40+ Love Failure Status


People come and go in our lives.
We are not the ones who will choose the people who will stay and leave, so if relationships fail, we should still stand up and move on gradually.
Everything would fall into place at the right time.


Sometimes the funniest story, when dissected, is the saddest one.


The day you let me go when I walked away was the most painful memory I can ever remember.


I cannot believe that the person who whispered the most beautiful words to me is also the one who are saying mean things to me.


I have made a mistake because of love, but it is the most beautiful mistake I have ever made.

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You may have left me because I am not perfect for you, yet I will always be myself.


It is time for us to part this time, but I pray that we will meet again.


I believe that nothing can last forever when you leave me.


60 Quotes About Love


I do not want to cry in front of you, so I would try to smile to hold back the tears.


You would not always have the chance to save your relationship, but make sure that you would protect your pride.


I always have trouble sleeping because you are in my dreams. I wish you aren’t.


I trusted you again, and that was my decision, but proving me wrong is your choice.


Best Love Status


The most painful things are not the good-byes but the flashback of memories that follow.


Teaching your heart to stop loving someone is more complicated than stopping the mind from thinking about the person.


When you break up, treat it like you broke a mirror. Better leave the pieces alone than getting hurt while you fix it.


Cute Love Status


I would now stop wasting the time that I spent thinking about the wasted time.


You can never escape the pain, yet you always have the option to suffer or not.



I still cannot get over the fact that you just let me walk away and leave.


I let you go not because I want to do it, but because we need it.


Now that everything is over, I hope you remember that you pushed me away, and I did not walk away.


Endings are not always meant to be happy, and they are not always endings at all.


Confidence Quotes – Quotes About Confidence.


People who forget that relationships are only made for two do not know how to count.


Protect yourself from sadness, and happiness would also be shut away from you.


I know you do not miss me as much as I miss you right now.


I only forget the pain with the help of time, but it never heals my heart.


Accurate Love Quotes for Him


The worst part of getting hurt too much is feeling used to it.


I would rather be lonely than get my feelings played by other people.


When we part, it is always like I am missing a part of me every day.


The truth would rather hurt me for a bit of a while than be pulled by a lie forever.


Loving a person who is not there for you is the greatest pain one could feel.

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While I am in the process of forgetting you, I can’t help myself from thinking about you.


Being happy when you are alone is the saddest thing in life.


I always burn in the flames of my thoughts every night.


Loving the wrong person is worse than being alone.


Only my silence and the tears in my eyes could stop the pain.


You may know that there is something wrong, but you do not understand what is going on.


The moment is lost when you both did not explain and did not say anything.


I will never be happy if I do not have you in my life.


The words trapped inside my heart can never be said to the one I love.


No one knows, but I only smile to hide the fears that I have and laugh so I can hide the tears that I shed.


The moment you start caring for someone, be ready to get hurt.


I wish to hold you in my arms, yet you are so far away right now.


I always care for you, yet I would not hesitate to go if you push me away.


You built a wall between us instead of a bridge, so look at our relationship as it falls apart.


I do not want anyone else to see that I feel broken inside, so I smile way too often.


I can feel something missing in my life these days when you walked away from me.


The one who could hurt you the hardest is also the one you have loved the most.


I love it when I listen to a song and feel that I can fully relate to it.


Now that I am broken, I can never go back to what I was yesterday.


You have to cry all the hurt out to have enough space in your for your smiles.


There can never be anything as painful as loving someone who already loves someone else.


We never talk at all, making everything harder because we used to talk nonstop every day.


All I can do is wait for myself to forget him or wait for him to realize that he cannot forget me.


The more I tried to forget you, the more you kept pushing yourself into my mind.


Bad memories are not responsible for your sadness; they are the best memories you can never bring back.


I never want you to get hurt, yet it is okay for you if I get hurt.


What hurts the most is knowing that he does not care whether you are injured or not.


I went from being so happy to be so sad when you left me.


Not all people can be trusted nowadays, so better keep your secrets to yourself.


You changed immensely; I could not recognize you from being the person I loved before.


I wouldn’t say I like it when everyone keeps on talking about their special persons when all I want is a special person for myself.


Saying promises to someone is one of my most minor favourite things to do.


I am having a hard time deleting our photos because it means everything to me.


Missing the person you used to be is worse than missing someone you love.


Sitting alone feels like sitting with your past.


Hoping for something always has a deadline, so you better know when your time is up.


I know that you will make me cry, but I wish that you would be there to wipe them away.


I could cry and cry, but still, it would never bring everything to how it used to be.


I could never retrieve the natural smiles that I used to flash upon anyone.


Those people who are deeply affectionate are the ones who were hurt deeply in the past.


You are allowed to fall apart sometimes, but make sure that you can stand up again.


This pain has a purpose, so stay patient and keep yourself tough.


Looking at me is never enough for you to know who I am.


There is nothing that could fill up the void you just vacated in my heart.


I am sometimes grateful for the pain because it reminds me that I am still alive.


Sunshine does not always bring happiness; try dancing once under the rain.


I hope you will leave me to myself because I am just trying to go through the entire day without falling apart.


I ran away from you not because I did not love you but because I tried to see if you would be running after me.


I laugh heartily, not because I am happy but to hide away the pain I feel inside.


I know you are trying to understand, but you will never know the natural feelings.


Scars are a lot tougher than the original skin because it has gone through pain.


I am trying so hard to keep myself from falling, but I fall harder every time I see you.


Losing someone who is a part of your life is the most painful thing one can experience.


The sadness that I feel can only be wiped away by your smile.


You always tell me that you miss me, yet I can never feel your efforts or your sincerity.


I keep my mouth shut because no one is still listening to me, no matter how I scream.


I always fear that I would lose you, but you are not even mine.


I am only visible to people once they need something from me.


I felt so many overpowering feelings, yet I could express only a tiny part of them.


Stop climbing too high on love’s ladder if you do not want to fall harder.


I can’t wait for the day that I will see what I gained, and you will see what you lost.


Keep moving on so you will not get stuck in your past.


The thing that is killing me the most is knowing that things will never be the same again.


I have to stop pleasing you because it is not effective anyway.


Keep on piecing your feelings together; someday, you will get what you rightly deserve.


I have loved you once, but now I do not feel a drop of affection for you when you left me for her.