Top 60 Marriage Quotes

Marriage is a beautiful new chapter of two people joined in union by love.
It’s not all rainbows and cloud-nine.
It’s more like a rose – stunning and exquisite, and yet, pain comes with it too.
Here are quotes to remind you of the grace and meaning of marriage:

With marriage, love is the root; friendship is the leaves, loyalty is the bark and forever is the fruit.

If you want a successful marriage, you need to understand one cardinal rule – you have to fall in love with the same person over and over again.

Each marriage is unique and beautiful– just like no two souls are alike.

Being in a long-surviving marriage is like waking up to a great cup of coffee; you got to have it every single day to function correctly.


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Happily ever after does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of sacrifice, patience, tears and blood to make it work.

When you are married for so long, you will want to spend less time with someone you aren’t married to.

A happy marriage is a union between two people who can forgive endlessly.

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Please don’t put it off when he changes for the better or when you finally have a brand new house. Love does not need to wait. There is no greater time to build the blocks of your marriage than now.

Finding someone to shower your love to and pamper with all your heart is the ultimate gift of marriage.

The big difference between an ordinary marriage and a great marriage is that extra factor. A great marriage requires ‘an extra’ effort every single day.

We fall in love with someone not because he is perfect, but because we love him for who he is – imperfections, flaws and all.

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Love does not only make your world go round; it makes your life a worthwhile journey.

When there is life, there is love, there is hope, and there is beauty.

A successful marriage is all about great teamwork. It takes two persons who love, admire and respect each other to make it work.

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People stay married because they leave the doors open for reconciliation and compromise.

Marriage is a lifetime practice between two friends who are forever passionate about each other.

In marriage, you will learn that you cannot change the other person, but only love him for who he is, what he is, and everything he is.

Love is the most precious gift you can ever gift and the most fantastic honour you can ever receive.

A long and strong marriage is assembled by two people who made a promise to each other to make their union work – through thick and thin, sunshine and storm, the good and the bad.

The meeting is only the beginning. Being together is progress and working together to make the marriage work is the real success.

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A great marriage is not about ‘the perfect couple.’ It’s about two imperfect individuals who accept and respect each other’s differences.

A successful marriage is not something that just magically happens. It’s built upon years of love, patience, loyalty, kindness, passion and understanding.

A marriage is a lifetime commitment – a vow between two to stay together through the ups and downs, respect and nurture each other and support each other on their roads towards their dreams.

Nothing compares to a man who is happy and fulfilled and passionately in love with his wife.

A fool is he who is afraid to jump in the jaws of love.

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one is the ultimate formula.

Marriage is a journey of discovery between two people. Every day, you will learn something new about the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life.

Marriage is about two people who bring the best in each other and love each other’s weirdness through and through.

Like anything else in the world, love follows this ultimate rule – what you give is directly proportional to what you will receive.

What are you so afraid of? It’s not as if you will run out of love to give.


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The quality of life you live is equal to the love you give.

Marriage is like watching the seasons pass by – the happiness and bloom of spring, the warmth and excitement of summer, the changing colours of autumn, and the cold and serenity of winter.

A thousand people will pass you by like a bullet train gliding by you on your daily commute. But there’s that one person who will stop and carry you through your journey and who will stay with you and shelter you under in his arms against any perils that will come your way.

Diving into marriage is one of man’s greatest fears. But there are more comforting and fulfilling things a man is willing to sacrifice for, like showering and pampering his woman with love and protecting her against anything that comes her way.

Marriage is about the journey of two best friends who vowed to tolerate each other’s farts and morning breaths, pet peeves and respecting each other’s weirdness and quirks, and love each other more every single day.

Keep the fire in your marriage burning, and it will fill your life with endless warmth.

The thing which binds two people together is not the chains of the marriage contract but the gentle threads of love that any distance or any circumstances cannot sever.

Once upon a time, in your search for happiness, you will find not the glittering riches of the world or the lost treasure sought by the fiercest raiders, but a person who will stand by you and love you for everything that you are.

Marriage is about swallowing your pride when the argument is heating up and forgiving each other a thousand times and more.

Marriage has a best friend, a cheerleader, a sage adviser and a partner rolled in one and spending every day until forever with them.

When choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with, always choose someone who you can talk to for hours on end, someone who makes you smile and makes you feel that your life is worth living for. Outer beauty will fade in the passing years, but never the beauty from within.

The reason marriages fail is because of the lack of love but the lack of friendship between two people.

It is essential to give your partner a slow internet connection first to test who they are!

Marriage is all about the promise – the promise to stay together, they promise to love one another, and the promise to respect each other until the end of time.

Just like any bond there is, marriage rips slowly with time.

I love being married. It’s a great feeling to have found that one person I can freely annoy for the rest of my life.

A family is built from the foundation of marriage. Therefore, a family will fall apart without a strong and steady bond between the couple.

Marriage is not just about finding the right partner. It is also being the right partner for that person.

A happy marriage is two people trying to dance to any music and stringing words from any rhythm.

If two people would only realize that there is a rainbow of joy after a dreadful storm, there would be more minor cases of tragic divorce.

Divorce: the last word to the tale that started with ‘I do.’

Marriage is like a union between coffee and milk. Both are from totally different origins with opposite tastes and aromas. Yet, when blended, it feels like a cup of heaven on earth.

The most charming of relationships are built from long-lasting friendship, mutual respect and unchanging love. It is also known as marriage.

Marriage is coming home to the hugs and kisses of the love of your life, waking and sleeping next to the person you want to see first thing in the morning and the last one you want to know before you close your eyes and bask in the comforting silence and hearty laughter of the person of your dreams.

As much as possible, don’t put off reconciling for the next day. Don’t go to bed with a heavy and angry heart. If you must, stay up, argue, fight, but makeup before you head to bed.

These days, the cases of divorce astoundingly outnumber those who are still in the bonds of marriage. At this rate, married couples will soon be endangered.

If I get married, I will make sure I will do everything to stay married until my last breath. After all, isn’t that what marriage is all about?

Marriage is the ship. The man is the captain of the vessel. The woman is the sails of the boat. Love is the wind that blows through the sails and carries the ship to its destination.

One tricky thing in life is that you will never know who you will end up with – most of the time, it is someone you never expected.

The ratio of marriage should be 50:50 – except for the closet space.

A significant bit of wisdom any married couple learns along the way is to think what you want to say over and over before you let the words slip from your mouth.

Love, at first sight, is mostly from hormonal causes, but what about a long and happy marriage? Science says you can only stay in love for a couple of months. Such a mystery, marriage is.

Marriage is only scary and dreadful if you got something to hide.

Adultery is the fire that burns the house made from the branches and logs of marriage.

A happy marriage is a long conversation between two people with no ending in sight.

It requires more than passion and love. Marriage needs a dose of patience, fidelity, honesty, understating, forgiveness, compromise and thousand folds of strength and trust.