55 I Love My Mom Quotes

You do not need to wait for Mother’s Day to express how much you love your mom.
So here is the I love you mom quotes that can help you come up with a greeting for your mom, whether it is her birthday, it’s mother’s day or just about any occasion.

A mother – she sees all but says a little. She sacrifices all yet complains a little. Most of all, she gives all but expects only a little. I love you, mom!

Mom, we have fought and argued. In return, you just kept a calm mood while I ranted and screamed. I am sorry for being such a disappointment. For me, your heart will always be an open door; please know that I love you so much, and nothing can ever change that.

A mother’s job is more important than the job of a CEO. The CEOs run the company while mothers change lives. CEOs produce good employees while mothers make CEOs; I love you so much, mom.

To the woman who has worked so hard to give the life I have now, she is my mom, and I want to let her know how much I love her so.


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If my life needs to be fitted in a single selfie, it would be incomplete without my mom beside me. I love you, mommy!

The world will become a better place if producers start making reality shows about how amazing moms are. They juggle the burdensome responsibilities of being a mother and wife while still carrying that beautiful smile on her face.

I’m no longer afraid to die since I have already been to heaven, and that is when I rest my head over my mom’s shoulders. I love you, mother.

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Mom – your love is truly the best. So even during my darkest moments, I still smile at the thought that you will be there whenever I need you. I love you, mom.

Dearest mother, I know we fight now and then, and we keep arguing again and again. But please know that deep within, I hope that your heart knows that my love for you will grow forever; I love you!

A mother is someone who will hear your lies but will patiently wait for you to admit what you have done. Thanks for bearing with me my entire life, mom; I love you!

It’s hard for me to describe what my mom means to me. But if anyone wants to know, they may need to get inside my heart to see. My mother’s love is warm, caring, cute and sweet, and these are all that my heart needs to beat.

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The love of a mother gives to a child what the schools cannot. Thanks for your unconditional love, mom. I love you!

Mom, my life has always been livable, enjoyable and tolerable even after you and dad separated. Thanks to all your heroic deeds as a single parent, mom. I love you!

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I may call you my mommy, but my heart calls you my best friend. Thanks for all that you do, mom. Your love has made every single day of my life carefree and happy; I love you!

Mom, behind your comforting and warm hugs, is a woman whose heart is strong and soul is selfless; I love you!

Mom, I may not always agree with you, and I may not always be nice to you. However, I want you to know that deep within my heart, I will forever love you. Thanks for everything, mom; I love you!

Dearest mother, our house can be called home all because of your presence; I love you!

Mother is just another name that refers to the bond that glues the family together. I love you, my mother.

When God has given the world with a mother like you, it is His way of telling the world that we need more love, care and affection. I cannot stress enough how lucky I am to have you as my mom; thanks for everything.

Mother, thank you for you are not only proud of my strength, but you have never been ashamed to recognize my weaknesses. I love you, mom.

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A birth mother can complain about the sacrifices that she has made to raise such a good family but chooses to think of the happiness she has gained out of it instead.

Mom, the bond between us is more than just impressive. As a mother, you indeed are fantastic. The warmth of your love is just like magic; I love you!

My relationship with my mom is not about giving and taking. It’s simply because there is nothing about our closeness that is fake. I love you so much, mom!

Throughout my teenage years, I have been rebellious. But as the years have passed by, I have mellowed down because I do not want to give my amazing mom a frown. I love you, mom, and I am sorry for all the headaches.

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It will require a girl to fall in love and a woman to get married. But it requires a mother to give birth and lovingly raise a child. I love you, my dearest mother.

Any person can take responsibility for a child’s achievements. However, only a good mother can take responsibility for her kids’ failures. Thanks for your unconditional love, mom.

A mother’s undying love is beautiful. But what we all know is that it will need a woman with a complex and indestructible spine to give her kids everything they need. I love you, mom; thank you for all your sacrifices.

I love you, my mother, to the queen of our home and the centre of daddy’s heart.

My view of life always has a filter of the warmest and mellowest hues, and it’s because a person raises me with a good heart. I love you, mom!

The absence of a father in life has been made more accessible because of a loving mother like you. Thank you, mom, for taking up the role of a father and a mother in my life; I love you!

I love you, mommy! Not only because you are my mother, but also because there’s no one else in the world who can understand me better than you.

Dearest mom, thank you for constantly pushing me to be my best. Your fantastic support has always put all my worries behind me; I love you, mommy!

I know for myself that I will grow up to be a successful and wonderful mother since I got your genes, mom. Thank you for being a good role model; I love you.

Dearest mom, you can be my sister, friend, counsellor and teacher. But none of them can become you. You are one of a kind, mother; I love you!

Like with tasty food and clothing, if there would be such a thing as a comfortable person in my life, it would have been your mom. I love you!

Mom, if my life were a skyscraper, you would be the builder, the architect and the foundation pillars. Thanks for all that you do, mom. I love you!

I haven’t understood the importance of a mom holding a baby’s finger when I’m still small. But now I know that it signifies a mother’s commitment to guiding her children in the right direction. I know it because that’s what you have done for me, mom. I love you!

The words of encouragement of a mother serve as the foundation on which greatness will be built.

Dearest mom, words are not enough to express how thankful I am for having you. You have pushed me so hard to reach my dreams and make my life even more meaningful. Thank you.

The love of a mother runs deep, and its power knows no limit. Thanks for everything, mom.

No one believes in you more than your mother does. So she deserves all your undying love. Thank you, mom, for always seeing past my mistakes and imperfections; I love you!

With all the things that mothers do, it’s just right to recognize her for all the impressive multitasking she has done over the years. I love you, mom, and thank you for everything.

Mothers will always be there to lend a helping hand and a listening ear. Thus, we should take time to let our mothers know that she’s had a huge impact on our life.

My mom made me believe in love at first sight. It’s because I have loved her since the day I first opened my eyes and glanced at her.

The older I grow, the more I realize that my mom is indeed my best friend, my guiding light and the source of all my happiness. Thank you, mom. I love you!

Mom, you are my friend, my influence and my spirit towards success. There is no replacement for you in my life. You are my one true friend, and you will forever remain my best friend. I love you, mommy dearest.

All that I am and hope to become, I owe everything to my mom. Thank you, mom. I love you!

Mom, I will always pray to God that you will live even longer to always be beside me. I love you, mom, more than anything else in this world.

Mom, you made being broken look beautiful and stronger look invincible. You walked with the universe on your shoulder and made it look like a pair of wings. I love you!

Have you ever noticed that if you spell MOM upside down, it will be WOW? This is because mothers are genuinely unique, and all the things they do for their children are just incredible. Thanks for the astonishing things that you do, mom. I love you!