60+ Long Distance Love Quotes

LDR or Long Distance Relationships are the worse!
But fear not, even science cannot explain how some people can go through the rigours of being away from their true love and still end up having a happily ever after!
So hang in there and keep counting the days.
In the meantime, here are some of the best LDR quotes for you to read while your love is somewhere on earth (or floating in space?):

I often whisper in the wind, hoping it will bring you my message.

Distance doesn’t always make love grow fonder; sometimes, it just disappears altogether.

If only I could summon you out of my dreams so I wouldn’t have to cling onto the last few seconds of my sleep.

Waking up is hard to do when you know that you are still alone the moment you open your eyes.


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I wrote everything that made us and buried what broke us.

I stopped looking at the moon because you were the one who told me that as long as the moon still shines, we will still be together.

I miss you a lot. And it is the worst thing that I ever have to go through every waking day.

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Every day I feel that something is missing in my life, and every time I remember you, I know you are it.

We cannot be friends. As long as you are around me, I will never be able to unlearn how to love you.

I brave myself every day because that is the only thing I got going for me ever since you left.

I lived 25 years of my life without you, but your absence has given me so much pain, it can last a lifetime.

Long-Distance Relationship Quotes

Right person, wrong time. Wrong time, Right person.

Why can’t it be easy? Why does it always have to be hard? Why can’t you realize that it’s me and always have been me?

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We are made for each other. I don’t know what you cannot see in me, but I see everything I need in you.

The times we spent fighting could have been spent on things that truly matter; we could have done great things for each other.

We’re too angry all the time over things we can’t even explain.

The energy we spent being angry could have been avoided had he talked out of love and not of pride.

Life had been so cruel, allowing me to fall in love with you when you are already with someone else.

How could you look at me and say all these things when your eyes tell me the opposite.

Don’t say you love me if you can’t take responsibility for what it will make me feel.

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You used to be my happy place. Now I have to find a new one.

You set me free the moment you left.

I admit, the first few months were torture, but I have never felt this sense of relief in years since you left.

I would trade my youth for a lifetime with you.

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My mother warned me about men like you, how I will naturally fall in love with you and how easily you will fall out of love with me.

Never speak of forever; if you want to spend your life with me, start now.

No one told me how painful it is to be the one who still wants to stay.

I don’t miss you. I miss us.

Take a journey to find yourself until you arrive at the direction of the person who is your last destination.


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Let’s not force something that isn’t there. Life was never meant to be spent on chasing people who never wish to stay.

Like in fishing and love; Catch and release. Catch him, then if he wants out, free. If he comes back, then you know he had always been for you.

Love the one who loves you more than you love them. It is not fair, but it will save you from years of pain.

You are indeed in love if you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts with him being the only one occupying it.

Distance is nothing if you are genuinely in love.

You pull me closer every time we talk.

You complete my very being. You possess my heart, body and soul, and I love all of you.

Your faults are irrelevant. All I know is that I love you, and I don’t need anything else.

My love for you is the only compass I need to find you.

Where ever you are, where ever you go, know that I will be with you no matter how long it takes.

Love is nothing without trust and respect. You can continue loving someone, but it will be like loving a total stranger once the respect or trust is gone.

Free yourself from fear of rejection. If you do not tell her how you feel, someone will do and that someone has a better chance with her than you, who won’t even try.

I trust the universe and all its plans for me, for you, for us.

Your absence gets easier every time as we get closer to the day we finally get to spend our lives together, forever.

Distance is nothing for someone who truly loves.

If you want to find true love, learn to be patient, remember to be understanding, learn to forgive, and lastly, learn to choose love over and over again.

Love is kinder the second time it knocks.

I don’t have to be physically next to you to be with you. You have my heart and my soul to keep and take anywhere with you.

The kiss is much sweeter after a long wait.

I never moved your things. You never liked it when I touched your items, so I let them stay there even when I knew you would never come back. Knowing that you were the last one to touch them makes me feel less lonely now that you are gone.

Yes, friends can keep you company. But the warmth you hearth aches for is a void only your lover can ease.

Loving someone does not need tangible proof.

Don’t cage a confused bird. If you trust him, set him free. He will return more sure than he was before he left.

I’m sorry if you don’t hear me bid you goodbye, it’s just that I prefer to see you soon.

I can take your nagging and shouting and yelling and screaming. Just don’t go. Your absence is louder.

Go and explore the world, find people to love and fall out of love with, until such time when falling out of love doesn’t seem to be an option anymore.

Real love endures all pain.

Loving someone does not mean you allow to love yourself less. Love yourself more in the process of loving another.

The only thing that can come between us in this life is death, and if it comes, I will embrace it and wait for our second chance in the afterlife.

If you miss him even if he is around, he isn’t the same person you fell in love with before.

You have to figure out if you can live a life of never-ending worry. Because that is what love does, it never ceases to make you worry.

Even if you are not around, I still find reasons to smile just by remembering that you are somewhere on this planet, being that same person I fell in love with.

If being with your loved one is not enough reason for you to smile in the morning, you have not truly felt love.

I find comfort in the idea that God made you and me be together. How else can you explain us? It is fate—you are my fate.

I do not mind waiting. If waiting takes you to me, I will gladly do it. So not hurry. Take your time.

I am not afraid of not being with you; we do not have to be inseparable to prove that we love each other.

For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, through thick and thin, and life and death, I will always be yours, forever and ever. Nothing can keep you from me.

I can’t wait to meet you in heaven; I heard that it is that one place where the word goodbye does not exist.

Your absence sharpens me; your presence strengthens me.

Sorry if I am taking my time. I want to be the best version of myself when I meet you, and that when I finally ask your dad’s blessing, he too would ask where you have been?

I studied engineering so I could build a bridge that would connect us where ever we go.

Please do not take my silence as an act of giving up. I may not tell you I miss you every day, but I do, and it helps me cope when I speak of it less.

If you can calculate the distance of where you are to where I am and the distance of us and another earth-like planet, you would start to feel more optimistic about our chances.

If you miss her, do not text her saying you miss her, call her—heck, hope on the plane and be with her! Life is too short for second guessings and doubts. If she is the one, she will be the only one.

There is an immeasurable size that my heart occupies that it is highly impossible for you not to feel it.

Love makes any distance shorter.