55+ Love Messages

There are so many ways for us to let our loved ones know what we feel for them. Words are the most common medium of allowing our love to be known, and sometimes it is the most effective. These love messages are perfect for anyone in love and would want to let their feelings be known.

I know that you would be with me forever the moment you stepped into my world.

I have already proven that dreams can also be realized, and that is because I had the chance to meet you.

There is no telling how I love or like you. I know that I am filled with smiles whenever you are around.

I am always thankful for having you in my life. Thank you for sharing your love with me.


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The stars may lose their light, and the tides may stop rolling, but my love for you would keep going.

This may be a little early to tell you that I love you, but I cannot contain my perfect happiness whenever we are together.

I may be constantly busy and have lots of friends that surround me, but you never left my mind one second of the day.

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I tend to worry too much about myself, but when you entered the scene, you were all I could think about.

I already accept you as you are. No change is needed.

My fire would stop burning if you left me. I only came upon love because of you.

God always plan someone special to be by our side, and I am glad that I need not search for that someone because you are already here.

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I have found something better than my fantasies, and that is being with you.

There is not a gap in time that I did not love you. I always did and always will.

I have reached the pinnacle of success because you are always behind me.

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I wish there would be one night where we could release all our inhibitions and wrap each other’s arms around us.

I had tried so many things that I once feared to do when I met you.

I have found my better half, my mirror, in everything I do, and that is you.

No one else could replace you in my heart because I need you as much as a soul needs to beat.

Every second, every minute, and hour of the day, you never fail to make me fall in love with you.

If kisses could tell how much I love a person, then we could kiss forever.

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Whenever you say my name, my heart almost skips its beat.

When we are together, I feel so carefree and at liberty to be myself.

I only want to be with you twice, for now, and for forever.

You have set my heart on fire, and nothing could extinguish it.

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The moment you smile, I start seeing all the blessings that I have.

I do not care if you hold my hand or not, just as long as you have my heart.

Nothing could break our bond forever; it is that strong.

We already encountered many adversities, but not one of them was able to penetrate through us.

Destiny has arranged for us to meet, and it has anchored us towards each other.


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My heart told me that you were the one the moment I saw you.

It is love when all you want is happiness even though you are not a part of it.

Music and love come together to feed the hungry heart.

If you ask me to choose between breathing and loving, my last breath would be used for me to say that I love you.

Only you could ascertain the future of your love. It could fire up your heart or burn you down.

Always and forever, that is how long we will stay in each other’s arms.

Your appearance means nothing to me; you may age and grow wrinkled; still, my love for you is as fresh as a full-grown rose.

Love becomes alive the moment someone comes along to give it its very own meaning.

I could cuddle with you for the rest of our lives.

Loving me when I least deserve it is when I need you the most.

I do not care how far you are from me; that is already enough as long as we have each other.

You will have my love for all eternity. It would be like not being able to love for a long time before.

I do not want to be your first in something; I want to be your last in everything.

Fate will not allow us to part if you are meant for me.

The man I need in my life is someone I can laugh with and be silly with.

Only a real man would treat his girl as valuable and worthy of his respect and love.

You came from heaven; God sent you to me. I am forever thankful to Him for giving you to me.

Love a man who acknowledges the woman who is right beside him. It just shows that he loves her most without hesitations.

I may be busy all day long, but the mere pauses that I do, my mind would always wander back to you.

Loving me could compare to nothing; loving you could be something, and our love story is our everything.

Your hugs are my most favourite place in the world because they are warm and full of love.

Once we have decided to act, there are endless possibilities for love.

Having hundreds of friends is not an achievement. Having a single friend who would become your lover and stand for you no matter what is the only thing that matters.

I could lose myself in you, but if I lose you again, I would want to get lost all over again.

If ever he asked me to follow him to hell, maybe I would have done so. I believe that I already did.

Your beauty can be seen not only by the naked eye but also by the soul from within,

When you came into my life, I felt sadness a little less, I am laughing more every day, and I smile brighter.

You made me become a much better person than I already am.

The eyes can see the happiness that I feel whenever I am with you but mostly feel by the heart.

You are my world, so do not stray away from me.

Wherever you may go in life, whatever you do, and however much you have, it would not matter at all as long as I have you by my side.

I may meet a lot of boys, but the more I meet them, the more I realize that I only want you.

When the sun falls from the sky, that would be the only time I would stop loving you.

I could fall in love with you every day and every day for the rest of our lives except for yesterday because you were pretty annoying.

I always miss you just a little, a little more every day, more than I could ever say, and probably a little too much.

I have no idea if I mean anything to you at all. I don’t even know where I stand with you. All I know is every time I think of him, I only want to be with him.

The very first day I saw you, I came to love you.

I am empty, and I reach out to you. My soul would die for you whenever my heart longs for you.

The spaces between our fingers fit together perfectly. Always remember that when you feel alone.

I was knocked down by the force of the love that I feel for you, and then it picked me up right away.

Whenever I am with you, I feel invincible, but I feel so vulnerable when you are not beside me.

If I lose you, I would be hurt like hell.

I am thankful every day for having you in my life. I thank God especially for giving you to me.

I wake up every day with enough reason to go, and that is because of you.

Every morning, I only want to wake up next to you. At night, I want to fall asleep in your arms.

You never left my mind as always. I could daydream the whole day about you.

I was living my life before I met you. Now that you are mine, I am fully alive.

All the moments we have shared is lovely, yet you still have to see the best that could come.

There is no truth to the saying that love has no boundaries. Your pet has created boundaries in my heart so that no one could invade it.

Our love story could almost beat all the romantic movies that were ever aired.

I cannot explain how I came to love you. What I know is it is the best that has ever happened to me.

The simplest things and the most dangerous moments are all incorporated into our love story, which is why it is so unique.

Hear every breath that I take, for it is saying that I love you again and again.

At first, I thought that I already knew myself. But only you know where the path towards my heart is.

There are only three words that could equate to the entirety of my life, and that is, I love you.

The sweetest thing I have ever tasted is your love; the headiest substance I have tried is your kiss, and you have made me warmer than fire can.