60+ Lust Quotes and Sayings


One of the seven deadly sins is lust; it makes people long for something that they should not long for.
It makes love seem so undesirable; it makes people lose control and lose the one that loves them so, it is something that is like humans but needs to be tucked inside of them.
Here are some quotes that speak about lust and what it will do to you.


When you are in lust and not in love, there are noticeable differences in your actions.


Lust truly feels like love until the moment that you need to sacrifice something for it, then.


Do not let lust consume you, do not let it be a sharp knife that will only kill you in the end.


What is lust but craving and believe me when I tell you that all desires come to an end.

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If you genuinely love him, do not be consumed by lust, be strong, believe in the love you have.


In this world, nowadays, people are often more into the lust type of feeling than love.


People get distracted by the desire they feel for other people; that is the bottom line.


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Society drives people crazy with lust, and then they call it advertising, push.


Lust is just a play of words, dirty minds, and weak bodies that do not ever give in.


Do not let lust destroy the person you are meant to become; kill the person you are.


Lust will make you forget everything else, along with your sufferings and worries, do not let it.


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I hope you know that nothing good ever comes out of lusting for someone you can never have.


Let the rumble of the world, as long as you fight for what you love, not because of the lust you feel.


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Lust will make you lose your way, leading you to a path you should not have taken.


When lust decides to consume you, you will be left with nothing at all when the time comes.


Lust is only surges of emotions, the rush of hormones and but trials sent by Satan to deceive you.



Show the world that you would not be consumed by lust and become a better person.


Be the best person you can become by overcoming your desire, by overcoming what lust is.


There is lust, and there is also love; they are so much related, but in the end, they are different.


Twins are what they are; love and lust; I hope you choose the right one all the time, forever.


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If you let yourself be consumed by lust, then nothing in your world would stay; they’d crumble.


Lust will only make a fool out of you, but then again, that is what love will also make of you.


Lust is something you can use to take someone’s soul, but desire gives them a chance.


It would help if you did not ever give in to the desire, to the lust that you feel deep within your bones now.


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What is love but the greatest epitome of lust, something that always comes within lusting?


I honestly think that the thing you should be the most scared of is lust, that power it has.


Lust is but pleasure that comes along with the pain, so you relate to it better.


Become the person you are meant to be, forget about lust and focus on yourself now.


You need to keep in mind that lust is your greatest downfall, that it is a sin, in the end.


No matter how much you try to keep a façade up, in the end, lust is but another sin to make.


You must not commit the act of treason nor cheating just because you feel so much lust within.


You can have other methods to surge out the lust you feel within you, direct it to be productive.


So let me tell you why you should not ever choose lust: it will leave eventually.


Lust will not last for a very long time. Do you know what will? It is the regret you will feel for it.


If you do not give in to the desire in your nature, then I promise you will be great.


The best things in life cannot be seen nor touched, so believe me when I say it is not lust.


Lust is a lot less complicated than love, you give in to desire, but it is easier to fight.


The most miserable people in the universe are those that gave in to the desire offered by lust.


Lust is like an illness, something that will slowly eat you until it reaches your core, that it is.


I do not believe the old proverb that said lust would lead to love; desire is different from love.


You can feel lust for the ugliest person in the world, and it would not make a difference.


If you go on and live your life full of lust, believe me when I say you would not grow.


Nothing good ever comes out of letting your lust get the best out of you, believe me now.


To lust over other people or things is nothing but human nature, so be divine and love.


Lust is an enemy; it takes you away from the people you love and eats you slowly.


You must fight lust; you must conquer it, do not ever let it conquer you; hear me out.


If you consider love versus love, then you will realize which of the two is the right thing to do.


When you lust over someone else, you will notice that it fades away as time goes by.


Lust will only teach you one thing in life: to take what is not yours and then regret it.


When you are in love, you only think of giving without anything in return; lust is the opposite.


Lust is a desire that you must never give in to because it might just ruin your life, all of you.


The most destructive disease in this world is lust, and that is the truth behind it, nothing more.


Stop the desire from burning within you and instead light it up with a love so encompassing.


Sometimes, you practice lust even by just looking at a person full of desire for that person.


Spring seems to be the reason for love and then fall for lust, especially during winter days.


People seem to be looking for warmth during the cold season and mistake it for what lust is.


Do not let your mind be dirtied by lust; fight it out, battle with your urges, you can do it.


And then lust will drive you mad; it will contain you in its prison, arm you in its chains.


Once you have succumbed to lust, you will keep giving in; there is no turning back then.


Lust often dresses up so prettily that it drives you crazy, and you try to reach for even then.


The lust you will let enter your body will only corrupt your mind and your body, trust me.


It is better to love than to lust; you need to trust me on that; I have far too many experiences.


Abstinence is the best weapon against lust; it is one of the best things you can ever try out.


Once you have decided not to lust, you need to stand by that decision no matter what happens.


You are better; you are brighter; you can be all the things you want and more if you shun lust.


Do not let lust control you, be the one to control desire, and things will be a lot better.


It would help if you took in that lust is not suitable for the body, so you should not favour it at all.


Just keep on swimming, keep telling the world that you will be better and believe me, you will.


There is nothing wrong with fulfilling your desire, but you should learn first how to control it.


Nothing is better than to satisfy the person you love; that is the truth, I have tried.


I tried not to give in to lust even if it is hard, and to be honest; I think it is truly worth it all.


I have decided to be happy, which means that I would not let lust get the best out of me.


Once you have etched in your mind that you will not let lust take over you, you will be happy.


Happiness is achieved by putting on your best foot forward, by loving and not lusting at all.


You need to resist the urge to lust and keep on loving the people you know.


Keep on loving; keep telling yourself that loving means denying yourself of your lust.


It will be okay; in the end, a person survives without fulfilling his lust but solely loving truly.


When you love someone, that love will encompass everything, and you will forget what lust is.


Love is so great that it makes people see through what lust truly is, nothing but desire to take.


Do not take the body of a person you do not even love, and neither that of whom you love.


You are not the one in control; lust is, so you must regain control; you must fight for it.


You need to realize that things will be a lot better than if you go for it.


Do not let lust hinder you from doing things you are meant to do, be productive, always!


You are God’s child, so do not let lust be the object of your desire; tame it, you can do that.


You are a beautiful person, and people like that need not be encompassed by lust, you know?


Do not ever give in to lust; you need to fulfil your love no matter how hard it may be.


Needs are greater than wants, and you need to be in love, and you only want to be in lust.