Keep Your Head Up Quotes


Having the will to pursue and not give up on our goals in life is difficult without any inspiration. Words are powerful tools that can help one regain strength and competency, so we have prepared these quotes and sayings for those weakened individuals who need them.
Here are some of the many quotes you can draw energy from:


If an idea revolves in your mind for a day, you can only make it shut by accomplishing it. Get up and work!


Life will throw punches and low blows on you. Are you ready? Do not be worried because this will mold the athlete in you.


Struggles and negativity will attempt their best to put you down, break you into pieces, but do not be discouraged because you will always rise victorious if you are willing to fight back.


Life can only put you to the lowest once you are in the ground. Take this as an opportunity to bounce back higher than ever because you have the upper hand of being in your lowest point.

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Once you are in the lowest of all, the only thing to do is to go up because there is nothing lower than where you are in. You have no choice but to stand up, do it!


Life is ruthless, and it will never pity anyone, but if you show up yourself to be stronger than it, it will indeed back down.


Do not let situations weaken you. Show the inner lion that roars within.


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The only reason people achieve is that they never give up, even if taking over is prolonged.


Be consistent, keep your goals tight and keep your eyes on it.


You must persevere. You must endure. These are the secrets to success.


Life was never easy from the start. You have to beat thousands of sperm cells to survive.


Quotes About Never Give Up and Stay Strong


Live the life of a champion and not a loser as it lifts your spirit to greatness rather than to weakness.


You are proven and tested, do not back down now. It is now or never.


You will be put to the test many times, but you have to rise above every time.


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The quest to conquer life is eternal. Be brave and always bring with you the heart of a skilful warrior ready for battle at all times.


Mould yourself in the painful bashing of discipline, and you will be one of the greatest this world has ever seen.



Adversities in life can never dismay a man with focus and conviction.


You may find yourself injured in battle but never let it slow you down. Let your wounds be painful enough that you want to fight them.


Move on, my child; you are destined to be known on this earth.


Let your name be heard in all places and corners of this land, young one.


Love is all you need


The greatest man and women who ever lived on this planet are the ones that had endured the worst that it can offer.


Let your fears guide your path towards being courageous. Let these doubts serve as your light towards facing the ultimate battle. It is only a phase; once you have overcome fear, you become fearless. You are unstoppable.


You are on the correct path towards your destination—March on it with confidence and pride.


Stay bold and valiant even if it seems that everything is crashing over.


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Always end a horrible day with a smile. It always fools the enemy.


Most of the greatest story ever told was once a tale of sadness and sorrow.


Keep on moving. No matter how slow you are. Even if you are merely crawling, keep on moving.


If you say that you cannot do it or you can, in, either way, you are right.


So today are the things that others will do tomorrow.

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Conquering life is like riding a bike. You have to stay upright in balance even if you are slow and the road is bumpy because if you stop, you will fall to the ground.


Do not stay long under trouble because it hinders you from the glorious life of being successful.


Why are you prolonging your agony? Just rising from the bed and getting things done is the secret to reaching one’s dream.


You have gone through hell; would you give up now?


People will always fool you and tell you that you are not good enough. You always have a chance to either prove them right or prove them wrong.


Believe in yourself. Believe in your inner capability to grow strong. Besides, no one will do that for you except you.


I am a warrior at heart, a beast on the move. The life you should be ready for because I will own you!


Critics will always do their job, but your job is to consistently deliver what they ask for, your success.


Be thankful for the people that always put you down. They are part of why you are pushing yourself toward success.


It is the action of your will that is measured and not your words.


Greatness requires courage and efficiency in getting things done.


Have a dream, and let this dream guide your actions.


There is no ultimate winner. There is always a fight in the morning that needs to be won.


Time will heal your injuries, but once you are ready, prepare for the next battle like you have never done before.


Do not let discouragement stand in your way. You will realize that it is just a tall but soft obstacle once you dare to get over it.


Use your time well. Be wise as it will determine the number of successes that you will achieve.


One can never beat a person that is determined of winning.


Have you ever failed in life? If yes, then try again.


A man with passion can never feel pessimistic about the goal that he wants to get.


Have a heart that is overflowing with positivism. You need this in your daily battle in this journey called life.


Being disheartened is just but normal, but do not let it weaken your desire to pursue.


Big dreams give a man the power to make everything work just for it to be realized.


Do not just dream but make it a point that it will become your reality in the future.


Once you quit. That’s it!


I am possible. Nothing for me is impossible.


It takes routine and habit for one to be an expert, but if you are unwilling to change, you will never be disciplined to such greatness in lifestyle.


Many of our failures come from the inferiority that the people we love give us. It is ironic to feel that, but you have to trust yourself and no one but yourself sometimes in life.


Even if my attempt was wrong, it was still a step forward.


I had never failed in life. I just had 10,000 attempts to get where I am today.


It is never too late to have a dream.


You can always be better than you were yesterday if you had the strength to alter your behaviour.


If you want to have more in life, you have to get out of your comfort zone.


Do not blame others for what you are now because you will always have your own decision on what you will do with your life.


Choose your battles well because if you do not, you will waste your time.


Be wise in thinking about what you want to do with your life. It has to be relevant for society and not only for you.


Your failures in life will eventually make you realize that you needed each one for you to arrive at where you are right now.


You have to refuse the persuasion of your enemies for you to keep your eyes on the prize of overcoming the problem.


Nothing is worse than a person who is capable but unwilling.


The very day that you give up on what you want is the day that you failed as a person.


Do not be a quitter. Many dreams have been buried together in graves because those people quitted on theirs.


You should love the drive of feeling great rather than the comfort of being lazy.


Be the part of the dream team that everyone desires.


People peak at your mistakes but do not give in to what they want, seeing you fail.


A strong man with credibility is never afraid to be questioned.


You should be aware at all times. You have to know what you are fighting for.


Talented and skilful warriors are made and not born.


Soaking with people of purpose allows one to enhance their contribution in the big picture of success.


Talents and skills are meaningless without a relevant purpose.


Embrace the grind, young men.


A person with determination is never easy to disturb.


Accept the responsibility of having a life. It means that you have a primary job of making it better.


Do not ask that life will calm down the storm that you are facing right now. Ask life to give you the strength to pass over it.


I cannot promise you that it will be easy, but I can promise you that it will be very good in the end.


You have to sacrifice now for you to feel the pleasures of life in your future.


No matter how tough you are, life will beat you to the ground. You have to have a big grin on your face while you stand up, so life knows that you are not easy to beat.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Be strong, my friend.


In the end, wherever you see yourself, you were the one who placed yourself there.


No one has the power to kill your vibe, to break your dreams and to give up but you.


If you do not let negativity get in, it can never do you harm.