such cuties.

I want to pinch your cheeks, hug you tightly and shower you with kisses, my dear children.

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I will try my best to help you achieve all those dreams that you have dreamt of.

Keep reaching for your goals; you will eventually get them all; believe me on this, alright?

Messages to Express how much I Love My Kids

Those unicorns and rainbows make me so happy to the point that I want to shout I love my kids.

I want to thank God because you gave me gifts, and they are everything I wanted in this life.

I have wished to have children all my life, and now they are here staring me in the face.

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The best thing about a mother is that she will never leave you, and so I never would, my dears.

May you never forget me even as you grow up because I still wish to see you now and then.

I know you guys will eventually be able to make decisions for yourselves, but for now, I would.

I will always be here for you, kids, so do not worry if you are lost and wondering.

My love for you goes more profound than the ocean, higher than the universe, wider than everything.

I will be a friend to you as much as I would be a parent, so do not let yourself be down.

Never will I leave you alone when you feel down; I will keep treasuring you, my child.

I may be your worst nightmare when you break your curfew, but I can be your sweetest dream.

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I love my kids, and I could not have made it this far in life without them in it; that is the truth.

I love my kids, and no memory is worth remembering without them in it, honestly speaking.

In my memory, your children will always be as perfect as you can be. That is the truth of this life.

At one point in your life, you will hate me, but I will not take that seriously, okay?

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I will let you off the hook now and then, you know, for I truly do love you a whole lot.

You taught me that even a person like me could be happy if I put my heart into doing nothing.

Balancing me is what you do best; you can relax me when I am feeling so agitated at this time.

I work hard for you because I want to give every one of you the best I possibly can.


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There is nothing more special than seeing your kids grow up to be the best person they can be.

The most unforgettable moments in my life are those I spend with my children; I love my kids.

You now have the dreams you only thought of before, and now here you are, successful kids.

The truth is that a parent cannot ever see her child suffering no matter what happens in life.

One hug from you melts away all the anger I feel no matter what you did to me; I love you so.

I love my kids, and they make me feel like I am more than complete, overflowing with love.

I would support every child because I love my kids that much to sacrifice it all.

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The moment I saw you, I knew I was going to fall for you as deep as I possibly could, my dear.

I have been here for as long as I can remember, but I have never been so happy as today.

You are my most outstanding achievement; you are the one person I will keep loving the most.

I want to treasure you, every moment we spend together, I want to have some time for you.

To put a roof under our head is hard, but I always will do just that.

No matter how tough life gets, I promise you that I will try my best to show that I care.

For them, I would try to buy the whole world to live better. That is how I love my kids.

I love my kids, so even when things get tougher, I will keep supporting them.

One of the best things in this life is being as happy as I can be, so I love my kids so much.

I love my kids, and I feel that the house would be cleaner but emptier without them in my life.

They make me feel like I can become anything that I can be, and that’s why I love my kids.

Though the world is tough, I love my kids that keep me going in this life.

I never want to have that moment when I am not sure what I should be doing anymore.

No matter what happens to you, remember that I will always be here to keep supporting you.

Even when you are on the wrong side of things, I will still listen to what you have to say, dear.

I will do my best to understand what you do and the reason behind each of them.

You are my strength and weakest point in this life, and I cannot even imagine life now.

I am willing to give everything up if it means that you will be a bit happier than usual, dears.

You are a miracle, and you grew up to be the most beautiful set of kids, and I find it cute.

One day you will no longer be kids but full-pledged adults, but do visit me still when it comes.

There is no payment enough in this world but being in love with you matters most to me, dear.

I love my kids because they are like tiny rays of sunshine that lights up my darkest days.

I never think you do not love me because I have raised you myself; I know you better.

May you remember the things I tell you even as you are still but a child, you are beautiful.

I will do my best to cherish you, to show you that you are as excellent as you believe, girl.

I have found myself once more as I raised my child, and I love who I am now.

I know you will change and grow up, and despite all of that, I will love you just the same, dear.

When you feel you least deserve to be loved, I will love you the most at that very moment.

I wish my kids would not grow up too soon because I do not want to let go, for I love my kids.

My pride swells when I see that you have grown up to be everything I have ever wanted to be.

I think that you being here in front of me is the best thing that could ever have happened to me.

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You came into my life so unexpectedly, and now here you are, all grown up and handsome too.

When you love a child, you want to give him only the best, which is the reality of our lives.

I love my kids, and I would not choose anyone as my favourite because I love each of them.

As a parent, I want nothing but only the best for my children no, matter the situation in life.

I wish you would go up to me and kiss me on the cheek tell me that you love me, my children.

I love my kids, and there is no one in this world that I can love more than them; that is true.

Unique Quotes About Loving Children Unconditionally

What I want is for your children to realize that you are worth so much more than you think.

You girls are the constant reminders of why I keep living my life and enjoy it.

I have been trying to find a purpose all this life, and I found it when you came into my life.

Being a parent is challenging work, but it is definitely worth everything I have in my life.

It is worth every drop of blood and sweat to see you smiling so happily, enjoying your lives.

You have changed how I view life in general, and I cannot be more thankful than ever.

The moment you become a parent, you will understand all the struggles I once had, dear.

May you always try to make the right choice, but I will be here when you make mistakes.

I feel incomplete without them because I love my kids, and they mean the universe to me.

I love my kids, and I want nothing more than to see them enjoying themselves in this life.

Don’t you dare mess up with my children because I love my kids, and I would mess with you?

I love my kids to the point that they want to have some space for themselves; that’s true.