70+ Love Pain Quotes


Sometimes we have to accept that pain and love are two sides of the same coin. Unbearable as it might be, you cannot separate pain from love.
If you’re experiencing heartache because of loving too hard and too deep, here are some quotes that might help you ease the pain.


I have no idea what hurts more- loving someone you will never have or loving someone who was never yours.


Sometimes you have to accept that with the joy of loving someone comes the pain of losing someone.


I heard it, loud and clear. The breaking of my heart in rhythm with your final words to me, I don’t love you anymore.


Love is like admiring a rose. You are in awe of the beauty from afar, but once you get close enough to touch, that same beauty will make you bleed till it hurts.

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Nobody ever told me how lovely it was to fall in love. However, nobody ever told me how dropping out of it was more painful than I could ever imagine.


Sometimes I wish I had never met you. Maybe then I wouldn’t have had to frame my broken heart to remember how loving you were both the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.


In life, there is a difficult choice you must make- let in and let go.


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The pain breaks me sometimes. But most times, it reminds me that what we once had was real, and that was all I could ever hope for.


I always knew that loving would be the death of me someday.


No matter how hard I try to piece my heart back together, there always seems to be a missing piece. I saw you again yesterday and found the missing piece in your smile.


I always wondered why people had a hard time moving on. But now I know. It’s hard to move on when all you ever want is to turn back time.


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Falling in love with you was like being hit by lightning-quick and electric. I always thought losing you would be the same, but I guess I was wrong. Losing you was like drowning- slow and cold and just plain scary.


My mother once told me to savour the pain in love. She said that the harder it hurts, the deeper your love once was.


Love is like dark chocolate. However dark it may be, you still want it because it’s chocolate.


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He once told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. I have my broken heart to prove it.


Relish the pain, savour the ache. It all just reminds you of how sweet your love once was.



I wanted to scream out all the pain….if only I had the voice to do so. It seems like you took it with you, along with everything else.


Love is about accepting grief that will devour your soul once it’s all said and done.


You cannot truly let go until you’ve accepted that despite the pain, there was happiness too.


I always wondered what it would feel like to lose a limb. I guess I stopped wondering the moment I lost you.


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The most challenging part of getting your heart broken is realizing that he was never yours in the first place.


I once caught a bird. I took care of him, loving and giving him all I could ever offer. I saw him looking outside, and I realized he might have missed flying after being cooped up in the house for so long. I let him go, and I waited for him to come back. He never did.


He was like a thief at night- silent and stealthy. I didn’t realize he had taken everything I had until I woke up from a dream and was greeted by nothing.


He was the sun, and I was the moon. We were never meant to be.


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Loving him saved me, but loving him also doomed me to a painful end.


Getting my heart broken by you was the sweetest pain I’ve ever felt.


I drowned in your sweet and passionate love, and just when I thought you would save me and pull me back to shore, you turned your back and left me there to drown.


Before you can truly love, you must learn to be ready to do two things- accept and let go.


With the sweetness of love comes the bitterness of pain.

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Rejoice that you’ve had your heartbroken! For you can never get it broken unless you’ve loved and loved hard.


I fell with my eyes closed, confident that you would be there to catch me. You never did, and I was left there on the ground- broken and dying and irreparable.


I went to the mall and bought some superglue, hoping that it would be strong enough to hold the broken piece of my heart in shape once again.


Love is cruel. It gives you a piece of heaven before dooming you to an eternity in hell.


I’ve had my heart broken once. But once was enough to make it irreparable.


He told me the most painful thing when we broke up: I don’t love you like I did yesterday.


Was getting your heart broken supposed to be this uneventful? It was so unlike falling in love, where there were candles and music and dreams. When getting my heart broken, all I had was a coffee-stained table and a bland coffee I would never drink.


It took me a few months to realize that he stopped caring. How long did it take me to realize that he never cared in the first place?


Love knocked on my door and asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted my whole heart back. He just shook his head and smiled at me sadly. He told me that once you get heartbroken, you can never get it to be whole again. You find someone else who can fit in the holes of your broken heart.


There is always a pain in everything good. It serves to remind you that what you’re feeling is accurate, and it cannot be taken away from you.


Years from now, I will forget your name; I will ignore your face. But I promise you that I will never forget the sweet love and bitter pain you brought to my life.


Loving you might have been painful, but in the end, it only made me stronger.


I had hoped that after all these years of not seeing you, I would finally be able to move on. No one ever told me that a single glimpse of that heavenly smile would undo all the progress I have ever made.


I can never make you love me if you don’t because you can’t force your heart to feel something that it won’t.


I always tasted the bitterness beneath your sweet and lovely kisses. That should have warned me that you were in trouble right from the start.


I trusted you to love me fully and wholly. I trusted you to break me irrevocably and irreparably.


It doesn’t matter how painful losing him was. What matters is the joy I experienced in loving him.


Can you tell him that I love him even if he loves someone else now?


You never really truly get over someone you’ve loved with all your heart. You will always love that person. It might not be the same or as intense as before, but that love….it will never fade away no matter what happens.


How can I make you see that she can never love you the way I do?


You only ever appreciate how truly important something in your life is once it’s been taken away from you.


I have lost count of how many people I’ve loved hoping to find someone I could love as much as I loved you.


Nobody ever told me how three words could make or break your heart; I love you.


I would have loved to stay. But why stay if I know I’d only hurt you if I know I’d only make you cry?


No matter how beautiful the show is, no matter how long it seems to last, once the program comes to a close, you have no choice but to say goodbye.


I asked my mother once, Where do broken hearts go? She just shook her head and smiled, Nowhere because it always stays with you. Always.


Watching you fumbling, tripping over your words to find the proper excuse, makes me want to cry. I steel myself, harden my heart and say, Let me be the one to break it off, so you don’t have to make excuses.


I always wondered what hurt me the most in our relationship- watching the love dim from your eyes or watching it light up again for a different person.


Sometimes I would cry myself to sleep, wondering where it all went wrong. There would always be a tiny voice in my head telling me that it was terrible right from the start. I was just too in love with you to see it.


I greeted heartbreak like an old friend. We’re back together again, it seems, as we look for another person to patch it whole and break it all over again.


I had my heart broken, and everything in my life seemed to have ended. I looked out my window and realized that though you grieve for what you once had but lost, the world will never stop suffering with you.


The hardest part of letting you go is accepting that nothing can last forever, no matter how grand and intense.


Someday when I see you again, I hope that I can look you in the eye and say, Thank you for breaking my heart.