Liar quotes

There was once an old saying which goes to say that the pants of a liar are always on fire.
This means to say that a liar is someone who can never quite get on with life, always jittery about when he will be discovered.
You see, being a liar is a bad thing since nothing good ever comes out of being a liar.
The perfect person does not smoke, cheat, but it also might not exist but being a liar is unforgivable because it is a choice you make.
Here are some quotes about being a liar that should help you out just fine.

Telling the truth and having someone cry over it is way much better than being a liar.

I am not even mad now that I know you lied to me but that I can no longer believe in you.


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The sad fact is that the very person telling you that they would never lie may just be lying.

Whether it is a big one or a small one, lies are the same in the impact; you lose trust.

Lying is not only through words; you can lie without saying anything and remaining silent.

I wanted to believe you so bad, but the truth is that I no longer can’t after all the lies you said.

A liar tells lies and cheats, then have all his lies whirled up upon him, making things worse.

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No matter how you bury it, the truth eventually comes out, so before you lie, get facts straight.

I think the best type of relationship is when there need not be any secrets or lies at all.


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A single lie that you have said can very well lead to deception, something wrong with it all.

The worst type of lie concerns love and identity, which is but another low blow.

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I think that when you discover someone to be a liar, you should be wary of trusting him again.

Sure not telling the truth may delay your problem now, but it will not shortly.

I hope you never have to argue with someone that believes their lies to be the truth of things.

As much as I want to tell you, I can’t because I no longer trust you anymore after all you did.

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One time you were dishonest, and the people who matter to you started making things wrong.

If you cannot keep a secret, just tell the person not to say it to you, be calm and just fine.

I do not get how a person becomes a liar when he needs not to lie to be where he is right now.

You see, when you are a pro liar, you can tell so many lies and not regret it one bit that it is.

The point was that I could no longer believe anything you said, which is the saddest part.

We used to be happy; we were more than just strangers, yet one lie changed it all.

I have asked myself what to do, and still, I stare at the memory you have left me behind: lies.

Become a liar by telling a lie just once, and everyone starts doubting all that you say, honestly.

I did not want to become someone who was cheated on or lied to, yet you made me one.

I can never understand how a person tells so many lies yet does not feel guilty at all then.

The worst enemy of an honest person is a friend who loves to make stories up about things.

You cannot just be a liar and then expect everyone to trust what you say; try to think of it.

Lying to the person you love is the worst thing ever; it just dishevels you inside and out.

If you do not remember anything, you might as well not say anything at all, my advice now.

And in the end, you lied to me, and that was something I couldn’t accept any longer by this time.

Of all the lies you have ever told me, you big liar, my favourite was that you love me.

I thought you could trust me, but it turns out I was just another person for you when I gave you all.

If lying could be a job, some people might as well be billionaires by this time; that is the truth.

A lady is not hurt, but there is a worse lie than anything else in this world, I tell you.

I have been so used to hearing a lot of lies that the truth does not even appeal to me one bit.

Every time I know you are a liar, we become a lot closer to saying goodbye.

And you tell so many lies about a person that you start telling lies about yourself as well now.

When it comes to things, there is so much more to life than what you can lie about, honestly.

I would rather hear so much truth that can hurt me than lie to comfort me but kill me.

The worst part of being a liar is knowing that he does not trust you with the truth.

I can handle the truth, but I cannot take being friends with a liar, for it hurts too much.

If you want to ruin a relationship, you can lie around and see how it wrecks.

You knew beforehand that this would kill me, knowing that you lied and yet you still did it.

Guys should know that they are better off telling the truth instead of lying; women would know.

Being a liar to solve a temporary problem brings about permanent ones; it is not worth it.

You are so used to being lied to that you no longer believe there ever is a truth in all things.

Once I have caught you telling me a lie, I would no longer believe anything you do.

I have accepted your apology but believe me when I say that I would no longer trust you.

I can never tolerate a liar, I may seem to be a nice person all around, but I am not stupid.

I wanted so bad to believe in you and tell you I am on your side by you have lied to me a lot.

It takes so much time to gain a person’s trust but so easy to throw it and lose all.

If I tell you the truths, you will make it part of the past, but a lie will be in the future constantly.

It is bad manners to say you love me, knowing that you are just a liar through it all.

The truth does not cost you a single cent, but the lie you say can cost you your life.

What is there to say but that you love what you can and need to be happy about it?

The greatest way that you should be taking advantage of things is to speak out the truth too.

You do not have to remember anything that you have said when you are just telling the truth.

I do not know when I became such a liar that I am lying to myself to feel a lot better.

When someone tells me a lie, they do not have enough respect for me at all.

You think I am stupid, so you easily lie to me, but the truth is I can see it all in your eyes now.

Only people who trust too much get hurt, which is why I do not do that; I trust no one by now.

Being a stupid liar is the worst thing; not knowing where to go and how is terrible.

And in the end, the liar tried to find a way to gain the trust he lost back, but he just failed terribly.

You did not know it, but I knew the truth but seeing you lie to my face still hurts me a lot too.

I hope you are careful about who you are trying to become; you might be that person now.

Always choose the ugliest truths over those pretty lies that are bound just to hurt you a lot.

One lie makes you a liar, no matter how many truths you have said in the past.

You have to be real honest with me, or opt to stay far away from me.

It is not a bit difficult at all; you have to be honest with yourself for once, what you want.

Do not ever be sorry; I am the one that is at fault here for trusting someone who lied to me.

I never want to become a liar myself, but I might become one for the person I love most.

I was nothing if not natural to them, and still, they found reasons not to deal with me at all.

Better to just be slapped away with the truth than have someone kiss me with some lie then.

If you want me to trust you, you need to be honest with me from this moment forward.

I knew she deserved the truth, but I’d rather not see her hurt, soo I decided to be a liar.

I may be a liar, but I have felt like you all do; I also get in pain and hurt.

The sad part is that I have always been a liar, and it is already my way of life; nothing has changed.

You see, when you lie to a person, it makes you a liar, and the truth can get buried forever too.

I have decided to become a liar for the sake of my beloved being as happy as he can ever be.