45+ Marriage Status

Marriage is more sacred than any other commitment that a person will have; it takes a real man and a patient woman to make the marriage work and last. A successful marriage is not guaranteed by how grand and splendid your wedding was; instead, a well-balanced combination of love, trust, respect and loyalty is the key, and of course, it is the husband’s and wife’s choices as well. Marriage is a lovely and incredible journey for both people in love and who choose to be together.
Our marriage status collection will genuinely bring extra sunshine to all the married couples out there, even to those who are still planning or about to get married.

A man is truly ready to be in a marriage if he finally knows how to say sorry even without knowing why.

Violence will cause any marriage to fall apart.

If you want your marriage to succeed, you have to give everything you’ve got to the same person each day.

Loving their mother unconditionally is the most priceless gift a father can give to his children.


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All blissful marriages start when we marry our special someone, and it flourishes when we love the ones we choose to marry.

Most wonderful marriages begin with love at first sight.

A successful marriage does not have a perfect couple who became one; instead, it has two utterly imperfect couples who also choose to become one then work out their differences and imperfections.

You will only have a successful marriage once you learn how to treat all catastrophes as occurrences and none of the occurrences as catastrophes.

The way you handle and deal with your incompatibility matters the most in a blissful marriage, more than how compatible you are with each other.

The only cure to love is to love more than you did yesterday.

A happy and blooming wife shows that he has a fine husband who takes care of her at home.

Marriage Quotes

The aim of marriage is not to think in a similar way but to think together as one.

In marriage, love is not only measured by what you feel; it is also measured by what you do.

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Loving is not looking for the perfect person but instead seeing an imperfect individual perfectly.

You are the missing piece in my life. That’s why you perfectly fit with me.

Communication is one of the essential things in marriage, for it is the bridge that connects both ends.

Conversations can make a difference in a relationship.

Marriage is more like gambling; you wouldn’t know if you will win or lose not until the end.

Marriage is like the classical art of mosaic that you build and create with your better half. It consists of millions of precious moments that make your love story and its journey.

Nothing is more rewarding than making your marriage successful despite all the difficulties you and your spouse went through.

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Marriage is a method of transferring funds ten times faster than online and electronic banking.

Whenever we go out, I make sure to hold the hands of my beautiful wife. It is a romantic gesture for her; little did she know I do it to keep her from shopping.

A wife and a husband will argue a lot about their marriage, their kids, almost everything, but still, ahey will be on the same side. at the end of the day

A great marriage is the loveliest of all relationships.

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Marriage begins when two people come together—marriage progress when two people keep each other. A marriage succeeds when two people work together as one.

She is the woman who made me the happiest I can ever be. She is the woman who chose to stay behind for me. She is the woman who is the reason why I always have a smile on my face. She’s the woman who made me alive again. She is the woman whom I love the most. She is the woman to whom I am happily married. She is my wife and forever will be my life.

I am the person in charge of my house, but my wife always has the final say.

Our last and final opportunity to fully grow up is marriage.

A blissful marriage is when two people who know how to forgive wholeheartedly become one.


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Love is always full of buckets of hope and faith; it does not know how to give up as well.

Love without understanding is like reading without comprehending.

In marriage, you must know how to forgive; as time moves forward, you must know how to forget.

Unhappy and unsuccessful marriages are often caused by a lack of friendship and openness with one another.

I am blessed to be married to a man who makes me laugh every day.

You can quickly know what kind of wife a man has by simply looking at his face and appearance.

It gave me strength when I loved him. It gave me courage when he loved me back.

It takes a great couple to have an extraordinary marriage. Sometimes a little extra is all it takes to make a huge difference.

Always put a significant amount of effort in all you do inside your marriage because nothing important is obtained by mediocrity.

I am grateful that you are the one who will fill the gaps in my life.

Marriage carries a unique kind of love only to be understood by married people.

Don’t stop loving your spouse today, and every day for life is uncertain, and we would not know if we still have a chance when tomorrow comes.

Before the priest says I now enunciate you, husband and wife, you may kiss the bride. In a few more years, the priest will already say I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may now update your respective Facebook status from single to married.

Marriage is like ice cream. It is sweet and firm first, then starts to melt towards the end.

Marriage is like a hot soup. Once you get used to it, after a while, it’s not so hot.

The love inside the marriage knows no boundaries.

Kissing each other at night before going to bed will sure make a big difference in a marriage.

I hope and wish that the moment we both say I do will remain the most significant moment of our lives.

Whenever you think that your marriage is about to fall apart, remember how much you love each other, and things will be all right sooner. Just hold on to each other.

Falling in love is super easy. The hardest part is to find that extraordinary someone who will catch you and hold on to you dearly.

The secret to being a perfect husband is by agreeing and saying yes to whatever your wife wants and says.

Marriage is composed of a woman who is always right in everything, and all things and the other one is a husband.

God is so great that he brought us together and made us one.

A man in high spirits marries the woman he chose to love. A man in higher energies loves the woman he decided to marry.

Marriage will not always be as happy as the fairy tales all the time. There will be trials, challenges and obstacles along the way. Just don’t give up, and don’t forget that even the heavenly skies have lightning, rains and thunder as well.

Marriage is like the sky, it won’t have a sunshiny day every day, but there is a need for rain for the other things to flourish and thrive.

A strong foundation is essential for a marriage to become lasting.

Marriage is a short period of rest and breaks in between romances.

Nowadays, couples prepare themselves more for the wedding than the marriage itself.

Some weddings are expensive, but marriage is priceless.

People who marry for the sake of money or social status should pity themselves.

The difference between the boyfriend and the husband is more or less 20 kilos, to begin with.

Marriage is like a freshly brewed hot coffee. Once you get the hang of it, it is not as hot as it is at all.

Fate and destiny are so great that he brought us together and united us.

I will be forever blessed that you are the one who will complete all the blanks in my life.

Love without trust is like an iron bridge full of rust. It will still connect both sides, but it is bound to fall apart in a matter of time.

In marriage, love is not enough. There are also other ingredients needed to make a marriage successful. Like baking a cake, you can’t make a delicious cake by using only one element because it is the harmony of the different ingredients that makes the product what it is.

Surviving in the wild is comparable to being married. You will encounter strange things along the path, but the end will always be satisfying and rewarding.

To all the gentlemen out there, before you get married, keep this mathematical equation in mind. If (your salary) > (her expenses) = go get married; If (your salary) = (her expenses) =halt; If (your salary) < (her expenses) = mission abort…repeat…mission abort!

To all the ladies out there, you don’t need a million-dollar wedding dress, not even a designer shoe, over the top cake, a luxurious venue, imported flowers and overpriced gourmet food to get married. All you need is your true self, your undying love and your vow.

Marriage is like porcelain. Once you break it, you can still put it back together but never again will it be the same as what it used to be.

Whenever you think that your marriage is about to fall apart, remember when you both said I do.

Marriage is not like eating food that whenever you eat something you do not, you can just quickly spit it out.

When you get married, it is best to have your place no matter how small it is because living with in-laws can sometimes put any marriage to an end.