I Love My Woman

Expressing your love and affection to the woman you love can make her feel like she is the most special woman in the whole universe, which is rightly so.
We often know what to say, but sometimes, we just run out of words to express how much our lady love means to us.
So to help you through, here are the most romantic I love my woman quotes.

Oh, you lovely girl, you have stolen my heart from me. So to make it even, I will try to steal a kiss from you.

Every love story is truly beautiful. But you know what, ours is my favourite of all.

True love is like a glimpse of Heaven. It is truly uplifting and inspiring, like what you are to me.


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You are the inspiration behind all the things that I do and the source of my life’s great things. Thank you for loving me more than I love you.

Someone up there must be watching out closely for me since they have sent me Heaven’s most beautiful angel to my life.

Laugh, love, live. All these three are essential, and I get to do them all because of you.

You are the only reason I wake up each morning with a smile, and you are the secret to all my peaceful nights.

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I love you so much, and I genuinely know that you will always love me back no matter what happens. Thank you for coming into my life.

Each time you smile at me, you brighten up my day, more than the sun can ever do.

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I love every single moment that I spend with you. Your love and care have truly touched my heart and changed my life for the better.

My life has been magical, fantastic, and that’s all because you are in it. Let us work together in making this forever.

Love me, hug me and kiss me. The exact quantity of these things you give me, I promise to return this to you as soon as possible.

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My appreciation for having known you has been surpassed by the amazement at the greatest joy you bring to my life.

Your love is so great that I feel like I am melting into honey. Let’s be sweet together and make this relationship even better.

You are and always have been the girl I have been dreaming of. Even before I have met you, your memory has always been in my mind.

Between the two of us, one is a thread. It has tied both our hearts so we can walk closer to each other at all times.

In my hand, you will find my heart. Please take it, for I am so clumsy, and I am afraid that I might lose it quickly or give it up to someone less deserving than you.

There are just so many reasons to fall in love with you. Your adorable smile, your sweet laughter and your kind heart are just among these things.

Our relationship may not be perfect. But the love that we have for each other can make up for all of the imperfections in it.

I am forever grateful for the joy and happiness that you have brought into my life.

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You’re the only air that I breathe. You’re the ticking in my heart, just like a small clock that wakes me every single day. Thank you for coming into my life. I would not want it any other way.

I love you with the smiles, the breath, and all the tears of my life.

Just when I thought I could not love you more, you showed up and gave me more reasons for wanting to stay alive and having you by my side for the rest of my life.

If I had one rose for every time, I think of you, I would have walked through an endless garden of roses.

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Both our lives have a path of each own. But when we are with each other, these paths will join, and I’m thankful that I found a perfect way to be on.

I love you because you accepted who I am and understand me. I also love you because you take the time to teach me. Most of all, I love you because you encourage and support me upon reaching my goals in life.

I value our relationship more than you will ever know. You are the girl of my dreams, and I do not know what to do without you in my life.

Words can be tedious. However, I feel butterflies in my stomach each time you say I love you.


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Your one of a kind beauty truly overwhelms me, and no words can even describe how I truly feel for you.

If I were a mobile phone, then you would be a charger. Thus, I would be dead if you would leave me. So please stay; I love you dearly.

To each other, we have made many beautiful promises. However, the best ones are within our hearts, waiting to be made once the time is right.

The epitome of romance, the essence of marital bliss and the pinnacle of commitment is what our love life is.

The surreal sun-kissed hues of Instagram posts are nothing new to me. My life has already been drenched with rosy tints since that day that we got married.

I often run out of words to express how much I love you and how you mean so much to me. All I can say is that my life has revolved around you only, and nothing else will matter.

It does not matter how many years have passed; the flight of our love would always fly high enough.

You are not only the mother to my kids but also the beat of my heart. You are not only the queen of this family, but you are also the woman of my dreams. I love you!

Arguments and fights. Hug and kisses, frown and smiles. Together we will sail it all through, not just today, but until forever.

Is there anything else more valuable than our precious love for each other? Since you are here with me, the only measurement is our heartbeats.

If you will dare, please take my hand and take me here your heart is. I want to feel what it is like to love a girl as precious as you.

You are like a little kitten that looks into my eyes, wanting love in this crazy cold world.

Sometimes, I knock on the doors of your heart to make sure that I still have a place in there.

I wake up each morning with the same excitement that a child would feel on Christmas Day at the thought that I am with you.

The love I have for you has no boundaries. You’re the reason behind everything good that is happening in my life.

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth. Yet, we still found each other. This must be magic.

All the days I spend with you are the days that are worth living. I have already forgotten how it feels to be alone.

Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me. The life I have with you is something that I will never trade for something else, including the riches in Heaven.

I am giving you my heart with the full intention and knowing gratefully that my life will no longer be the same, but so much better instead.

You know you are in love if you see the whole world in her beautiful eyes and you see her eyes everywhere else in the world.

Behind every powerful woman is a little girl who has to learn to get back up and not depend on anyone else.

Suppose there is something that I did right in this life. It was when I chose to give my all to you.

I adore her smile, I admire her heart, and I cherish her hugs. Most of all, I love that she is my one precious wife.

The love I have for you is like a journey that will start forever and then end at never.

I will never love someone in the same way that I love you.

If I were allowed to give you just one thing in this life, I would give you the power to see yourself in my eyes. Only then you will realize just how special you are to me.

I would say that my most brilliant achievement is when I have successfully persuaded my wife to marry me.

Maybe I am already too late to be your first. But I can assure you that I am preparing myself to be your last.

My dearest love, you are my favourite drug, and I cannot help but be addicted to your touch and presence, especially if you are not on my side.

I have known what love is all because of you. Your mere presence takes my breath away.

You are my angel, my life and my universe. You are the only one that I want and the one I will only need. So please let me be with you always, forever and a day.

When I am with you, hours will feel like seconds. But when we are apart, days will feel like years.

Your love is just like a lamp in my window that guides me into the darkest night.

Every man will need a woman, especially if his life is a mess. Just like a game of chess, the queen will be there to protect her king in everything.