70 Respect Quotes

It is an old saying that respect is earned, not given. I must agree with this most of the time. While you are so busy demanding for some respect, why not take a look at yourself first and ask it somehow a question like “Do I deserve to be respected?” things like that.

Well, everyone deserves some respect. Just a little reminder, if you want to be respected, act accordingly. That led us to create a compilation of beautiful quotes about respect for everyone to read.

Hope you enjoy!

One of the traits we should learn first is to respect our parents. If we failed to do so, how can we respect others?

Every successful relationship is built not only with love but also with respect and trust.

Don’t expect others to respect you if you can’t even respect yourself. Respect starts with you.

It is not only the women of our society that needs to be respected. Everyone deserves to be well respected.


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The reason why there are always arguments and misunderstandings is because of lack of respect with each other. Learn to respect other’s opinions and feelings so that we can avoid these things.

It is every man’s responsibility to respect every girl. And please girls, behave accordingly.

Treat me right and I will give you the respect you deserve.

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If you want your children to respect you, be a responsible parent. Show them good examples, and not a miserable life.

It is better to be respected than to be loved. Respect lasts longer than any other.

True friends respect your decisions. They did not only understand, but they also support you.

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You all have the right to decline if you do not want to do it in the first place. If they cannot respect that, it’s their problem not yours.

Please refuse to use your mobile phones while I am giving you lectures. For those who do not know it, that is called “Respect”.

I realized that some people in my life stays but never respects me.

You cannot always expect others to respect you, but you can always show them your respect.

Seek not attention but respect. Not only because it lasts longer but because it feels better.

To get respect from others, you must learn to give it.

I and my partner are totally opposite of each other. What makes our relationship lasts is that we respect our differences.

I am not forcing you to love me; all I want is to get even a little respect from you.

You cannot expect any good from a disrespectful man.

I lose not only my confidence but also my self-respect.

One of the reasons why I am thankful to my family is because they did not only love me but they also respect me.

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If we plan to enforce peace and order in our city, all leaders should teach people how to respect the law.

Love me for who I am and respect me for what I deserve.

How you treat others will reflect on how you treat yourself. Have self-respect and it will be easier for you to respect others.

Some people demands respect while some gained it. Which one is better?

Do not speak evil against your neighbor because it is a sign of being disrespectful.

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You did not only throw away my trust but also my respect for you. I should have never known you.

I didn’t know I will love this way. If you cannot accepts it, then just respect it.

Respect together with trust is the key component of a happy and long life.

I tell you, it feels awful to be rejected but even worse to be disrespected.


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Respect still even if you didn’t get it from the people you know. Do not lower your level to theirs, you are better.

Money can’t buy respect. If you want it, you must work hard for it.

Respect is when all you hear are negative and you stay calm because you know it is their opinion and one must respect that.

It is a mutual respect that we feel towards each other. Next thing we knew, we already in love.

Trust is what I want. Respect is what I earned. Love is what I feel.

Two things I learned about respect. First, respect yourself. Second, respect others.

In my opinion, respect is something you cannot learn but a responsible everyone should know.

It is not always the elderly that we need to respect, everyone needs to be respected.

My opinions, my ideas, and my suggestions are my business. If you cannot respect it, then it’s not my problem anymore.

You never make me feel that I exist. It is totally fine with me. Just don’t expect something from me because from then I stop caring.

It is ironic that I get respect from the people who don’t know me at all than my own family.

Respect your mother all the time. Remember, you will never be here if it is not because of her.

It doesn’t matter if what I say is nonsense to you; respect is what it is all about.

Real man respects woman. They never make her cry, they never break her heart,

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Without respect, love is meaningless. It must always come in package.

One of life’s precious gifts is respect. No one can ever take that away from you.

If you do not like a person, well at least respect him as a person. You have no right to treat them poorly.

Without respect, trust, and love, our life will be miserable.

Every good relationship is founded with love, bounded with trust, and surrounded with respect.

You think you know me well that’s why you spread rumors about me. Now I know why all your friends lose their trust on you. And now, you just lose my respect.

If you can’t respect me, then just respect my love for you. Not everyone will love you the way I do.

For you I am a failure, a big disappointment. You never heard anything from me, I kept silent. Not because I do not care but because despite of it all I respect you as my father. I just hope someday you realize that I am your son and I am important.

You told me you want to pursue your dream. I support you even if that means that you are going to leave me. I cannot do anything about it but to respect your decision.

We are not raise just to disrespect our parents. It is the very least they could expect from us.

I hope you know that I respect your decision to terminate me. What I do not understand is the lame reason you provide me. But still I am thankful to you because that is what respect is.

You will never be known as a great artist, or a great engineer, but at least they will know you as a respectful man.

The only time I forgot to respect you were the time you forgot to respect me too.

My ideal man is someone who will respect me, my family, and my friends.

Being disrespectful does not make you look any better. It will only make you look that you are like a piece of garbage.

This world does not need someone who does not know even the simple word called “respect”.

As much as I want to respect you if you can’t even respect yourself, then I guess it will be useless too.

No one loves without respecting that person and trusting him with all your heart.

There will be no broken relationship if everyone just knows how to respect each other.

Do not expect respect from worst people, it will only waste your time.

Love yourself first, then self-respect will follow.

Something isn’t right if respect is gone. Without it, no relationship will last.

Paying less attention to what you are suggesting doesn’t mean I do not care. In fact, I respect your ideas. I just don’t see the need for me to focus on it because we all know I have lots of things to focus on.

The simplest way to show respect is by listening to what other people say.

Being confident is one of the products of having self-respect.

You’ll never be the better without respect. It is one of the first things other people will notice about you.

I choose to ignore all negative comments about me, in that way I will never looked like some disrespectful bitch.

I may not be as pretty as any other girl or as smart as your crush but at least respect me for who I am.

Do not push me to the point where I will also lose the only thing I had for you, which is my respect.

Love and respect me, and there will be no time you will not happy with me.

What will bring us to life’s happiness is our ability to respect others, even if they cannot respect us.

If you cannot respect me as a woman then at least respect me as your mother.

The only person who can hurt me is the one who I respect.

I respect my parent among all others. If it is not because them, I will never learn respect in the first place.

Do not leave your house without bringing some respect with you.

You can only expect respect from good people.

The reason why there are some people who never respect is because they never felt it before.

Your life will be better if you only knew how to respect other’s opinion and belief.

Never let your self runs out of respect to yourself and to others.

If you want me to respect you, then respect me. Learn it first before expecting it from others.

Love isn’t always about the feelings; it is also about respecting each other and understanding differences.

I never lied when I say I might lose my respect on you. You just lose a friend. I hope you stop being so rude with others.

If you want to keep a friend, then respect them and show them you always care.